10 Best Jobs for Students in San Diego


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A recent study found that close to 70 percent of students take up at least one job while taking a course in college. Working in college can be difficult. Finding a job feels like rolling dice and getting one that matches your schedule is a lot like playing roulette. 

A good job should offer flexible work hours, bearable colleagues and decent pay to reflect it. These factors are crucial for helping you create time to study, pay enough to get you books and food and create an environment that’s not mentally stressful. In this article, we explore the best student jobs in San Diego.



San Diego has the fourth-highest number of Starbucks in the United States, not to mention the additional non-mainstream coffee shops spread throughout the city. As a result, there are up to four hundred job openings for a barista at any one time. Students usually get the priority picks for the position.

Cashier in retail sector

Work in the retail industry is also pretty common to grant college students. The job description involves scanning items, collecting payments and ensuring that prices on various products are correct. They may also recommend items to customers, answer their questions and process refunds.


Being a nanny is a rewarding job because it offers a lot of flexibility in terms of work hours. It depends on the age of the child, but it’s possible to get a job that only has you work afternoons. If not, you can still get some schoolwork done when the child is asleep or out playing with friends.


Photography is a great option for part time jobs in San Diego. It has a low barrier to entry, pays well and most gigs are on the weekends, freeing up your weekdays for studies or socializing. If you’re not up to the task of starting your own photography gig, reach out to local photographers and see if they need an assistant.

Social media assistant

Your role as a social media assistant includes creating, scheduling and publishing posts for companies on social media. It may sound simple, but it’s harder than it looks.

Since the responsibilities often stretch to creating blog posts and copies, you will benefit immensely if you’re already used to creating creative content. The research skills you picked up while at school should be of great benefit here. If not, there’s plenty of writing help for Canadians and residents of San Diego. When the need to balance study and work arises, services like Edubirdie CA can be immensely helpful in doing dissertation, thesis and college essays for you.


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Lab Assistant

Lab assistant jobs are better suited for people who specialize in science-related fields like medicine or engineering. Your job will mostly involve helping scientists and other specialists in conducting various experiments. The best part of this job is you get to experience lots of potential research paper topics on the job.


To become a lifeguard, you need to be trained and certified. It’s a rewarding job because you get to interact with new people and make a difference by hopefully saving lives. The best part of it all is that you’re likely to be surrounded by young people like you, so the work environment is going to be fun.

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

If you love animals/pets, you already have the most important qualification for becoming a pet sitter/walker. It’s a pretty common job since most pet owners don’t have the time and would rather not leave their pets bored at home. If you can get the necessary permits to start your own daycare service, it’s more stressful, but that much more rewarding.


Being a tutor is another low-friction job that is normally open to students. Your job description is essentially teaching peers how to perform certain tasks or help them with their studies. It’s perhaps the greatest choice for student work because of the immense flexibility you get to enjoy.

Fitness trainer

Being a fitness trainer isn’t as low-friction as, say, being a tutor, but it’s plenty rewarding for people that are really into fitness. Head over to your local student job center and find out if any gyms need a trainer. Typically, you need to be certified as a trainer.


The kind of student job you get should be something aligned with both your skills and interests. It’s not always possible to get something that goes well together with your career choice, like being a lab assistant for medical students. But if you’re lucky enough to find yourself there, it’s an amazing opportunity to grow your network.


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