HATE IN BORO PARK: 4 Men in Car Yell at Hasidic Jews “Allah Akbar; Do You Know Hitler? We Love Hitler”

Doc Hikind with the victims at the NYPD's 66th Precinct on Motzei Shabbos

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As reported earlier on YWN, two Jewish teens were the latest victims of an anti-Semitic assault in Brooklyn. Now, another Hasidic man has come forward to say he was the victim of a similar attack, possibly by the same suspects.

The incidents occurred early Saturday morning at around 1:30AM. The two 16-year-old boys were walking home from the Skulener and Bobover Rebbes’ Tisch, near the post office at 12th Ave and 51st Street in Boro Park. They report 4 men in a vehicle (with TLC plates) drove up and yelled “Allah Akbar”, sending them running away in terror.

The car sped up after them, and one of the men yelled “Do you know Hitler? We love Hitler!” before driving away.

On Sunday, a Hasidic man in his thirties came forward to say he was a few blocks away at around the same time as the initially reported incident, when a vehicle matching the same description with 4 men inside drove up. He says they shouted “Allah Akbar” and “[expletive removed] Jews!” at him before driving away.

The two teens were terrified, and one of the boy’s parents reached out to Dov Hikind right after Shabbos to let him know what happened.

Hikind tells YWN that he accompanied them to the local NYPD precinct (66th) where they filed a report. The case is being referred to the NYPD’s Bias Unit as the use of a vehicle constituted a physical threat. The second incident has been reported to the police and added to the ongoing Hate Crime investigation.

“What in God’s name is going on out there?” Hikind told 1010WINS. “Where is this hate coming from?”

“It’s happened. Again. Jews harassed for the horrible crime of being Jewish on the streets of New York City,” Hikind said in a press release on the incident.

“To say this is horrifying, or that it’s unacceptable is meaningless in the face of events that seem to be totally out of control. There aren’t enough words to continuously express shock, outrage, and discontent with the unfolding situation of antisemitism in America, and particularly in New York City. The “wake up” period won’t last forever, and soon enough we just may find ourselves well beyond the point of no return if we do not take immediate and serious action against antisemitic violence and harassment anywhere and everywhere it manifests.

Will any leader stand up to the task? All indications are they’re out to lunch.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Dov Hinkind is a wise man, act now to deter antisemitism completly or it will to late to shut it down and we will be forced to move out of this country. As usual once we got very comfortable in the golus and live as americans then all this starts to remind us we are not here stay permanently. Have always in mind to pack up your suit cases and move on to the next golus hopefully moshiach will be here before that

  2. When will we stop being cry-babies,booo-hooo he called me names ,the only way to stop this hooliganism is by teaching our kids to defend themselves,and stand up for their honour,and when confronted with anti-semites ,just fight back and “BEAT THE HELL OUT OF THEM’ remember back in the 60″s and 70’s when crime in Williamsburg ran rampant ,what stopped it was the CHAPTZEM,whereby any hoodlum caught in the act of a crime WAS BEATEN TO A PULP,and some of them even sent to YENER VELT

  3. Thank you Dov for speaking out. But where is our recently elected Democrat Letitia James??? WE are paying her salary. Why isn’t she doing what she is being paid to do??? Why is she pulling a Jeff Sessions on us? Why is she awol while collecting her salary? Why is she silent?

  4. I wish I wish I could have a 2 minute conversation with one of these barking dogs (that’s a compliment for them).
    “So you love Hitler? Yes. So you love someone who murdered MILLIONS of innocent men women and children? What if he murdered your mother would you love him too?”

  5. you’re right but not right just he said
    it came to a point it has to stop scream CHAPTZEM and go farther

  6. This Mayor wants to be President. You are living in Chelm, except it isn’t funny.

    Dov Hikind asks “where is the hate coming from”? He can start by looking at his Democratic buddies who pander to Congressional anti-semites. They have an agenda, they are pursuing it with impunity, so all the “ordinary” anti-semites are crawling out from under the rocks because nothing happens to deter them.

  7. what about the whole aliya idea?
    by the way- whose trying to put an end to this- eisav soneh leyakov. period.
    i think its time for some very very comfortable jews to pack up-
    as hard as it is
    it can be done. find a great community and do it
    i am talking form the place of an american who did it.

  8. “The car sped up after them”

    A car is a 2000 pound gun. How would one react if these guys held a gun while running after the kids? I see no reason that when they ran after the kids with a 2000 pound gun the reaction should be any less.

  9. The First Amendment gives people the right to say whatever they want. As idiotic and stupid as some of it is. We have the right to praise God, and the president, and the moron next door if one wants to. The other side of that coin is that OTHERS have the same right. Quit complaining about stupidities. It’s not a crime to yell stupid things.