SEE IT: Massive Lines As Illegal Immigrants Flood NYS DMV’s To Get Licenses [VIDEOS]


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Lines at the New York Department of Motor Vehicles were long in many locations Monday. It was the first day of New York’s new Greenlight law, which allows undocumented immigrants to apply for limited drivers licenses.

The limited license requires drivers’ education and insurance.

The law allows more than 700,000 undocumented New York immigrants to be eligible to obtain a driver’s license,


  1. The Senate is voting about the Religious Exemption for Vaccines as well today/tonight. They went through many many bills, and when they had this one left, they called a half hour recess (about six ten pm). Since the early morning thousand of parents from all religions have been outside in the freezing weather protesting this bill, which also tampers with medical exemptions. Their chants can be heard inside the Senate building.

  2. Without seeing videos of the lines at the DMV offices last Monday it’s hard to tell how man more people are on line. At my local DMV the lines go down the block every morning before the offices open.

  3. The Senate has stlll not resumed. They are probably hoping the hundreds of parents will go home, but they are not leaving! When their children’s health is at stake, they will not relent. By the way, I think they may have passed a bill that all health care workers have to get a flu vaccine. Can someone confirm that please?

  4. Apparently, the ICE agents are staking out Trump-owne golf courses looking for a bunch of undocumented Ukranians who took the jobs of the undocumented Central Americans hired by Trump

  5. It used to be that you’d cringe when you see all the North Carolina plates driving around coast to coast. Now there’s another reason for us not in New York to cringe at all the new New York cars that will be driving all around.
    Meanwhile, hear about the person who couldn’t get a New York license because they lived in Chicago for a while? One state only sends documents via fax, and the other state does not accept faxes. Couldn’t get a license.
    The joys of being an American. Everybody else wins but you.

  6. If the Liberals are throwing out the laws, can I stop paying my taxes? Why does one group of people get rewarded for breaking the laws but we have to follow everything? Can anyone explain this?