Rockland County Executive Ed Day Requests Trump’s Help To Stop Measles Outbreak


Rockland County Executive Ed Day wrote to President Donald Trump requesting that an Executive Order be issued or laws be passed to require that visitors from other countries present certification of appropriate immunization before being allowed entry to the United States. Before U.S. citizens travel to other countries it is strongly recommended that they receive certain vaccinations depending on the country they are visiting.

“I want the federal government to implement procedure that will demand presentation of immunization records to travelers coming into this country,” Day said.

Rockland County’s measles outbreak began when seven travelers from overseas visited while they were infected with measles. These seven people were the flashpoint for Rockland’s outbreak which has led to multiple hospitalizations in intensive care units and even an infant being born prematurely. There are currently 233 confirmed cases of measles since the outbreak began in Rockland in October of 2018 with many more cases going unreported.

The letter is attached below.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m not a Chosid of Ed Day, and if this is implemented it’ll be a big hassle for many visitors to the US, yet finally someone is diverting the focus a bit from the victims and looking at the bigger picture.

    I posted this Op-Ed from the NY Daily News a few days ago, off-topic. Hope the Mods will allow the link again here where it is relevant so we can have the discussion on the right track.

    The article specifically mentions that in Brooklyn Jewish schools (close to 200,000 kids ka”h, mostly from BP & Williamsburg) the measles vaccination rate is above 95%, the magic number supposedly needed for herd immunity, and way above the NYS school average.

    It’s a must read for any of us concerned about this health issue or anti-Semitism.

  2. It’s probably highly impractical to expect all visitors from a specific country to present immunization records.

    If you were to travel to another country, how easily or readily could an adult or child obtain their full immunization records?

  3. Rockland’s measles outbreak, one the nation’s largest, began last October when a handful of visitors from Israel came to the county.

  4. If the majority if the measles outbreak is coming from Israel this is where it should be addressed to. The problem is how to address it so it doesn’t cause more anti-Semitism.
    The following and the comment above is from news sources.
    “The first cases of measles came from three groups of travelers: one person visiting from Israel, one person coming home from a visit to Israel and three others traveling together after a visit to Israel.
    Israel is in the middle of a measles outbreak with more than 1,500 confirmed cases, according to the nation’s minister of health. One child has died there from measles.”
    The U.S. Centers for Disease

  5. This is going to put the president between a rock and a hard place. He doesn’t want to lose his conservative voting block but he’s gone on record claiming vaccines cause ASD and Roger Stone confirmed that his (the presidents) son was symptomatic of ASD after his vaccinations. But of course he can always ignore his previous statements and go along with Day’s suggestion.

  6. Prayer: According to the WHO, Madagascar tops the list with the most measles cases. Ukraine is second on the list. Israel is way down. But it really depends on where Americans are traveling to, and where our visitors are hailing from, when it comes to transmission.

    At the same time it would be utter foolishness to only focus on the countries less traveled to/from because ultimately actual travel patterns matter.

    Your fear of fanning anti-Semitism is basically misplaced, as long as we correctly use REAL NUMBERS FROM ABROAD, since it’s a GLOBAL epidemic.