SHOCKING FOOTAGE: Jewish-Owned Jewelry Store in Paris Violently Robbed at Gunpoint in Broad Daylight – Bystanders Film ENTIRE Incident


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Security camera footage captured this entire incident on Wednesday morning, as armed robbers beat the manager at a Jewish-owned jewelry store in Paris and stole all the merchandise.

Sources tell YWN that store owner, Gil Shmuel Hadad, was inside his store, when a man rang the bell. Hadad walked to the door, and the moment he let the man inside, a gun was pointed at his face. A second man wearing a motorcycle helmet barged inside the store, and the two suspects threw the Jewish man to the floor at gunpoint. He was kicked in the face and shoulder and warned to stay on the floor, as the two suspects began their robbery.

They came with handbags to place their loot in, and one man used a crowbar to smash all the display cases in order to remove the jewelry.

Many people watched in horror and actually filmed the entire robbery, including when the two men exited the store and fled on foot with approximately $224,000 in stolen items. One man is seen in video footage as he tried in vain to stop them with what looks like a baseball bat.

Many people chased the suspects, and one man filmed the entire foot pursuit (see videos below). The thieves dropped one of their bags of stolen jewelry, while another ditched his motorcycle helmet. They were chased for a few blocks before getting away.

Thankfully, the store owner was not seriously injured in the violent incident.

Police are hunting for the two suspects. It is not believed to be an anti-Semitic incident.

The entire robbery was nearly broadcast live on social media, as dozens of videos of the incident went viral in seconds.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. The guy had a gun, people didn’t know it….is it worth getting shot dead just to try and catch them? What should people have done? I think the police would have advised not to chase them… Think what you would have done and then think what you should have done…worth thinking about this in case it ever happens to you….