Satmar Chassidim Helping DeBlasio Presidential Campaign Stay Alive

Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg

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The following is via Politico:

Mayor Bill de Blasio is turning to reliable allies in New York City’s Orthodox Jewish community as he scrambles for debate-qualifying donations to his presidential bid.

A fundraising request for 10,000 donors giving just $1 each is circulating online and on WhatsApp — an encrypted messaging app — among those in the Orthodox Satmar sect, which is prominent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The message, written in Yiddish and translated for POLITICO by three different people fluent or conversant in the language, acknowledges the mayor’s long-shot chances. It says it is not a request to support his White House bid, but rather to help him qualify for the September debate.

Failing to secure a spot on the national stage would be a blow to his struggling campaign.

The pitch also implies the donations would yield favorable treatment in the future.

It opens with a donation request on behalf of those “who work together with the faithful askanim [loosely translated to influential people] who are in constant contact with the government to lobby on a number of issues on behalf of our holy institutions and communities and for individuals who need help and to represent your interests,” according to one translation from a fluent Yiddish speaker.

It says the mayor “personally asked” for the support and then asks donors to extend the request to their wives and adult children.

“By donating the dollar you support your needs, the entire ultra-Orthodox public and our rights and needs by answering the call of askanim who need to show that the public recognizes those who understand our interests,” it reads.

Finally, it notes, “with the dollar you do not support his candidacy but you can help get him to the debate.”

De Blasio needs to show the Democratic National Committee he has raised money from 130,000 individuals in order to qualify, and as of his campaign filing this month, he only had about 6,700.

The message, shared with POLITICO by two people involved in Jewish politics who declined to be named, was signed by people they identified as Satmars.

The sect is divided into two factions, based upon loyalty to brothers locked in a succession feud following the death in 2006 of their father, prominent rabbi Moshe Teitelbaum.

One side endorsed de Blasio in the competitive Democratic mayoral primary in 2013, and he has acted favorably on several issues of importance to the community, such as yeshiva standards and circumcision rituals.

He is also an ardent supporter of Israel, but that issue would not win him support in this particular sect.

“Where it’s convenient and they align it’s fine and where they don’t it doesn’t really matter. They’re not ideologues, as long as the mayor is identified as someone who is accessible and willing to help the community,” said one of the sources, who asked to remain anonymous to speak freely about a sensitive subject.

A spokesperson for de Blasio’s campaign declined to comment or answer questions about the fundraising request.

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(Source: Politico)


  1. Satmar crazyness.
    If they have cash they need to burn there are better organizaions and tzedokos!
    From what YWN reports the mayor is not the nicest to all Jews but satmar must have some big reason behind this.
    Maybe Satmar officials should be done for bribery…………

  2. Another reason to dislike these phoney jews who are anti-israel and more than willing to put Toeiva in office if it means a few dollars in that fat man’s coffers.

  3. Let’s translate this for anyone who might just not recognize the story. Deblasio is buying your vote. He promises political favors.

    Now let’s be honest why this is a failure. Firstly, it’s on shaky legal grounds. Secondly, he has zero chance of achieving political office. He’s maxxed out his term as mayor. And any new regime will need to purge the ranks at City Hall that few, if any, of his loyal supporters will stay on. He is so far down in the polls that he will not win a nomination. His campaign is not gaining steam either. He may be vying for a position if a Democrat wins the presidency, but he is far too controversial and disliked that this is farther than a long shot. Rather, Bill is just looking to postpone drowning in the current pool of candidates. If he was smart, he would climb out. But his passion to destroy a greater portion of the country than just NYC will not yield to logic.

  4. Lets be clear,

    When Cuomo recently ran for reelection he ran to Reb Zalman Leib for his endorsment, The Rebbe agreed on one condition if he protects the Yeshivas in Brooklyn, right after that the chinuch crisis started and it is still going on for a few years,

    Bottom line is what are we getting in return for endorsing a Dummycrat who endorses Toieva and other garbage???

  5. We Yidden have the mida of hakoras hatov. From the days DeBlasio was a councilman in Boro Park and until today he has been there for our communities. It is also EXTREMELY important to be registered as a Democrat in New York, so that your voices are heard in the primaries. Otherwise, all you’ll have are liberal democrats like AOC and Cabin winning the elections in New York. In the election, by all means, vote republican.

  6. Smart. They know his campaign won’t go anywhere, and he’ll end up coming back and being mayor of NYC again. Nothing stupid about staying on the good side of those in power. Nobody said they actually WANT him to be president or even mayor.

  7. It helps Republicans and President Trump to keep the Democrat primary as packed as long as possible, that candidates should not drop out. This way the Democrats will continue killing each other as long as possible, instead of focusing against the Republicans.

    So keeping de Blasio’s hopeless campaign in the game as long as possible is good for President Trump.

    Kudos to Satmar!

  8. actually Bernie sanders is more in line with Satmar, FREE EVERYTHING and the bonus against Israel. Truth is, de blasio is very tight with linda sarsour so I bet across town in bay ridge they are doing the same thing, as Cuomo went after yeshivas, literally the week after the election, de bozo will do the same.

  9. I hate to say this right before Tisha Bav, but I feel it’s very relevant. Some of the comments are really dumb and I’m trying to be nice. There is no reason not to donate to his campaign. He still did a lot for the Jewish community. Second, Dislike the mayor all you want but if you register as a Republican which means you can’t vote in the primaries then its almost certain the next mayor of NYC will be far worse then DeBlosio. Think Corey Johnson and his ilk.

  10. This is nothing more and nothing less than a Gilgul of their support for Crooked Hillary.
    Their money would go to infinitely better usage, supporting our incredible Medinas Yisroel.

  11. The little I know,
    It’s even deeper than that.
    This piece of trash knows he’ll lose.
    However, the law states that whatever is left in the campaign chest legally becomes his own…..
    Commie thief!

  12. every dollar donated is a dollar wasted! He has done zero for the Jewish community. to be honest he has done zero for New York except himself. He has no chance of winning. Whoever is behind this is pocketing money.

  13. It is with revulsion and dissapointment that I am reading this article. Jews are supposed to be a light unto the nations and that means showing the world that we are repulsed by people who bring immorality and evil into the world. We do not befriend such evil people regardless of any favors we get from them.

    Deblasio has revolted against Hashem and bought immense immorality into NY. He has introduced the “choice” of individuals to “determine their gender” on birth certificates, he supports abortion UP TO BIRTH, he supports gay “rights”, he supports transexuals, he supports everything that God-fearing Jews are against.

    This is a massive chillul Hashem. Unfortunately I am losing faith in our leaders. Is it only the externals that is cared about? Is it only your kids that you care about? What about the message that you are sending to goyim, non-religious Jews and even religious Jews that these evil people in power who support immorality and murder are ok? Is this the message Satmer wants to send to the world?!! Or is everything ok as long as the government doesn’t stick into their noses into YOUR kids education?! But who cares if politicians are revolting against Hashem and causing mayhem and destruction in our society?! Who cares about the loss of values that will eventually effect us all as well? How many OTDs have unfortunately adopted gayism and transexulism and if they were married and divorced then their frum kids on visitation are exposed to all of this as well?! You think you live in a bubble and are protected from this craziness, but it will come back to haunt you. And besides that, you should be ashamed to support those who are destroying Hashem’s world with their evilness and bringing destruction to our generations and future generations.

    What a chillul Hashem!!! But go on, all is ok as long as you are obsessed with Zionism, right?! Who cares about the fire of destruction licking at our door that you are contributing to?! Hashem yerachem!

    I feel that the only true Rabbi was Rabbi Avigdor Miller zt”l who constantly spoke against voting for such despicable politicians. He was honest and wasn’t swayed by money and favors, he only cared about the honor of Hashem! Yidden listen to what the Torah says and only vote and support politicians who are against immorality and murder, regardless of what your “leaders” say!

  14. I don’t get the big deal here.

    De Blasio has a zero chance of becoming president. If a community which needs him can get on his good side by donating one dollar a person to his doomed campaign it isn’t such a terrible idea. I personally oppose the idea but I don’t think it’s a big deal if people want to do it .

    De Blasio is far less hostile to religion than most candidates as liberal as he is are so it is good to keep in the campaign.

    Would you prefer the debates to be dominated by toevah individuals railing against “religious hypocrisy” based on a straw man argument? (As was done by the last Democratic debate)

  15. “One shtik Toieva aiding another tall shtik Toieva”

    Talmidchachom: I’m not sure I would use that type of language about the Satmar Rebbe and his political gabboim…..seems a bit over the top, even by my relatively low threshold.

  16. Thank you YWN for giving us the opportunity to bash one another right before Tisha B’Av. Ironic how the first 10 items on your site are all events taking place on that sad day and many of the speakers are sure to speak about ahavas Yisroel and the terrible scourge of sinas chimam. And then comes the “bash Satmar” one. You should be very proud of yourself.

  17. Although this news is a few days old and I don’t think someone will read these comments, I feel bad that I bashed Satmer as a whole in my previous post. This is not “Satmers” fault.

    But showing support, whether they win or not, to a sinner like Deblasio is extremely wrong.