TEHILLIM: Frum Monsey Man Missing In Greenwood Lake On NY/NJ Border [UPDATED 8:00PM ET]


Emergency personnel are currently searching for a Frum man from Monsey that went missing in Greenwood Lake while boating with his family.

Sources tell YWN that a family was boating in the lake when – according to initial reports – a child may have fallen into the water. The father jumped in to save his son, but went missing. The son is fine, and the entire family has since been brought to shore, but the father went missing while saving his son.

A major, multi-agency search is underway.

Personnel operating on the scene include Hatzolah from Kiryas Joel, New York, Rockland Chaverim, NY State Police, NJ State Police, Us. Coast Guard and other local fire departments. Rockland Chaverim are deploying a boat and have multiple drones already scanning the water.

UPDATE 8:00PM ET: Due to severe weather (thunderstorms), the search has been cancelled by the order of the State Police for the evening.

Greenwood Lake is an interstate lake approximately seven miles (12 km) long, straddling the border of New York and New Jersey. It is located in the Town of Warwick and the Village of Greenwood Lake, New York (in Orange County) and West Milford, New Jersey (in Passaic County).

Please say Tehillim for Dovid Zalman ben Bina.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. https://abc7ny.com/father-drowns-while-trying-to-save-son-who-had-fallen-in-lake/5477317/

    Unfortunately, it looks like another tragic ending.

    GREENWOOD LAKE, New York (WABC) — A father drowned while trying to save his toddler son who had fallen in a lake in Orange County, a witness told Eyewitness News.

    Witnesses say there were about 10 children on a pontoon boat in Greenwood Lake when the accident happened.

    An off-duty NYPD officer was one of the Good Samaritans on the scene.

    Divers will go out on Monday to try to find the father.

    The toddler is expected to be okay.

  2. Sadly, we are seeing repeats of summer tragedies in the news headlines. Although not always preventable from death or injury, one should remember to wear life jackets with boating/water activities, seatbelts while driving, obeying traffic signs, properly maintaining health insurance and life insurance, etc. We will all say tehillim that we don’t need another $1 or $2 million support campaign. Please Hashem, The individual should be found safely now.