Types of coffins according to materials and prices


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The world of coffins is a perfect stranger, and most people only become aware of it when they faced a loose of their loved ones. Choosing the right coffin with which we will say the last goodbye to a loved one can be very difficult, that is why we have prepared this brief guide to ease the choice of the most appropriate coffin to your needs. There are lots of different types of coffins for sale, and anyone who was going to buy one should understand the basics of a coffin.

 Before starting, it is convenient to know where the coffin models we currently know come from, so we will make a summary of the historical evolution of the funeral coffins.

 Basically, the coffin is a wooden box, where the body is held for further burial or cremation. They have been used in funeral rites of many cultures since men began to preserve the bodies of those dead who had significant value in life and, since then, the most considerable variation has occurred in the materials used for the construction of the coffin. The shape of the caskets that we remember most symbolizes a Catholic cross: that is why the part of the head is wider and narrows towards the feet. 

 What materials are used to make the coffin?

 To build the funeral coffins used our days used are very different materials, such as wood, metal, metal-carbon, bronze, copper, glass and even bamboo cane and other more contemporary materials. The type of material and its quality will play significant role in the price of the product, and also conditions its finishes and aesthetic. All this effect on the prices what your funeral homes provide to you for the funeral services. And of course, if you decided to have the coffin made of bronze that would cost you much more compared to a wooden one. Let’s see below what materials commonly used in the funeral industry in the coffin construction.

Types of wooden coffins and their prices

Typically, traditional caskets made of wood, the material most commonly used by coffin factories. The most common types of woods that used to make coffins: wood veneer, poplar wood, cedarwood, pine, oak. 

Wooden Coffin Prices:

 The cheapest coffins are, those that made from more inexpensive materials like 

 – Chipboard plating( wood veneer)

 – DM Fund (Chipboard-like slats that are a mixture of pulp and wood)

 – DM plating: It includes a thin sheet of wood or PVC.

 These types of materials are very commonly used for cremation because their construction process is easier and perfectly fits for those purposes.

Mid-range prices coffins

 Wooden coffins that made of solid wood (solid poplar, solid redwood, etc..) are typically more expensive compared to wood veneer, they are more durable and usually with more detailed finishes. Each model then has its own features such as different materials, finishes, measurements, weight, and interiors. The mid-range priced funeral coffins are most popular in the U.S. market.

Eco-friendly coffins (Green Coffins)

 Eco-friendly coffins are made of environmentally friendly materials and used the only eco-friendly manufacturing processes. Often they are made by hand using exclusively raw materials of vegetable or mineral origin. Some of the funeral companies you can find on the US market states that they sell the organic coffins, but often they do not meet the necessary quality certificates. So be careful!

How much does a coffin cost?

 The short answer is the price depends. The price of the coffins that we have seen is widely vary of both, the material that they have been made of, and by their different styles, finishes and level of detaization of exterier of the product. Our advice, always make sure, you buying from a reputable coffin supplier.