Op-Ed: Ocean County Prosecutor Hosts Bigotry and Hate Comments – WHERE IS THE OUTRAGE?


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With a recent charge of an Orthodox Jewish woman by Prosecutor Brad Billhimer, his own Ocean County Prosecutor’s Facebook Page, an official government entity has become home to the most vicious anti-Semitic hate.

Among the comments which his staff allowed to be posted on his website are statements that Jews are less than human, and many other hate comments about Jews.

Shame on Billhimer for hosting the worst type of Jew hatred known to mankind on his own website. This despite his disclaimer on this very Facebook page stating that “there is no room for hate” in the comments.

Shame on Attorney General Grewal, who knows well of the hate directed at Jews online, for allowing a government website to welcome the types of statements that belong in Mein Kampf.

Shame on Governor Phil Murphy for saying that he will stand up to hate and then doing nothing.

The attached is a small round-up of just some of the worst of the anti-Semitic comments posted on the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Facebook Page today that Lakewood mother was charged in the death of her child left a car last month.

The Facebook page has more than 1,000 comments on this story, many of them outright anti-Semitic.

Yerachmiel Katz – Lakewood

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  1. What kind of justice can a Jewish person get with such bias prosecutors judging him, is that democracy and what kind of people are trying to be the Judge of this woman here, please lay your dirty hands and minds of suspects.

  2. Why is the subject of this woman brought into this mess there is no connection between her and this prosecutor other than anti-Semitism off people liking it.

  3. NJ’s AG & Governor, etc. are out against Lakewood (Eisman, ant-Semitics, etc., school funding etc.) Cause Lakewood voted for Trump as POTUS. (Also some small amount of anti-Semitism)

  4. These anti-Semitic misfits probably never had to take care of anyone except maybe for their “partner”. No, they wouldn’t know the love Jewish parents have for their children whether it’s #1 or # 10. Accidents happen, mistakes happen. We Jews don’t throw our brothers or sisters under the bus. We try to help them when they are down,

  5. These comments are so chilling that it’s impossible not to become depressed and afraid.
    However, how many nasty comments are written on our own websites by Jews against other Jews?
    Don’t we also show gross intolerance against one another?

    We don’t have to agree on every issue, but we can be respectful.

    Perhaps these shockingly anti-semitic comments are a message to us as one nation: CUT THE HATE!

  6. The comments by people in the FB community are filled with hate, disgust, and anti-antisemitism. Sadly it’s nothing new and nothing we do or say will likely ever change their opinions of us. On the same token, it’s important for the YWN article to be fully transparent and unbiased with the circumstance of events. There is nothing to hide. On May 6 a toddler tragically died after being left in a hot car for hours. On June 17, the Ocean County (NJ) Prosecutor’s officer is charging Chaya Shurkin (the mother of the child) with counts of child endangerment.

  7. Thank you Mr. TGIShabbosn for providing every piece of information to pour salt on open wounds in such a matter of carelessness and neglect of people’s feelings. Shame on you for taking everything so literal and causing more and more hate at every turn and comment.
    Not everything always has to be said.

  8. Whats even worse is many of these people commenting are people that work for the state
    Correctional officers
    And soo much more its really sic they aren’t hiding anymore they are openly saying these hateful comments
    Most of these people live in jackson, Brick, and Toms River many of these people work or go to school in lakewood