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Police Dog Stuck By 200 Porcupine Quills During Pursuit

A police dog that stumbled on a porcupine and got more than 200 quills stuck on his face while pursuing a suspect is resting comfortably Tuesday and will not lose his eyesight, authorities in Oregon said.

Coos County Sheriff’s K-9 Odin, a German shepherd, had to be sedated and was in treatment for more than two hours to remove quills from all over his face, including several that were embedded in the roof of his mouth and more around his left eye, Capt. Gabe Fabrizio said in a phone interview.

“That dog is super-motivated and high energy. It didn’t slow him down,” Fabrizio said. “He’s a good boy.”

Odin had been called to help track a suspect with several felony warrants on Saturday when he encountered the prickly creature in his pathway. The suspect, Devin J. Wilson of Coos Bay, Oregon, had fled after being spotted by a deputy along the central Oregon coast.

Authorities asked for help Tuesday in finding Wilson, 29, who remained at large.

The porcupine has also not been apprehended, Fabrizio added. “We’re putting out wanted bulletins as we speak,” he joked.


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  1. Leave the poor porcupine alone. It was just walking along looking for lunch when this huge creature fell over it. The dog wasn’t attacking the porcupine, the porcupine wasn’t attacking the dog. This is what the insurance people would call a ‘no-fault” collision. Both deserve our sympathy – the dog for the pain it suffered, the porcupine for the fright it experienced.

    huju – porcupines are herbivores that eat bark and such. They only “attack” trees. I’m sure a suitable punishment can be devised for Mr. Manafort that does not involve distressing innocent wildlife. 🙂

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