MONSEY ANTI-VAXXER DRAMA: Satmar Girls Sent Home From School Crying


Dozens of girls were sent home from a Monsey school on Tuesday. The reason? Failure to provide proof of vaccination.

The parents at the Satmar school (1 Monsey Blvd) were apparently asked to provide proof of vaccination to the administration.

Girls that showed up to school on Tuesday without the documentation, were asked to leave.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. These parents should be arrested for child abuse. They knew their children will be sent home. Don’t use your children as pawns to push your agenda.

  2. Dont use the blame school card…it’s the parents. That’s why I say let make a global list of anti vaxers.I want future einiklech that dont suffer in parent’s hands

  3. The Satmar Rebbe Shlita has spoken about this issue very clearly. The girls only have their parents to blame for not following the Rebbe’s clear psak.


    Who will take responsibility for these girls chinuch?

    Aren’t they also Jewish with a Jewish Neshama?

    Don’t they deserve a Jewish education?

    Who knows how many of them will end up on the streets, drugs, suicide?

    Does anyone care about these Jewish girls? Are we blaming them for their parents choices?

    Are we feeling happy deep down that we won the “Anti-vaxxers” or are we crying over these innocent and holy Neshamos?

    Nice headline YWN: “MONSEY ANTI-VAXXER DRAMA: Satmar Girls Sent Home From School Crying”

  5. The tears and emotions of these girls will compete with the emotional investment the parents have with anti-vaxxer movement. It’s a draw. B”H it’s the end of the school year and doesn’t have serious impact on the kids.

  6. “Don’t they deserve a Jewish education?”

    Yes, but only if they (more accurately, their parents), aren’t endangering other Jews.

  7. “The Satmar Rebbe Shlita has spoken about this issue very clearly.”

    Years ago I hosted a frum CDC investigator for Shabbat. He was investigating a mumps outbreak in Kiryas Joel. He reported that the Satmar Rebbe welcomed the investigation and ordered everyone to cooperate fully. He also reported that vaccination rates were nearly 100%. The outbreak happened because even having an actual case of mumps does not provide full immunity and the unusually close contact among the children led to much easier transmission.

  8. techeles:

    Your comment smacks of ignorance. No one is valuing the paper forms more than chinuch. Think for a minute. I think you should be literate enough to grasp it. There are public health regulations that the school must keep, and these are for safety reasons. The requirement that children who congregate together in school must be immunized is simple to understand. And a school that doesn’t follow these regulations is in serious jeopardy of being closed and fined. The school simply followed their mandate and responsibility. It is the girls’ parents that failed, buying into their own opinions and conspiracy theories. Normally, we would not care, but when there is risk that results, this is problematic.

    The law, for good reason, shuffles back the responsibility to the parents, and they are too obsessed with junk science. The schools are doing their duty, but the parents are not. No one is choosing paper forms over chinuch. I would hope you are intelligent enough to understand that.

  9. The parents of these girls could find a melamed also opposed to vaccination who comes to their homes and teaches them there – Wala! – both proglems solved with one eitzah!

  10. techeles:

    If a kid brings a loaded gun to school, would you not agree to have him/her suspended?

    Don’t they deserve an Chinuch?
    Who will take responsibility for their education?
    Aren’t they also Jewish with a Jewish Neshama?
    Who knows how many of them will end up on the streets, drugs, suicide?
    Don’t they deserve a Jewish education?

  11. I assume that most (or even all) of these girls are in fact vaccinated, but their parents didn’t take seriously the notices the school sent for them to send in the documentation. They either didn’t bother reading the notices, or thought it’s some nonsense that will never be enforced. Now their daughters paid the price for their negligence. (Of course there are always the children who never give their parents the notices they receive, but dedicated parents search their school bags to find them.)

  12. “Who will take responsibility for these girls chinuch?”

    The responsibility belongs to the parents. Nobody is excluding these girls from a chinuch, but it’s up to the parents to comply with the requirements for giving their daughter that chinuch. The girls are welcome at school — as soon as the parents send in the necessary documents. If the parents have neglected to do that, then it’s their problem, not the school’s.

  13. 1 Satmar Rebbe made 1 statement in favor of vaccinating in the context of trying to distance himself from the potential political fallout and/or the chillul Hashem due to William Handler. This anti vax measles group is overwhelming Satmar, just look at the schools being shut down.

  14. Something isn’t adding up – 1 monsey blvd is a Shul (Google it) and the picture of the article is from their school in Williamsburg. Not taking any sides. This is just bad & poor journalism. Attention seeking headline with a three sentence article. Congrats YWN!!

  15. Techeles:
    Please don’t come crying not about the future of those nebech neshume:
    We have aPsak from all gedolei hador that vaccination is a must and schools have. To abide by NYS laws which requires no child can be admitted to school with out getting vaccinated.

  16. “Are we feeling happy deep down that we won the “Anti-vaxxers” ”

    what do you mean? We didn’t win, the pro-diseasers are still around with their sick agenda.

    “or are we crying over these innocent and holy Neshamos?”
    why “Or” Of course we are crying, what a sad state of affairs we are in that These parents care more about their sick agenda than their children’s well being

  17. techeles do you wear techeles? because they also belong to a group of people who have low IQ, never mind Mesorah and try to stray from the Klal

  18. if you believe in giving vaccines because its required by law, there is also a Lew that’s requiring to learn English 7 hours a day so why aren’t you listening to that law?

  19. TO techeles, I feel sorry for these children who have to suffer because of their parent’s decisions. But if they don’t stay home from school then other children, who have medical reasons for not getting the vaccines or have small babies at home, might have to stay home to protect themselves from coming down with the measles. So if we have to choose who should stay home, doesn’t this make more sense?

  20. @techeles – They won’t end up on the streets if they get vaccinated. It’s pretty simple. Don’t claim “religious exception” when the decision-maker of the religion says the other way. Have a little emunah, you don’t need to be chassidish to do what ALL the rabbis say to do.

  21. It’s a shame how low people are stooping!
    And avreimi I would like to get a recording of the statement the Satmar Rebbi made.
    I would like to hear it firsthand.

    It is sad that girls are thrown out of school for vaccination and other Yiddishkeit issues are not addressed is the same fashion… For schools to stoop so low and to see what their priorities are is shameful.

    Klal Yisroel needs to start thinking what is more valuable to them BIGpharma or the Torah?
    The way i see how things are proceeding, it seems like many would go against the torah to financially support the most corrupt industry.
    The vaccines are NOT here for our good, and if it were I would expect that children today should be healthier than in last generation, but the opposite is true.

  22. Yes, the children deserve an education unfortunately the parents are the ones that are denying it’s from them due to their arrogance.
    They are guilty beyond any reasonable doubt.

  23. My sympathetic answers to techeles:

    “Who will take responsibility for these girls chinuch? ”
    The mothers and grand-mothers. Just like was done in the old country. What is with sending our Yiddisher maidelach to school. Keep her home – teach her to cook, sew, and keep house.
    “Aren’t they also Jewish with a Jewish Neshama?”
    Yes they have a Yiddisher neshama. Keep her home – off of the streets.
    “Don’t they deserve a Jewish education?”
    Yes of course. Kevodas bas Melech penimah. The mothers and grand-mothers should give them their best Jewish education.
    “Who knows how many of them will end up on the streets, drugs, suicide?'”
    With the proper education from their parents, tears from their mother and siyata deshmaya they should grow up healthy in body, mind and neshamah.
    “Does anyone care about these Jewish girls? ”
    I for one care about all Jewish children.
    Are we blaming them for their parents choices?
    What is to blame, they can now get the best education from their parents.
    “Are we feeling happy deep down that we won the “Anti-vaxxers” or are we crying over these innocent and holy Neshamos?”
    There are more than two emotions that can be felt. This isn’t some kind of A-B testing scenario.

    By keeping these holy girls home to benefit from the traditional education from their mothers and grand-mothers other holy people who may not be able to benefit from vaccines will be able to continue to live a healthy life.

  24. Happy:

    You wrote: “Klal Yisroel needs to start thinking what is more valuable to them BIGpharma or the Torah?”

    How low can you stoop?

    1) Satmar Yeshivos are not partnering with Big Pharma. Saying this is both incredibly ignorant as well as unwarranted, sheer chutzpah. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    2) Torah NEVER told anyone to not vaccinate. Hiding behind Torah to support the anti-vaxx movement borders on kefira. It says no such thing anywhere, and the biggest poskim of today’s generation and the previous one stated otherwise, almost unanimously. How dare you use the Torah Hakedosha to support your conspiracy theory!

    Klal Yisroel already thought. Its poskim paskened already. Now if you have enough emunas tzaddikim in you to accept the universal psak halacha, pull up your sleeve and get vaccinated. If you think your own version of Torah is more important, then go find a religion where custom versions of Torah is accepted and not heresy. That won’t be among Klal Yisroel. Yisroel kedoshim heim. We fit ourselves to the Torah, not vice versa.

  25. uselogic this is indeed a photo of Bais Esther in Monsey, my girls attend this Mosdos as do my Sons. The problem is the parents, it is a shame that the children need to be embarrassed due to thier parents new religion.

  26. Dull
    “Who will take responsibility for these girls chinuch? ”
    The mothers and grand-mothers. Just like was done in the old country. What is with sending our Yiddisher maidelach to school. Keep her home – teach her to cook, sew, and keep house.
    Either you are channeling our resident Troll, Joey, or trying to compete with the mindless notion that these girls should be home schooled by parents and grandparents and focused on a life in the kitchen having children. How dumb can you get??? Some of these girls are future doctors, judges and scientists who may actually contribute positively to many of the needs of the tzibur. I’d rather see you stay in your cave and have these girls move on in a healthy environment, free from fear of illness, each to achieve her destiny outside of your cave.

  27. @Nathan F
    They did the same to the boys, all boys that didn’t have proof of vaccinations were sent home.
    (for the boys it’s not the last day of school)

  28. Dear GadolHadorah,
    1 – Do you denigrate the role of a Jewish woman running a home?
    2 – Wikipedia estimates there are currently 65,000-75,000 Satmar men, women and children. Many of those women contribute to society. HOWEVER, since doctors, judges, and scientists require a college education, something that Satmar females are denied, does anyone know of a Satmar woman (or three) that is or is on track to become a doctor, judge, or scientist?

    Is someone still a Satmar if they go off their derech? If a Satmar girl gets a higher education or rides a bicycle (after age 12) is she still a Satmar? If parents disregard the Satmar rebbe’s instruction to get vaccinated, is she still a Satmar?

    In the final analysis, Satmar wants their girls to be like they were in the old country.

  29. anti vaxers should be treated like the kids who are allergic to peanut butter- put them at the end of the hall in the weird class. and stop burdening the rest of us.

  30. Very well said. The antivaxxers are mostly big עם הארצים and very ignorant and arrogant.
    When the very first vaccines were invented I think by Louis Pasteur if I am correct it was against cowpox and the Black plague rabbi nachman from breslev who was a pioneer against going to the then doctors specifically said whoever does not vaccinate is considered a רוצח because he is endangering his own life and the lives of the people around him.

  31. After reading all the hate and insults my post generated I think that my post was misunderstood.

    I care about my children’s chinuch therefore I would object for a secular kid or an OTD kid to sit in my kids class. Not Because I have something against my secular Jewish brother or the troubled teen on the block, rather because I care about my childs chinuch.

    However, we never say tough luck on our secular neighbor, we never say too bad his grandfather stopped keeping shabbos let him suffer the consequences. Rather we open up Kiruv organizations and private schools that cater for that crowd.

    The attitude of “it’s their stupid behavior let them eat the consequences” is not one we have towards a brother!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s just not Jewish to say or think that!!!!!!!!

    We create programs for the OTD kid and we are mekarev him with love- even if we do not allow him into our schools!

    All the hatred and insult that is being poured daily on this community will achieve nothing! I spoke to a lot of them, they are not going to change because people are bashing and hating them.

    All the hate shows that this is one big Machlokes for the sake of Machlokes. If we really cared we would think how to help these Jewish Neshamos in need.

    Instead of bashing we would offer ideas and solutions to help these Kids in need.

    The Jewish approach is to see how we can help a fellow brother or sister in need, EVEN IF WE DON’T AGREE WITH THEM.
    Perhaps petitioning for them to be allowed to open their own schools, or to create certain zones similar to the idea of a smoking zone in public areas.

    The point is do we see them as our brothers and sister?

    Do we care about them?

    Are we treating them as fellow Jews?


    Are we in it for the thrill of the Machlokes (leshem shomayim ofcourse)

    Are just causing division and animosity?

    Are we achieving anything by bashing and hating?

    These are all questions that need answers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Ironic. techeles laments that they are not being treated properly. they are openly flaunting a directive of their rebbe. what else should the yeshiva do? if they openly and brazenly flaunted a directive of the rebbe as it related to kashrus, tznius or anything else, how would they be treated? their kids?

  33. Dull….you ask whether I would ” denigrate the role of a Jewish woman running a home”

    Answer is definitely NOT, as long as that decision by every baas Yisroel is an affirmative decision rather than being a default outcome because she was denied the opportunity to obtain the education and skills necessary to pursue a professional career whereby she could serve her community. If the parents hold their daughter out of school and are not qualified to home school both religious and secular subjects they are abusively denying her an opportunity. Yes, there are examples of young frum Jewish women who have found ways to succeed notwithstanding their parents’ having denied them secular education but those are clearly the exception. Using unscientific anti-vax tropes as an excuse to deny children an education is irresponsible no matter what Rav or Askan is invoked as the basis for such action.

  34. @techeles…they have been offered solutions its called getting vaccinated…couldnt be clearer its being shouted in the streets…if they refuse to listen then they have to deal with what comes with that…they would be accepted with open arms by everyone if they would vaccinate
    ….oh and fyi its more dangerous to have an antivax in your kids class than an otd..(although i dont agree with your statement on that either)

  35. To happy parent The reason why people, in general, are not as healthy as previous generations is simple. The kids eat plenty of junk food and the adults simply overeat. Nothing to do with vaccines. I would also like to remind you there used to be diseases called smallpox and polio which are gone because of vaccinations. Many other diseases are almost unheard of because of vaccines and other pharmacy created drugs. Rofeh kol basur umafli lasos.

  36. “Are we in it for the thrill of the Machlokes (leshem shomayim ofcourse)”

    No. People are afraid of the Immunocompromised (such as pregnant women, babies, the elderly and sick peoples) getting the measles. They are literally scared for their lives.

    There are people who legitimately can’t get vaccinated, either because they are prone to getting every complication from the vaccine or because of some other reason. It used to be that those people could be protected because enough other people vaccinated. Now, because of other people’s stupidity, those people also have to suffer and possibly be kicked out of school and camp because they actually cannot get vaccinated.

    The silliest argument that the anti vaxxers use is that Big Pharma is making it rich by promoting vaccines. The irony is that the ones leading the anti vaccine movement are all making money through the cause, as they are complaining about big pharma and the money. Whether it’s by charging to hear their lectures, or by selling the herbs that they created in their very own kitchens, or by creating new patients for their uncertified clinics, this is usually a large portion of their livelihood.

    Usually all the extra programs are opened up when someone has a personal feeling toward the cause. Maybe they witnessed a relative going otd or they have a child who has Down’s syndrome so they create the service where it is lacking. No one is stopping the anti backers from opening their own schools.

  37. @RRR
    You said ‘techeles do you wear techeles? because they also belong to a group of people who have low IQ, never mind Mesorah and try to stray from the Klal’

    That’s a disgraceful comment. I just hope you were only ignorant of the fact that many (although a minority) of Gedolei Yisroel and Talmidei Chachomim approve(d) if wearing techeles. Some like R’ Yisroel Belsky zt’l wore techeles themselves.

  38. techeles these kids cannot be compared to OTD kids
    all it takes is a few days to give them the vaccines they need and boom they are back in school!

    Dont get offended from comments if you write senseless posts

  39. Ah Yid- Was going to write the same response to happy parent re today’s diet. Glad someone did it for me. And glad Happy Parent doesn’t work in the science/medical field if those are the conclusions she’s drawing.

  40. “Some of these girls are future doctors, judges and scientists who may actually contribute positively to many of the needs of the tzibur.” WRONG! None of them are future professionals. Satmar and many other Chassidish groups are very strongly against higher secular education for both boys and girls. If they go for some certification for a career, such as therapy or teaching (because to qualify for government funding, the mosdos need someone with a degree to be connected with the various programs), it’s through a program such as Touro, or even better, ITT. Rarely, if ever, for an advanced degree. These girls seldom even go to a seminary for Judaic studies. It’s regarded as wholly unnecessary (unless they’re from Europe or South America, where the high schools may end at an age that’s too young to go to work and/or marry). Their main goal is to get married ASAP. These girls may excel in their studies and may go on to lead very successful lives as mothers, wives, businesswomen, teachers in their own type of mosdos, volunteers for chesed, etc. However, professions such as those mentioned, are highly discouraged in these circles. Professionals, regardless of how frum and chassidish oriented, are automatically considered “aufgeklert”.

  41. I don’t understand. Those girls clearly do NOT need to be vaccinated.
    They don’t have heads. Just big, square-shaped blobs on their shoulders. Look at the picture.

  42. InterJection: You are correct but ALL of the states (including NY) that have adopted mandatory vaccination requirements for school attendance and have narrowed or eliminated “religious” or “faith-based” exemptions, have simple procedures for children who can demonstrate legitimate medical reasons for not getting vaccinated. Doctors who falsify such claims will be subject to disciplinary actions by state medical boards.

  43. > Happyparent
    > ah yid

    How do either of you know that today’s children are not healthier than previous generations? For that matter, what is your definition of “healthier”?

    The actual answer starts with “exercise”. In “previous generations” children had to walk and exert themselves – that is also a form of exercise. Today they are driven everywhere and spend their free time on video games instead of sports.

    From there, the answer expands to understanding the simple fact that in the past children with various disabilities or medical conditions were neglected, shunned aside, or simply died (child mortality rate not that long ago could be as high as 40% during certain times and places). It was “shameful” to be sick so it was “hidden”. Thus they were “out of mind” and did not make an “impression”. Further, when “everyone” is sick or weak, no one “knows” they are “sick”, they just think that is the way things are. Today’s society is “inclusive” and “victim” oriented, so in that sense it is considered an advantage to tout disabilities and sickness.

    And further, it is exactly because medicine has allowed those who are “sick” to live long enough to procreate, that the genetic inheritance that leads to the “sickness” has spread (in contrast to the past when they would have died out). As example, diabetics. Thanks to insulin, diabetics who in the past would have died from their condition are now able to live long enough to procreate and pass the condition on to future gnerations. So too with so many other such conditions.

  44. Techeles,
    As dictated by the Torah, our Gedolim, and our doctors, getting vaccinated is a MANDATE (mitza D). The school is correct because if another student is medically not allowed to get a vaccine, the unvaccinated could KILL that other student. Preventing murder pushes off the unvaccinated student’s right to be in school when it is very easily solvable.

  45. if some common sense actually had some he would ask the obvious question WHY are there so many immunocompromised people???!!! with such breakthroughs in medicine and modernization and diets and hygiene and every other aspect of health dont you thing the rates for autoimmune disorders would be going DOWN instead of skyrocketing exponentially???!!!

  46. > seekingthetruth June 20, 2019 2:02 pm at 2:02 pm
    > georgeg the estimated autism rate in 2034 is EVERY OTHER CHILD you’re telling me its because of lack of exercise?

    The topic I was responding to was “health” without a definition being stated by the questioner. If you want to talk about autism, then start with a definition. From there state the source of your evidence for your claim of “EVERY OTHER CHILD”. And then state what is the source of your evidence that the rate was any different before vaccines. Without all of that in place, you have not made any intelligible point.

  47. Seekingthetruth
    Since you have gone down to the level is insults, I will respond. While you may be a very good and nice person, your views are krum. If our Rebbeim and fat fat majority of doctors( ie Subject Matter Experts) all say to vaccine, you are required by Torah Law to vaccine (except for SME child specific medical reason). To disagree with that is in violation of our holy Torah and Halacha. Please answer me how, al pe Halacha you can justify not getting vaccinated rather than the disproven and recycled points/arguments you are making.

  48. holy cow no pun intended read the garbage emesayid wrote and then who can blame the antivaxxers for saying there is a disinformation campaign

  49. “someone should open a yeshiva or school for antivaxers”

    In what state? In NY they would be required to reject all students who can’t document immunizations.