WATCH: NYPD Traffic Enforcement Vehicle Drives On Sidewalk On 14th Ave In Boro Park


An NYPD Traffic enforcement vehicle was captured on camera driving on a sidewalk in Boro Park.

The video, provided to YWN by BP24, shows the marked police cruiser on 14th Avenue and 49th Street driving on the sidewalk.

The police car does not have his emergency lights and sirens on.

Last year YWN reported about a Boro Park resident that took the sidewalk and was arrested for doing so.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Why the commotion? This is the Boro Park standard. If you have to wait 30 seconds in traffic then take the alternate route which is the sidewalk. You can post 50 videos daily of such and similar incidents. Passing school buses, going through red lights just to name a few