WATCH: Ezras Nashim Holds CPR Demo on 13th Ave in Boro Park [360 VR]


The “Ezras Nashim” Organization held a CPR demo open to the public in front of Amnon’s Pizza on 13 Avenue in Boro Park.

The organization put up a small tent and handed out literature as well as educating people about tick bites and pool safety.


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  1. There is a van blocking the pump. Where is the outrage by all the sanctimonious out-of-towners who are always so so concerned for our safety & menschlichkeit?

  2. Yashir kochan. Every baby saved by their demonstration will be a z’chus for them. We grieve very publicly every time a tragedy ch”v happens to a child, but better we should prevent the tragedies in the first place. May they continue in their good work of educating yiddishe women about health and safety.