Levaya of Drowning Victim HaRav Dovid Traube Z”L


With a heavy heart, YWN regrets to report that the body of HaRav Dovid Hakohen Traube Z”L who went missing on Sunday afternoon in Greenwood Lake, has been found. He was 38.

He was located at around 10:30AM Monday morning by NY State Police divers who were using high-end sonar used to locate drowning victims.

He was positively identified by authorities. The family was notified moments ago of the sad news.

Once again, a tragic story united Klal Yisroel, as Jews around the globe Davened, gave Tzedakah, and learned – first for a miracle of finding him alive, and then for the miracle of locating his body quickly so he can be brought to proper Kevuras Yisroel.

Reb Dovid – who is originally from Cleveland – was a major Talmud Chochom, and a Rosh Kollel of a Chushuva group of Yungerleit that is located in Bais Medrash Elyon in Monsey.

[HELP COPING WITH TRAGEDY: Project Chai Hosts Community-Wide Call Tonight In Response to Greenwood Lake Tragedy]

The Levaya will be held at Bais Medrash Elyon in Monsey at 5:00PM, 73 main Street. The kevura will be in Eretz Yisroel.

As YWN had reported earlier, Search crews had gathered at the lake at around 6:00AM on Mondayn morning, to relaunch their joint efforts in locating Reb Dovid.

Reb Dovid along with his wife and some of his children were on the lake boating on Sunday. The children were all wearing life vests, and were floating in the center of lake enjoying the weather and cool water. One of the children began to float away, and Reb Dovid – who was reportedly a good swimmer – jumped in and pushed his child back to the boat. As his child was placed back in the boat, he began to struggle and suddenly began to drown.

A major search was launched immediately (on Sunday evening), but needed to be cancelled to do bad weather on Sunday night.

On Monday morning, the Greenwood Lake Fire Dept had multiple boats on the water, and the NY State Police deployed with high-end sonar equipment. Hatzalah of Kiryas Joel has a command post set up, and Moses Witriol, Director of Kiryas Joel Public Safety coordinated with the local authorities.

Yossi Margareten of Chaveirm of Rockland worked tirelessly since the search began, and had 3 boats on the lake this morning. Chaverim also has two drones that scanned the entire shoreline of the lake all morning.

Kiryas Joel Chaverim had a boat on the water as well as a boat from Kiryas Joel Hatzolah.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes…

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Only tears. Another tragedy in Klal Yisroel where a person was taken away suddenly in the prime of their life. Hashem please, no more pain and please give a nechama to his family.

  2. tschomi, moshiach will NOT HELP. we believe that ain bein yemot ha’moshiach ella shibbud malychiyot be’levad. please learn the MT who tells you about yemot ha’mashiach

  3. Baruch Dayan HaEmes – Everyone needs to wear life vests when on the water, even strong swimmers. Such a terrible tragedy, the current must have been so strong and his poor wife and children had to see it. My heart breaks for them.

  4. tschoumi, it’s not enough to ask Moshiach to come. We have to prove to Hashem we are worthy that He should send Moshiach lest we continue to see tragedies like these. It cannot be considered a coincidence that two such similar drownings have occurred in such a short space of time!!

    We are not Neviim that we can say what Hashem’s cheshbon is. we cannot point to any one thing and say, aha, this is what we must correct. But, this did happen right after a major, major Chillul Hashem in the Town of Ramapo. When a circuit breaker keeps tripping in a home we replace any appliance broken on that even if it may not be what is causing the trip. The Monsey Lumber Company should stop antagonizing its neighbors! Don’t build multifamily towers! Build the type of homes the neighborhood accepts.

  5. Btw, my relative went boating with their family just recently & she said that everyone swims around in that lake & is quite a safe lake, but what really bothered her was that when her husband asked for a life vest they told him that they only have & give life vests for upto age 15, but that if he really wants them he can give him a kids life vest cuz that’s all he has. So he made his teenage boy (over 15) put on a kids life vest & but for himself it didn’t fit so he went w/o one. That’s very not safe not to have available adult life vests if asked for. It’s one thing that they have but the adults don’t want to wear it, but to not even have them available there is very unresponsive. & My relative said that many people expressed their shock when they were told they don’t give life vests for adults. But she did remember him quietly commenting, as though he shouldn’t please bother with that, that there actually is/are adult life vest/vests under the floor of the seats, specially made to be there in case something happens, I guess if they see the boat might be sinking, so they will have the time to open up the floors of the boat under the seats & look for it attached somewhere there. & it seems like they want it should be left there all the time & not be taken out only in case of emergency. I guess it’s a pain in the neck for them to keep putting hem back in that special place every time each boat is used, esp since legally all boats probably have to have life’s vests in that special compartment always. But they should be also stocking a separate supply of life vests just like they have available for the kids, before going boating & b4 something happens. I’m sure this father was also looking for a life vest b4 heading into the boat but was told they don’t have & maybe wasn’t even mumbled that there is one in that special compartment.

  6. So many tragedies by water this summer. Even the van that turned over Thursday night was on River Ave. Hashem, we need Neviem to tell us how to proceed. In the meantime, everyone should try to do something better bain odom lamakom and bain odom lachavaro. Besuros Tovos

  7. Time for all of us to wake up I doing serious teshuva together as one loving nation together.

    Nothing just happens by coincidence. Every tragedy has a direct wake up message from Hashem.

    The choice is in our hands when the tzaros comes to a halt. How soon we wake ourselves up to reality and take Hashems wake up call for teshuva ASAP so all horrific tragedies come to a complete halt in klal Yisroel and mashiach can come.

    May it happen very soon

    May his neshama have an aliya and May his entire family have a Nechama

  8. To Rainyday if what your saying is true that the boating company didn’t have life jackets available for adults then maybe the family can sue them.

  9. This too, is from Hashem…..and yet aren’t we all required to do our histadlus to prevent any tragedies? The news reports say the child was a “toddler or small child”. Why is such a young child in the middle of a lake, even with a life jacket? Wouldn’t it be enough to cool off on the edge of the lake, or in a shallow pool? Common sense, like wearing reflective vests when walking in the Catskills or even Monsey is also common sense. Yet sadly, so many people do not take these precautions. Perhaps we could avoid some of these tragedies by being a little more careful…..

    May Hashem comfort the family.

  10. U can hear the person in clip saying 8 yr old .thats not toddler.but so not the point.may his family and all of us be comforted among the mourners of zion.

  11. Please everyone: practice water safety! Swim only where there are lifeguards and the waters are calm. If you don’t know how to swim stay in shallow waters. Boat wearing a life jacket. If there are none, don’t go! Don’t drive when you’re tired – stop and get a cup of coffee, don’t speed, at night follow the advice of Lubavitcher Rebbe obm and stop every hour to stretch and make sure you’re alert. The best segula for safety is to practice prevention and common sense.

  12. Dr(not)Yidd I’m not gonna call you what you are.
    But you are wrong, so wrong.
    All Tzaros are because of the churban. When mashicha comes we wouldn’t be in Galus won’t have tzaros.
    H’maiven Y’oven.

  13. Arnie, we all have a lot of issues to work on within our self, but a businessman asking for a land use variance is no different then a businessman asking for a loan forbearance, its a private deal not effecting the community at large, look inward my friend I am sure there are things you can do to improve yourself, maybe learn a perek mishyason in his memory,

  14. Asking for moshiach will not solve the issues we are having.
    The asskanim must press the klall on the following issues:
    *No swimming in a lake or ocean without proper gear.
    *No swimming without a lifeguard.
    *No swimming in a lake or ocean with out a life jacket
    *No bike riding with out a helmet
    *No roller blading without a helmet.
    *Pedestrians must wear a reflective belt or similiar, at night time ,including shabos.
    *Seat belts is a must in all vehicles. Including passengers.
    *Keep toxic and caustic cleaners and sprayers locked up.
    *Keep hot water urns outof kids reach.
    *Make sure to install co and smoke detectors and don’t remove batteries because u needed it for your jule aparatus.
    *Check your headlights once a month
    To make sure the bulbs are not burnt out( especially newer vehicles
    “Yellow means slow down and red means stop.
    *Right on red means coming to a full stop.
    Stop dign means complete stop and not a rolling stop.

    Feel free to add.

  15. Takes2-2tango, great idea. Unfortunately we all need reminders after a summer of several tragedies.
    I’ll add 1. No texting and driving. 2. No alcohol before/during driving a motor vehicle. 2. If going on a hike or “off the beaten path” tell family/friends about your itinerary and whereabouts. 3 Maintain appropriate insurance coverages (including Life, Medical, Auto, etc) so as to ensure a financial safety net for yourself, family, or Chas V’ Shalom a proper burial, and not solely relying on the frum world to campaign for millions of dollars.

  16. Takes2 the most important one, the one that this tragedy shares with the one in Virginia is,
    Please never enter the water with your clothing.
    That’s the first thing they teach lifeguards.
    The weight will drag you down no matter how good you can swim.