DEADLY: New York Surgeon Arrested With 5 Assault Rifles, 3 Handguns, Body Armor


A plastic surgeon is jailed on multiple weapons charges after police responding to reported threats against his wife in suburban New York found five loaded assault rifles, three handguns and body armor in his car.

The Westchester County District Attorney’s Office says Wednesday that 47-year-old Matthew Bonnano of Great Neck was arrested by Tuckahoe Police Monday evening.

After receiving a report that Bonnano had made threats against his estranged wife, police say they found him at a bar with an illegal handgun. They searched his car in his wife’s driveway and turned up more guns. Police say a subsequent search of his Long Island home found more assault rifles and other weapons.

He was jailed without bail to await a court hearing Tuesday.

Officials did not have the name of Bonnano’s attorney.



  1. Shows you how the NY gun/knife/grenade/brass knuckle control didn’t stop him from illegally acquiring and owning his weapons. All gun control results in a situation where if this loon or any other person who gets whatever weapons he wants by breaking laws/black market, decided to go hurt innocents, there would be no legal way for those people to have an equal and adequate means by which to defend themselves. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t allow you to break laws like this guy, rather it in effect requires that there always be a legal pathway that enable the law-abiding to be armed with common use weapons, and yes, semi-auto rifles, even if they are military-looking, are included.

  2. Yaakov doe- the second amendment is a right, but I also believe in the right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That right to life would be enhanced with more common sense gun laws.

  3. The damocrats are using the gun issue for their benefit only!! They never talk or do anything about illegal guns, their only focus is to pamper their base, to fight illegal guns they would need to come up with some very tough laws for first offenders of illegal guns and they don’t want to do that because that might hurt some of their base, so they are only focusing on the 2nd amendment people.. hypocrites

  4. rt, with “common sense gun laws” you will not have any more “right to LIFE, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. According to FBI publicly available data more people are killed each year by hummers or baseball bats than by any type of rifle including so called “assault” weapons.