WATCH: Man Charged With Spitting On And Threatening Groups Of Jews in Bal Harbour


A Florida man is charged with spitting on an elderly Jewish couple after threatening to assault another group of Jews.

The Miami Herald reports that 33-year-old Daniel Starikov was arrested Wednesday for the March 22 (Friday night) assaults.

Bal Harbour police say Starikov clenched his fists as he approached the group. He allegedly told them he would assault them then added, “You Jews, I’m gonna get you.” The group ran inside.

Five minutes later, he confronted another group and spat on two of them.

Police said they identified Starikov through surveillance cameras.

Starikov is charged with battery on persons 65 or older and assault and was being held Thursday without bond. He had recently been released on bond on charges of battery on a police officer. Jail records don’t show if he has an attorney.



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