KIDDUSH HASHEM! Jewish Monsey Children Clean Up Local Park [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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More than 100 children helped make a Kiddush Hashem as they participated in the “Keep Rockland Clean” event on Sunday. The children helped clean the area around Lake Suzanne.

Every child that filled a bag with garbage, received an ice cream.

Don’t expect the Journal News or Balise Gomez of News12 to cover this story, unless of course they can find a way of turning it into Jew-bashing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. wonderful kiddush HaShem
    To the dear organizer, amu”sh
    Next time, please provide the children with disposable gloves. Make sure to get them in size small and medium and bring extras in case they tear.

  2. I saw them at work. It was great! I hope that the kids all learned about not littering so there’s no mess in the first place.

  3. Wherever there is undeveloped land there is garbage. Yasher koach to the cleaner uppers. They should clean up all over and people should throw their trash where it belongs, in a garbage bin.

  4. Yasher koach, great!

    Such efforts should be combined with education and enforcement, as volunteers cannot do everything always, and are not required to clean up after חזרים and רשעים. Occasionally they may do so, but a long-term solution needs more as well.