SHOCKING VIDEO: Williamsburg Hasidic Child Punched In The Face And Robbed – Police COVER-UP?


Local residents in Williamsburg are furious about what they are calling an “NYPD coverup”, and demanding action.

Two months ago, on April 3, two Hasidic children were riding their electric hoverboard and a scooter on Marcy Avenue, when suddenly two teens ran up to them from behind. One of the teens punched the 10-year-old Hasidic victim in the face pushing him off his segway. The suspect picked up the segway, and along with another friend, runs away.

The NYPD responded, and an investigation was done.

So why is YWN publishing this nearly two months later?

Because local residents have provided the video to YWN of the brutal assault, which strangely, the NYPD decided not to disseminate to the media and on their social media accounts.

Instead, the NYPD tweeted a image of the robbery suspect running away, never mentioning that this was a vicious assault of a young child – not to mention possibly a hate crime as well. If this shocking video would have been released by the NYPD, there is a very good chance that he would have been identified by someone and turned over to the police for an arrest.

YWN will let our readers see the video below, followed by the NYPD tweet.

(YWN World headquarters – NYC)


  1. Dear Yidden
    Wake up
    You are all silent and care about your section 8 so much that when this happens you hide and put your head under the blanket.
    It was perpetuated by Obama for 8 years. And you were silent.
    Your mayor is doing it and you are silent.
    Chuck Schumer is doing it and you are silent and don’t call him out on it.
    Your city hall doing it and you are silent.
    Get your head out of sand.
    Frum yidden are the most recognizable symbol of Jewish nation.
    Star of David is a symbol of Jewish nation.
    So it doesn’t make a difference if a college student gets beaten up in LA by a Islamis thug or in the streets of Williamsburg.
    Speak up.
    You have Ilhan Omar and Rashid silencing and defending terror.
    The quote that came out of WWII was
    “… when they came for me there was no one left” because I was silent.

  2. I suspect that the NYPD is getting orders from the political “echelon” to keep it quiet and not advertise all of the anti-Semitic hate crimes happening in the city. Our Mayor even has the chutzpa to say that “ideological” hate only exists on the right as if that makes any difference. Antisemitism is antisemitism whether it is practiced by ideologues on the right or by local hoodlums on the left, and it injures just the same.

  3. …and YWN has officially stooped to the disgusting level of a low class tabloid publishing conspiracy theories.

    I’m outraged and disgusted that you’d accuse the people that we call for help of such a thing. If the mainstream media sees this it’s a tremendous chillul Hashem. You should be ashamed of yourself. Get a life and get some journalism standards.

  4. The VoiceOfTruth “the people we call for help.” But they don’t respond on time. Their busy taking photo ops with askonim who put these liberals in power for their own Interests.

  5. To: voice of truth
    No. 1. The word “disgusting” does not belong here.
    That word is more appropriate for pride night.
    No. 2. Did you ask your local Rabbi if it was okay to write such a sharp comment.
    I have extremely sharp language that I would like to say to you, but guess what, I need to check with my Rav first in order to get the green light.

  6. TheVoiceOfTruth maybe your just used to reading other news (TVOL?) that are always flowered with nice news, pictures of gedolim and recipes. There’s a scary world out there DON’T STAY IN DENIAL

  7. Why is this a hate crime??? This is a terrible crime, but a hate crime? Every time a new gets robbed it’s a hate crime? Stop it already . This sort of thing happens all over the place daily.

  8. Although there has been a scary increase in anti semitism, I don’t think this was anti semitic. A kid stealing another kid’s electronic toy? Is this news? It’s been happening forever. Why would the NYPD want to cover up a very “normal” crime? If we cry wolf at every single incident, the real incidents, which are unfortunately increasing, won’t be taken seriously.
    What I found horrible about this video, and it surprises me that it wasn’t mentioned, is that it happened in daylight and there were witnesses who just walked on! A child was punched and robbed. A bystander hesitated a second and then just walked on. That part was what was so horrible about this incident.

  9. ” If the mainstream media sees this it’s a tremendous chillul Hashem. ”

    Are you kidding? The “truth” is that a child was physically assaulted (by an adult) from behind, and anyone who considers the theft of a few shekels more important than the physical assault of a child does not belong among a civilized society. The “chillul Hashem” is anyone who does NOT complain about this upside-down value system.

  10. Crime is down in NYC because police are encouraged to downgrade crimes in official reports. By all means, call Schumer, again and again. He is one of our greatest hypocrites, but he relies on the Jewish vote, and his biggest priority is staying in office.

  11. Voice:

    Nowhere in your ridiculous comment is there truth. Alerting the public that there is much more hate crime than is disclosed by the politicians is a needed service. Must we be busy with the evil of Lev Tahor and NK, or the senseless debates of the anti-vaxxers? This is a news item, and the non-Jewish media purposely withheld reporting it. Here is where YWN shines, and provides a critical service. Tell me, VOT, when have you done anything to serve the public? You know, עוסקים בצרכי ציבור באמונה.

    The reality is that far more haters of Jews are now in positions of authority and power. They were emboldened by Obama y”sh, and we now have the likes of Schumer, Omar, Tlaib, DeBlasio and others occupying powerful positions. These are all worthy of the extremes of disgrace, for their tacit support of terror and evil. And you might do well to silence your “voice”, and start caring about your Jewish brothers and sisters that are increasingly becoming targets of crime. I applaud YWN for exposing this. May HKB”H help us.

  12. @thevoiceoftruth
    Ywn has not stooped to a new low.
    They are actually doing a great service by “reporting”
    The sad facts are that the state and city of new York need all of the social programs that we pay for to look like they’re working. And a video of 2 young black thugs attacking young white orthodox Jewish boys, looks really bad
    The reality right now in this city is.
    You’re on your own.
    Crime stats are being cooked to make the city look good.
    Don’t forget our mayor is running for president he can’t afford bad crime stats. And yes, unfortunately the NYPD are slaves to whoever is in office. The days of cops actually preventing and/or solving crimes are a thing of the past.
    When I was younger I used to hear the old saying. “You know why Hitler was able to murder 6 million? Because we allowed it” it sounded preposterous to me than, now it has some truth to it. unfortunately looking around at the political situation in our community today the scene is ugly to say the least .
    So as not to get long winded, here’s the short version.
    Every kehila,mossed, organization, etc
    Has their hand out, they all get something, some more some less.
    The result is that we the people suffer.
    No more is there a voice that has the guts to say goodbye to his/her money and/or status and call events that happen, exactly what they are.
    We’re on our own and nobody cares.
    It’s the sad truth.

  13. “…and YWN has officially stooped to the disgusting level of a low class tabloid publishing conspiracy theories.”
    No. Sorry, No. I am from another city, and it was mainstream news that the city crime rate went down because they faked and lowered the classification of crimes. We’ve seen it in multiple cities through many years. One, I think was about 2-3 years ago, but I won’t say the city, as my memory is fuzzy on which. So the commentators on YWN have one thing in common with the rest of the world. If they didn’t read about it, it’s fake.