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NY Times Article Goes After Anthony Weiner

weiner.jpgThere is no doubt that Anthony D. Weiner wants to be mayor of New York. And there is no doubt, to that end, that he has seen an opening to wound a rival: criticizing Christine C. Quinn and the City Council he once was a member of for doling out money to favored groups in their districts.

“We should get rid of earmarks altogether, get rid of these member items altogether,” Mr. Weiner said last week, saying such a move would “restore public confidence” in government.

Of course, as a congressman, Mr. Weiner has his own earmarked funds to spread around his district — and he has shown a willingness to do so.

Mr. Weiner directed money to projects and programs run by a variety of Jewish groups, whose members make up part of his political base. He secured nearly $100,000 for a program at the Sephardic Community Center in Brooklyn that seeks to help “at-risk immigrant youth successfully acculturate” into American society; nearly $50,000 for an after-school program at the Prospect Park Yeshiva in Brooklyn; and $282,000 for a counseling program for small business at the Sephardic Angel Fund in Brooklyn.

Perhaps more significant, he obtained $450,000 for the Fresh Start Program for Agudath Israel, a major Orthodox Jewish organization. The program is intended to provide job training and counseling to women who are recovering addicts or victims of domestic violence.

Click HERE to read the extended article on the NY Times website.

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