Neturei Karta Rabbi Hospitalized Following Attack By ‘Muslim-Looking Man’ In Amsterdam


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antabiRabbi Yosef Antebi, 50, was assaulted in an apparent hate attack in Amsterdam, Channel 2 News reported. The rav, who is affiliated with Neturei Karta, was attacked by a man “who looked Muslim” a friend of the rav reports. The assault took place on Sunday, 15 Tammuz 5773.

The rabbi was walking on a street when a vehicle stopped at his side and “a Muslim appearing man” got out and after shouting his anti-Semitic slurs he spat at him and then he began punching and beating the rabbi. The report adds the rabbi asked a passerby to assist him but his plea was ignored. At one point the rabbi began coughing up blood.

The rabbi was hospitalized for his injuries. While his injuries are not life threatening, he does appear to have sustained fractured ribs and internal bleeding. Foreign Ministry officials in Israel told Channel 2 they are not aware of the incident.

The report states the rabbi had a cellular phone with a camera and it appears he did photograph his attacker, giving those pictures to police.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. I hope that this will teach these people not to hug and kiss with Goim in public. The only people that will ever protect them are Jews. Hashem pays back in kind.

  2. The violence the zionists have wrought upon World Jewry due to the hatreds they’ve stirred up, affect even innocent Jews completely unaffiliated with the zionist project.

  3. i feel bad he was beat up…he shouldnt have been… but if he is neturai karta- u shouldnt address him as rabbi..
    you are insulting all “real” rabbis by using the same term…

  4. Unfortunately, the only thing I can say about this incident is that the attacker and his victim deserve each other. I’m all for Ahavas Yisroel, but the victim is a part of an organization in which Ahavas Yisroel is not valued.

  5. #6: What is a “real” rabbi? Is he like “Rabbi” Meir Kahane or “Rav” Stav? Perhaps some yingele with smicha from the Israeli Rabbinut comes closer to your ideal. The term is so overused that any Jew with a beard and yarmulke is referred to as “Rabbi”. Therefore, don’t get your socks in a wad over nothing.

  6. I am far from a Netura Karta sympathizer (or even satmar), however I think it’s very Goyish & immature, to play G-d & rationilize why a yid was attacked.

  7. Yes Toras Moshe – before Zionism Jews were able to walk the streets of Europe in safety! Oh wait a minute… So after Amalek attacked (in the form of The Nazi’s) Hashem gave us Malchus Yisroel (just as He did after Amalek attacked Moshe in the Midbar & in the form of Haman etc) – so now we have a place to go – the land Hashem’s rahmanus has given us & you seem to blame the existence of that gift for goyim attacking us for not going!! WOW!

  8. Who says the attacker WAS a muslim? There are jews from the middle east who can easily pass for arab. Perhaps it was a jew beating up a Neturei Karta Rabbi and trying to cover his tracks by pretending it was an anti-semitic hate crime?

  9. No, adam613, living in Israel does not mean you are free from galus. Israel IS in galus. And Jews are killed from being Jewish in Israel more than anywhere else in the world today. What a great safe haven that is!

    And, yes, various behaviors can instigate goyim to be violent against a Jew. If you poke a goy in the eye (i.e. zionists to arabs) don’t blame golus when he hits you back.

  10. #11 This is a fascinating dream and lack of reality of the history of Klal Yisroel which included attacks in Europe by Cossacks, Christians, Ukrainians, and all types of Jew-haters before ZIONISM emerged..

    What the Neturai Karta is lacking in education, is the fact that every Jew (Zionist, Secular, Frum, Assimilated, Chassidic, NK) is the same DNA for the haters of the world. They want to cleanse the world of Jews, infidels, etc.

  11. Its really racist profiling to say that someone “appeared like a muslim”, but what would one expect from an NK? Yidden are not supposed to feel joy when harm comes to another yid, no matter what his hashkafah, but recent actions by NK that are so dangerous to klal yisroel that have been reported on extensively here on YWN really make one question that general practice.

  12. To Arizona:

    For your information, the Rabbanut Semicha is the most difficult one to obtain. Unlike other semichas, there are rigorous formal written tests and it does nto depend on who you know or who your family is.

    98% of those with non-Rabbanut semicha would not have been able to pass that test at the time they received whatever non-Rabbanut semicha they have.

    Rav Stav not only has Rabbanut semicha, but is a certified dayan, a test which which barely any of the dayanim in teh US would pass.

    Sorry for disturbing your brain with the facts.

  13. Simcha613:

    My point was that there’s lots of hatred appearing on this thread directed at this person. People are saying he got what he deserved, that a Jew deserves to be beaten. Well, if the Jews here can say this, perhaps some other Jews did not find it too hard to actually do it.

  14. Curiosity, you seriously doubt antagonizing the Muslims should result in their hitting back? Of course they can’t differentiate between the foolish Jews that antagonize them and those that oppose them.

  15. What does antagonizing Muslims or Zionism have anything to do with this? Jews have been murdered on the streets by Muslims in cold blood for many centuries before 1948. The fact that you fail to realize this is mind boggling.

  16. I am gladd he wasn’t killed. Not because I wouldn’t be happy to see it happen but I would love it for the day to come when Jews could apply the Halacha to Bogdim and Malshini.

  17. its interesting that this muslim didn’t ask him if he’s a zionist jew , apparently a jews a jew no matter what his political affiliation is. i believe this incident served as a good lesson to the atttacked individual.