Rubashkin Denied Entry Into The U.K.; Being Held at Manchester Airport

Rubashkin in 770 hours after being released from prison.

Immigration authorities in the U.K. have refused to allow R’ Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin to enter the country.

Sources confirm to YWN that Rubashkin arrived at the Manchester Airport on Sunday afternoon, where his entry was denied.

Rubashkin has been traveling the world, speaking to audiences about his experience behind bars and giving Chizuk to thousands of Jews. He was scheduled to speak this Monday and Tuesday in Manchester, in events that were advertised throughout the community.

Multiple sources tell YWN that one or two individuals in the community had informed authorities that Rubashkin had a criminal background, and he was reportedly denied entry on that basis. These individuals were upset that the community was hosting Rubashkin, and had allegedly promised to cause problems.

This photo of Rubashkin was taken on the flight to Manchester a few hours ago

Sources confirm to YWN that Rubashkin is still being held in the airport, as Askonim are working on helping him gain entry to the country. Should they not be successful, it is expected that Rubashkin will be deported back to Tel Aviv at around noon on Monday.

In December 2017, YWN was first to report the incredible news that President Donald Trump had commuted Rubashkin’s 27-year prison sentence – the first time he had used the presidential power.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Wow there are very evil people even some so called Rabbis who are Evil people hater of Hashem and his Torah Hashem Yeracheim

  2. The moiser in this story has tried many avenues the last week to stop this event… he is not affiliated with any orthodox Jewish groups

  3. Please publicize the names of these two resho’im. Don’t start the nonsense that this is lashon horah. We need to know who should be deprived of shidduchim for their children.

  4. Interesting, as a few months ago he was granted entry to the UK when he arrived in London Heathrow Airport to speak at numerous events in London.
    One would think once the country has given him access it would make a difference if he arrives in a different airport

  5. He’s a convicted criminal, most countries don’t want more criminals crossing their borders they have enough of their own.

  6. what’s the issue he went to jail for a crime he committed we are making him into a hero when he committed numerous chillel hashems

  7. Only narrow minded mancs, Would do such a thing……. If he would have a bit of cash they will take him with open arms….. Shame on them

  8. Some of our own simply cannot fargin that a frum yid got out of prison and is home with his beautiful family. I’m not gonna go back into the details of his case; clearly with these evil people nothing will ever change their “opinions”.

  9. outforlunch, being “convicted” by a corrupt prosecutors and viscous antisemitic judge with personal “beef” against Rubashkin does not necessary make one a criminal. According to your moronic logic Nathan Shcharansky also should be denied entry to UK.

  10. Its these sort of people that need locking up… The so called “askanim” who are hiding their criminal activities by “protecting” the public. We all know the manchester stories! Dont we???!?

  11. YWN, please update this story originally published many hours ago. Is Mr.
    Rubashkin in the UK or on a plane back to New York?

  12. @arib lol, he paid his sentence already and was pardoned by Trump so who care about the exaggerated “crimes” people claim he made, He is clearly not a dangerous individual , so the whole detention is just plain BS and those who Mosered him are evil people that have gained a very comfortable spot in gehinam.

  13. I have no personal “beef” with rubashkin. But i can not forget the desecration of G-ds name that he caused through his bad decisions. Nor can i forgive the twisted “frum”mindset that has diefied him into a false god.
    The “askanim” should save their energy for worthwhile jewish causes.

  14. Everyone is wrong in this case.

    For Mr. Rubashkin, he needs to check with his lawyers and international travel laws. He is a convicted criminal after all and many countries have restrictions on travel for criminals.

    For the mosrim, they had no business getting involved. It was pure rishus on their part. So what if he speaks with a group in Manchester? How is that affecting you? It may or may not be mesira, but it’s definitely rishus.

  15. The UK 🇬🇧 is correct! You don’t give a convicted felon a welcome as a hero. The chilly hashem from this episode is huge. He just be quiet 🤐 and thankful that he was released early.

  16. Poshiteryid: No, we don’t all know the Manchester stories. Nor do we necessarily want to! Don’t “speak” in riddles!

  17. While their actions are distasteful, does this really clarify as mesira, as several eager posters seem to think?

    He’s not being jailed or taxed, just being denied entry. While unfair, I’d ask an LOR before I took any mesira related action.

  18. I am disgusted and sickened to the core by the savage treatment of the British Government to such a wonderful individual, and in sympathy, have cancelled my upcoming travel plans to Britain. Shame on the British people, and let them stew in their Brexit mess.

  19. To lunch:
    I just now googled , “Judge makes a mistake and sends him to prison”.
    About 98,000,000 results–please google it , so you will see that I am saying the truth.
    It is pretty obvious that all the lawyers that work for the President, they all agreed that Rubashkin does not belong in prison.

  20. In case you didn’t know my go-d is no joke !
    Before leaving Eretz Yisroel one needs permission and clearly hashem is saying “I didn’t say you could leave”
    Eretz Yisroel is becoming stronger and stronger with more kedusha that before
    The smart money is investing
    Leave the tests to hashem and have
    Emunah bitachon and there will be a geula for am Yisroel on individual and communal levels
    Come to Eretz Yisroel and have faith righteous ones
    Happy Memorial Day !

  21. Probably the same idiot trouble maker that made up a story about Rabbi Yossi Mizrachi to the UK customs, who then stopped him from entering the UK. Many Shiurim had to be cancelled causing heavy losses to some Mezakei Horabbim besides the Chizuk that was now prevented.
    Surely, if we know someone with a history of child-abusing or other predatory crime, is trying to enter a community we have to do everything possible to prevent his entry.
    If this anonymous Moiser dosent like an event, don’t go. Nobody said you have to listen to Rabbis Mizrachi and Rubashkin. But to call the authorities with tales of the persons background when it has no safety implications, is a Grand Chillul HaShem, besides stealing the Parnassah of the speakers and the money invested by the arrangers.
    Something tells me the ‘moiser’ is not so sqeaky clean either.

  22. We don’t want your convicts in the UK.
    Treating this man as a hero when he is a criminal is WRONG. All of you defending his actions are guilty of a massive Chillul Hashem. Promoting a criminal as a hero?
    The moral compass of the posters above is completely askew, and they need to have a good look in the mirror and realise that by condoning crime, they become just mouths making noise. Behamos.

  23. The ‘Moiser’ in the story is trying to protect his community from a convicted criminal. In the same way that pedos are protected, this chazir is put on a pedestal.

  24. It is beyond my understanding that anyone should go to such lengths to make a chillul Hashem. If they are proud of what they have done let them own up to it!


  26. Isn’t the guy who massered the same fellow who suggested that people shouldn’t give tzedoko to chassunos and should instead charge the guests?

    Shame on you Mr Brian White. Go work for London B. D.

    Call this fellow to make sure he comes clean with his taxes next year.

  27. > destro613

    I don’t know you motive, but I expect that adults in this web site have at least a modicum intelligence. MoisheInGolus (for one) already made the correct point. This whole thing started off with the (assistant?) prosecutor using anti-Semitic tropes before trial (arraignment), in court, in order to block Rubashkin from getting out on bail till the trial. There was a backlash that eventually the judge realized they were too open about their anti-Semitism and let him out on bail.

    And then there is the details released in 2017 (after years of the defense team being stonewalled on their Freedom of Information request) showing that the Judge’s husband not only owned stock in private prisons, but the month before the raid he bought even more stock (and that was the *only* stock activity he made for the month). Who investigated the Judge about those highly suspicious activities? Nothing.

    And while the Supreme Court refused to hear Rubashkin, they did rule regarding the “plea bargains” forced on the “undocumented” who were caught in the raid. They ruled the whole thing was contrary to the law contrary to previous Supreme Court directives. And it was this same Judge Reade (and at the same time) who was running both the raid and the Rubashkin trial.

    And so forth, ad infinitum.

  28. Some people never learned to mind their own business. Undoubtedly, they are most likely perpetually bitter social outcasts who have no real friends or life. Just the type of unstable people whom the government should keep a close eye on.

  29. Any update on what has been happening here? MoisheInGolus: the fact is that Rubashkin was convicted by a court in the United States, a country which the UK has friendly relations with and whose court system it respects. It is worth noting that whilst POTUS Trump commuted the sentence, he did not issue a pardon as he has done with many others.

  30. These so called guardians of ours have caused the biggest chillul Hashem and an inconvenience to all who booked ti ket to hear this speaker. Not only informers but baalei loshon harra. They certain lyrics did not speak for me or my wife and I doubt hundreds of people who would have liked to go to this event. Shame on them Who are you to speak on my behalf. Own up cowards!

  31. People complain and inform all the time when they let known terrorist in, who advocate about destroying that country. This is also one of those countries that might be allowing treasonous ISIL fighters to actually return!
    So, I’m not buying it.

  32. Did he get deported or not? I heard his wife is speaking in Manchester tonight but Is he there or is he on the way to Israel??

  33. Lunch,

    Seems like your hatred overides common sense… Since when is any one time white-collar crime criminal to be barred from any entry?
    Is he really that much of a threat to society?

    He is not even applying for citizenship..

  34. Melamed, now we all know the identity of the Moiser. Yyou can sleep peacefully now knowing that your community is protected from awful and generous Rubashkin.

  35. Today is Memorial Day.
    Again I feel bad for the Rubashkin saga.
    But bottom line-
    He ain’t a hero – nor should we
    Memorlize him as if he were a hero.
    As the saying goes-
    Let him live and let live.
    Let’s not attack him – if he wants to speak.
    BUT let’s not make him the
    Rebber he ain’t.
    A happy and memorable Memorial
    Day to all

  36. Gaon, your knee jerk reaction of I don’t see anything wrong so what is all the fuss about, ignores the fact that civilised nation’s have laws and regulations that people are expected to obey. If Mr. Rubashkin didn’t want to accept UK laws governing who they let into their own country, he didn’t need to accept the speaking engagements. UK Immigration law bars convicted criminals from just walking in through the front door. Rubashkin was convicted of white collar crimes. His sentence was way over what he deserved, a fact President Trump acknowledged when he commuted his sentence, but he did not pardon him. What have the British done that is so wrong? The ones to blame are those who invited him without taking legal advice. Having been denied entry and then deported Rubashkin is now automatically barred from the UK for 10 years, so he has not been done any favors either.

  37. GAON

    We don’t want your criminals in our country. We don’t hate them. We hate enablers like you. Keep your dirty criminals and your polluted morals to yourself

  38. MoisheInGolus…. another rancid hypocrite who enables criminals but will be the first to schrei when someone does bad to him.

  39. Melamed, my apology i have doxed you (exposed our identity) on this site. It looks like your own community needs protection from jerks like you.

  40. From this episode, we can see what the Mancs are all about! A few hot headers enjoy seeing innocent people behind bars!! Destroying the work of wonderful askonim who have worked tirelessly towards this event, that the town has been anticipating.. chazal say “their is no righteous person on this world who only does good and doesn’t sin2 Even if according to your allegations he has committed some sort of crime,,, are we not maaminim benei maminim? If H’ accepts repentance can’t WE???
    I hope the people involved in mesiroh in our town realize the hair raising consequences,,, as brought down in the shulchen aruch, choishen mishpot, simen 388,….

  41. Wow! Such viciousness is truly uncalled for! While no one says that Mr. Rubashkin was the best businessman ever, or the greatest talmid chacham, either. His actual “crime” was acknowledged by most legal experts to be a relatively minor one, (more like an omission, rather than a commission of a white collar crime). Almost everyone, however, agreed that the trial was a travesty and the sentencing was definitely a gross miscarriage of justice. Having said that, the main reason that people admire him is his exemplary emunah and bitachon. That’s why most people want to hear him speak. So stop bashing him and everyone who is speaking up for him!
    Disclaimer: I have no shaichus with the Rubashkins or with Chabad. I, myself, have not attended any of these lectures.

  42. What do you think this came from
    All these Brits been busy absorbing slander third-hand from blogs (for example N slifkin blog- another Brit )bashing Rubashkin

  43. continued..
    Cheapest but surest way to burnish your modox credentials
    spread some negative slander, spew it ,pat yourself on the shoulders claiming how Much better you are

  44. Melamed. Previously known as Chaim Rumkowski, before that known as Torquemada, before that known as Dasan ….or what it aviran? Well either one of the 2 (which ever was worse) apparently the gilgul keeps on failing, well , soon enough on to the next one….

  45. chareidi stupidy, i have noticed there is a pattern with all you Yevsektsiya Democrats on this forum : you all hate fellow Jews, you all hate Trump, you all hate Rubashkin, you all love Islamo-Nazi Jihadists,, you all love Obama and Hillary, you all hate America and you all hate Torah.

  46. To Melamed:
    The Chofetz Chaim in the 4th Perek of Shaar HaZechira, he quotes a Midrash Shocheir Tov and a Yerushalmi in Tractate Peah (the 1st Halacha), in the days of King Achav even though there was idol worship among them, they were winning the wars, due to the fact that there was no evil gossip between them. The Midrash continues, towards the end of the days of King Shaul, even though the children knew 49 different ways how to understand the Torah, when the Jewish nation went war , a lot of them got killed.
    If we stop fighting and killing each other, then Hashem will make sure that no one will ever harm us again. We will live in total peace. I repeat, “No one will ever hurt us again”. The entire Jewish nation will be able to finally live in a complete and total peace.

  47. I forgot to mention in my comment, in the days of King Shaul (towards the end), there was evil gossip among the Jewish nation. When the Jewish nation went to war, many of them got killed.

  48. MoisheInGolus, the only thing you expose is yourself – to ridicule. Dox me??? LOL!! You can’t even put on Teffilin without your carer’s help.

  49. Few people seem to understand what Rubashkin did to earn his lengthy prison sentence. He arranged with an Iowa bank a line of credit secured by accounts receivable. In the event of a default the bank would simply collect the money from Rubashkin’s customers. Unfortunately the invoices were outright forgeries. It wasn’t like exaggerating credit-worthiness on a loan application. but as if he took out a mortgage every month on a house that didn’t exist.

    There is another “frum” Jew serving 24 years for financial fraud, but nobody seems very upset. Why? He ran a Ponzi scheme in Lakewood and his victims were Orthodox Jews.

  50. Let us take a step back here and deal with what we know to be true. Mr. Rubashkin was sentenced to a lengthy prison term after a trial in the USA. He served part of that sentence before the President of the USA commuted his sentence. Rubashkin was not pardoned, simply released from prison. The UK has a series of complex Immigration laws and rules which govern how foreign nationals can enter the country. One rule forbids those who have been sentenced to a jail term of over 4 years from entering the UK without a visa. The onus is on the one seeking non-visa entry to comply with the rules. Mr. Rubashkin was prohibited from entering the UK without a visa but nevertheless sought to do so. He was stopped and refused entry. How the UK immigration authorities knew to stop him is not relevant to the issue of his seeking entry when it was prohibited. What this story teaches us is that Rubashkin does not care about government rules and those are the crimes he was convicted of in the USA. Far from learning the folly of his ways, he has simply carried on pretending that he can do whatever he wants. Is that really the sort of role model the Manchester community, or any other community of ovdei Hashem, needs to hear from?

  51. I lived in Manchester many years and know exactly what a Manchester yid is all about. The majority are erliche yiden who fear hashem and would never think of committing such an evil mesireh but the few reshuim who believe they are the real people who the machzer calls אתה בחרתנו they won’t stop from hurting any Jew in Salford, Prestwich, Whitefield.
    They call them self the real correct EnglishMen. Shame on Manchester that such a Yid calls himself a Manchester Yid

  52. YWN either get rid of this article or update it. Is he still hanging out in the airport for 2-3 days?if so at least tell us that.

  53. @ Rebyossel – fortunately you no longer live among us. Your views are a pollution of our beliefs, and you then have the chutzpah to air them on here!!
    Shame on you for turning wrong into right. The Manchester community are a moral crowd – unlike you. Good Riddance to you Reb Drek.

  54. Rebyossel, did you happen to know any of the “few reshuim who believe they are the real people ” in Manchester by the name Melamed?

  55. The article says he was going to be deported to EY yesterday. If he has not arrived in Tel Aviv by now and has gone missing, something is wrong? Has his family been notified of his status???

  56. Moishe…you TRULY DESERVE to be in Golus. How is Mochiach ever going to arrive? What will he see? Reshoim like you! and he’ll leave. Another pisher who thinks he’s a keyboard warrior.

  57. Melamed, we have our share of village idiots and jerks on this forum, but the Promised Land (flown with milk and honey) of Manchester takes the grand prize. You if you lived during WWII you would make a model kapo the way you endorsing ratting on fellow yid.

  58. Nathan613: Rubashkin was not pardoned because there was overwhelming evidence that he committed serious criminal fraud / skirted the rules – whichever one thinks is the best way of putting it. His sentence, either way, was outrageously long but based on the evidence of fraud as published a prison sentence was called for. The many senior officials and lawyers who stood up for him did not argue for a pardon, they urged a review of the unjust long sentence. That is what President Trump did and he then commuted the remainder of the jail term. He refused a pardon. Chaim Eliezer is right. Rubashkin skirted the law and when he was found out he had a very heavy book thrown at him. He has simply carried on with his arrogant disregard of the law in trying to enter the UK against the rules. Yet again he has been found out and punished, re-learning that some you win and some you lose. This time the punishment may also ensure that the name Rubashkin appears on the warning list for other nations he may seek to enter, starting with all the European countries whose immigration records are shared.

  59. Rubashkin was not Pardoned, His sentance was commuted. A pardon means the crime is not longer on the books. Commuting the sentance means he was released from jail, but he is still a convicted Felon. To remove the felony he needs a pardon, not a commuted sentance, Regardless what anyone thinks, according to US law Rubashkin is a convicted Felon and will remain as such until he gets a pardon from a president or somehow gets the verdict overturned

  60. Steriiiike 3. Anyone else? Funnneeeeee all these peoples defending Rubashking and outing me!! Yes!! You are all correct!! It;s mmmeee. Goylems.

  61. These are the relevant parts of the White House announcement about POTUS act of clemency relating to Sholom Rubashkin, December 20, 2017.

    Today, President Donald J. Trump commuted the prison sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, an action encouraged by bipartisan leaders from across the political spectrum, from Nancy Pelosi to Orrin Hatch.

    In 2009, he was convicted of bank fraud and sentenced thereafter to 27 years in prison. Mr. Rubashkin has now served more than 8 years of that sentence, which many have called excessive in light of its disparity with sentences imposed for similar crimes.

    This action is not a Presidential pardon. It does not vacate Mr. Rubashkin’s conviction, and it leaves in place a term of supervised release and a substantial restitution obligation, which were also part of Mr. Rubashkin’s sentence.

    If his own President refuses to pardon Rubashkin, thus leaving him branded as convicted for bank fraud, why should the UK not be free to enforce its own laws?

  62. avreimi, the outrage in this whole affair is not whether UK should or should not be free to enforce its own laws but the existence of the “Jewish” kapo rats from Manchester who reported to the authorities about Rubashkin.

  63. II think it was wrong to announce the identity or alleged identity of the “moisar” in this case.
    The person has flatly denied that either he or any of his people informed the authorities. He is a major askan in Manchester and is proud of what he does and not scared of voicing his opnions. Had he done it he would not deny it.
    He is not from the Chareidi section as such but helps and interacts with all Yidden including Chareidi.
    He does not deny that he was working with people to stop the assembly happening from within the community , for reasons he believes are valid. He is entitled to his opinion which is shared by some on this site and elsewhere .
    I happen not to agree. I think that the extent of alleged legal misconduct both in the planning of the raid, the prosecutors behaviour (excluding Rubashkins from the sale) and the final outrageous sentencing etc etc mean that we are probably talking about an imprisonment largely based on antisemitism and therefore SMR’s behaviour in prison and since, does make him a hero of sorts. And the message of Emuna etc is certainly valid. (Notwithstanding the fact that he DID do something wrong!)
    The irony is that had this “offence” been carried out in the UK he could have probably got less than 12 months IF ANYTHING!
    The shame is that the visa was not applied for properly. When we in the UK apply for ESTA to come to the US there is a similar question asked about criminal offences and jailtime.
    PS I come from Manchester too. I dont know who Melamed is and even though he is ALSO entitled to his opinion I wish he and some others on this forum would express opinions with some respect. That is actually what Manchester is really known for.

  64. Guys say what want but the most wicked ones here and the ones who will go to HEll not purgatory because you have scooped to low for that are the ones who are accusing and cursing people for going to the border to deny his entry
    Who in the world do you think you are going to start accusing people, do you know 100 percent it was them ??????? Have you heard their part to the story ?????? NO YOU HAVE NOT
    so keep your rubbish to yourself
    Keep your nose out of things How do you know these people did not take advice if rabbonim ????????
    And than you go and curse them out
    And the saddest thing is that who ever accused these people and cursed them especially those who did it openly have got a hell of a life coming for them and i will be suprised if there still living
    Just take a look at the chofetz chaim what he says about you and than talk

    My advice to you is you better ask mechiloh to these people, or the curses will start rebounding straight back at you !

  65. Melamed,
    You are from those of who it is said that one needs to check if you are mizera yisroel. I am convinced that you are not.
    If you are, then it is very sad that such reshoim are in our midst.
    You are a shoiteh, rosho and gas ruach, all 3 as per pirkei ovos.
    You are not even worthy to polish the shoes of Rubashkin, despite his so called crimes. Yet you still have the nerve to repeat your sanctimonious statements and double down on your arrogance.
    There is no gehinom big enough for people like you. Obviously you have not learned the lesson of sefiras haomer.

  66. The issue here is not about how the UK immigration system works, and whether or not they have the right to deny entry to people who have a criminal record.
    The issue is about 2 mosrim who think they have a duty to save klal yisroel and to go and maser on a yid.
    No one is forcing them to attend those events. By all means stay home and mind your own business.
    And the same goes to amil zola. What difference does it make to you if he paid his restitution? Did he take anything from you? Mind your own business!

  67. Nobody has any right to accept any motzei shem ra or loshon harah on reb Sholom M. Everybody knows by now how the judge acted illegally in many ways. Plus a totally unfair judgement. Reb S.M. was freed against all odds. All of them totally anti semitic. For that itself Yidden need to celebrate his release. It seems that some commentators on this site are Kelipos and self jew haters and probably suffering from BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDERS. TIME TO IGNORE THEM as they live e from this kind of argument.

  68. > Chaim Eliezer

    You should not be making fake claims about anyone, and especially not about another Jew, and especially when it is denigrating. Anyone with an internet (and anyone using this site obviously has internet) can find the allegation widely splashed across any google search. You have no right to make the alleged revelation “Few people seem to understand” what is plainly splashed everywhere. What you should be explaining is what is not so openly revealed. As example, the nature of the so-called fake invoices was that normally one invoices for goods shipped, but, it is not unheard of to invoice upon ordering. When he came under financial pressure, he changed the invoicing system to include invoices for orders before shipment. Seems like a “grey” area to me.

  69. Anyone who has complaints about UK Immigration rules and procedures would do well to read the article in this week’s [Israel] Hamodia Prime “Proceed with caution – A conversation with (US) immigration expert David Grunblatt”. Just two short quotes “The fundamental principle is that the burden of proof that you are entitled to come into the country (USA) is upon you” and “It comes as a shock to people that, according to the regulations, you cannot come here (USA) to raise funds , since that is considered work”. He then outlines the case of a Rosh Yeshiva who came to collect funds but was refused entry as the regulations prohibit a visitor from working. None of this relates to the tzidkus of Rubashkin or otherwise. All countries have their laws and procedures. If you ignore or break them, there may be dire unwanted consequences.