Judge: Top Floors Of New New York City Tower Have To Go

PHOTO CREDIT: Stefano Ukmar for The New York Times

A judge has ordered the developers of a condo tower under construction in New York City to remove several floors from the top of the building because it is too tall.

State Supreme Court Justice W. Franc Perry’s ruling last week instructs the Department of Buildings to revoke the building permit for the nearly completed tower on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and remove floors that exceed the zoning limit, The New York Times reported. The number of floors to be removed from the 52-story tower is not yet known, but the newspaper said it could be 20 or more.

A lawyer representing the project said the developers would appeal the Feb. 13 decision.

Community groups, including the Committee for Environmentally Sound Development, said in opposing the project that the developers, SJP Properties and Mitsui Fudosan America, had abused zoning rules.

The building’s 112 luxury apartments are now being marketed, including a $21 million penthouse, which would likely be removed if the decision stands, the Times reported.



  1. Nice to see that developers can’t get away with doing whatever they want, whether it’s legal or not. I second Arnie’s wish that developers in our heimishe cities should have to undo whatever they did despite zoning laws and other rules stating otherwise.

  2. before people build huge building that cost millions, they must submit plans to be approved. The city checks and checks during building that the plans and laws are followed.

    So how did it ‘happen’ that a builder built 20 floors too many?