TOP 10 Ways of Earning Money by Working from Home


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At some point in your life, you may realize that a regular 9-to-5 job is not for you. Maybe you are a mom with little kids, and you don’t like the idea of sending them to childcare. Perhaps you are an older person with health issues that don’t let you work full-time. Or you are just looking for additional streams of income you can create in your free time. Whatever your situation is, there are lots of absolutely legitimate ways to generate income while staying where you are right now. Here’s a list of top ways to earn honest money from your home “office.”


  • Start your own blog


If you are passionate and dedicated, making money from a blog is possible and can even generate a handsome profit (usually more than $2,000). This happens not immediately after you start a blog. At first, you need to establish thought leadership in your niche and get mass followers. Most popular ways to monetize your blog are placing Google ads, selling ad space on your blog to bigger companies, and participating in affiliate programs. The main caveat here is that you must write about what you really love doing (be it fashion, traveling, cooking, or house cleaning) because you’ll need lots of consistency and sturdiness in this long run. The biggest benefit of blogging is that your posts keep generating income long after they were written. So, at some point, this type of income can become passive.



  • Write for others


If you love writing, but don’t feel up for blogging yet, freelance writing can become your reliable source of extra income. Today, many businesses need quality content for their websites, guest articles, blogs, e-books, white papers, and ad campaigns. Creative or technical, based on personal experience or thoroughly researched – there are plenty of gigs on freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Guru and other sites where you can give your writing skills a try.\



  • Proofread


This job is definitely not for everybody, it is rather for scrupulous and assiduous grammar ninja with a compulsive urge to fix someone else’s mistakes. If you fit this description, you are in luck because businesses who want their content look professional are looking for you! For this job, you don’t necessarily have to be a philologist. Proofreading courses can be absolutely sufficient.



  • Manage social media


If you are active on social platforms and have top-notch communication and writing skills, take a closer look at social media manager freelance jobs. Personal experience in writing posts that draw mass engagement is a big plus for this role, but learning some know-how on social media marketing will help you grow in your new profession.



  • Teach classes


Every kind of skill can potentially be transformed into a good income if you dare to open your home to students and share your expertise through classes. Whatever your forte is – Math, foreign languages, gardening, yoga, cooking, painting, or playing a musical instrument – tutoring is always well-paid if you work hard to create an engaging product. The Internet makes sharing skills even easier with the help of voice/video chats and services like Coursera or Udemy.



  • Sell tours


Israel has always been a magnetic country to many foreign tourists. If you have a fundamental knowledge of Jewish culture and history and love working with people, then developing unique tours and guiding people coming to see Israel can be very profitable. You can start from your home town or city and grow from there. Fluent English (or another international language) is a huge plus that opens up a niche audience where your tours will rock.



  • Host tourists in your home


If you live close to historic places, tourist attractions, or an airport, consider selling space in your home by offering bed & breakfast services. The key to success here is to understand that in order to compete and even beat hotels and hostels, you’ll need to sell not just a bed and a breakfast. You need to sell an authentic local experience and true comfort, so be ready for some renovation investments and learning. Services like Airbnb provide the organizational basis for this small home business.



  • Babysit


If you love taking care of kids and have great interpersonal skills, working as a private nanny (metapelet) won’t be hard for you at all, but is able to bring you some tangible income. If you like this type of work and look for more, you can consider creating a private pre-nursery childcare (mishpachtonim) that can take 5 children or so. Such type of childcare generates a more substantial income, however, requires compliance with a set of standards and government rules.



  • Petsit


Pet sitting is high-demanded service during vacation season, but a pet sitter with good recommendations can find an extra job at any time. If you love pets and know how to treat even the naughtiest ones, you can create accounts as a pet sitter or a dog walker on websites  Petbacker, TrustedHouseSitters, and others. Such specialists usually get paid by hour and can walk a few dogs at the same time.



  • Sell your craft


If you have a talent for creating beautiful hand-made things like jewelry, gifts, accessories, or souvenirs, you can turn it into a profitable business using Etsy as a selling platform. An important caveat here: the job only starts after your piece of art is ready because selling it requires some titanic efforts in marketing, photography, blogging, etc. If you need some insight on how creative stuff is being sold online, visit Handmadeology or