MID-FLIGHT HORROR: Violent Turbulence Sends Flight Attendants and Drink Cart Flying [VIDEO]


Passengers on an ALK aircraft from Pristina, Kosovo, to EuroAirport in France experienced extreme turbulence on Sunday that left 10 passengers injured.

According to reports, the turbulence started about 30 minutes before the plane landed and lasted five minutes, a passenger told news outlet 20 Minutes.

In video recorded of the incident, a flight attendant is seen flying up toward the ceiling of the aircraft, along with the drink cart, which spills over several passengers. One of the soaked travelers can also be seen praying immediately after the cart comes crashing down.

Another passenger claimed that seats had been torn away from the anchors because of the violent turbulence.

The plane, which was carrying 121 passengers, was met by ambulances upon landing.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. @Yeaston because far too many (Jewish) (frequent) flyers forget just why they should remain in their seats and buckled up as much as possible during a flight, this turbulence clearly happened while the fasten seatbelts sign was off since no service is conducted while it is on due to obvious danger to crew and passengers.

    Standing around shmoozing, or attempting to make a minyan or doing amidah in any place other then buckled in your seat is a clear violation of “ונשמרתם מאוד על נפשותיכם” but without seeing the evidence why people forget.

  2. Actually I think it’s one of the most useful videos YWN has ever pasted! This shows us that we don’t need to be terrified when we experience a bit of turbulence in an aircraft…. you see what happened here and the plane just keeps on flying….good to know! Thank you YWN!