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Video: NYSP Superintendent Visits Satmar Rov

IMG_0732.jpgClick HERE to see video footage taken by YWN – when the new NYSP Superintendent visited the home of the son of the Satmar Rebbe Shlita of Kiryas Yoel, Rav Mendel Teitelbaum Shlita, Rov of the Satmar Kehilla of Williamsburg. (For the complete story, click HERE)

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  1. Very interesting.
    Pretty good sense of humor.
    I don’t understand.
    Is this representing all of Satmar and all Jews or just one of the Rebbe’s sons?
    120 Million dollars!! WOW!! Talk about heavy duty fund raising! The olam hayeshivos at large are struggling in these uncertain economic times, but the power of TRUE community prevails among our chassideshe brethren.
    It is a credit to them and we can all learn.
    Also dos this mean that each Satmar Rebbe is having their own school system in Willi and Monroe?

  2. Starting Elul 5767, the Rebbe had his own mosdos in Williansburg. The Williamsburg Rebbe has a small constituency in Monroe. I’m not quite sure about the size of his mosdos there but I do believe that they exist.

  3. Ayin Tov: The following are the Numbers of children in the School systems of the 2 Rebbe’s (# is confirmed by official board of education and federal lunch program websites and rounded to nearest 00):

    Reb Aron (older brother):
    Kiryas Joel: 6,800
    Boro Park: 5,600
    Williamsburg: 4,900
    Bayswater: 200

    Total: Reb Aron 17,500

    Reb Zalmen (younger brother)
    Williamsburg: 5,700
    Kiryas Joel: 800
    Boro Park: None
    Bayswater: None

    Total: Reb Zalmen 6,500

    Monsey: Neutral ??
    Lakewood: Neutral ??

  4. Rabbi Aron’s PR is awesome! Without fanfare or reporters, Rabbi Zalman regularly hosts a myriad of visitors from the diverse chareidi world as well as from the secular one. As a Boro Parker with children in the Satmar system I have to laugh at ffb’s claim that Boro Park belongs 100% to Rabbi Aron. Actually the majority is allied with Rabbi Zalman as can be easily verified on Shabbosim when attending their shuls. I have no doubt that this really is all insignificant, but for those who don’t know, please be aware that the propoganda machine is in full swing in Kiryas Joel!!

  5. First to set the record straight, the superintendent placed his first visit to Rabbi Zalmen, the Brooklyn leader of satmar, then he went to the nephew.
    Regarding the numbers of students, you sound pretty off, first of all Monsey is for Reb Zalmen Leib with more than 2,000 students. Reb Zalmen has in Monroe over 1,500 students. Boro Park is mixed around half and half from both parties, since the board are followers of Zalmen, and the admin. is a follower of Aron, they both claim ownership. besides that the number you put down is highly inflated.. the BP mosdos net around 3,200 all together. next, the figures in Monroe for Reb Aron, you included all yeshivos up to 20 years old, when counting Zalmen’s in Willi you ignored his yeshiva ketana with 490 students, and yeshiva gedola of 700 students, including those, you would’ve gotten to over 7,000 in Williamsburg. it’s basically an even deal, Reb Zalmen has the stronghold of Williamsburg, And Reb Aron has the stronghold in Monroe.
    my figures are based are strong sources, And since I’m not involved in the Satmar politics, I have more of a neutral and realistic view.

  6. Loyalyid: you end your statement Quote: “my figures are based are strong sources, And since I’m not involved in the Satmar politics, I have more of a neutral and realistic view” un-Quote, your words are belying the underlying facts…
    If the editor will let me Link my sources to the Government sites Your “Strong” sources will fall away,
    Anyway you make no sense, Boro Park is 1 Million Percent under the Leadership and Hadracha of R’ Aron (Older Brother) there was 1 Board member out of many who Sued in court and actually LOST!! BP was always under the Control of R’ Aron Welz the President of UTA of BP who is an ardent supporter of R’ Aron,
    in Monsey you say is R’ Zalmen that is a blatant lie, Monsey is under the leadership of R’ Chaim Yeshia Halberstam who controls the school, that’s why I didn’t count them as part of the 2 Brothers,
    In Williamsburg there is still many chassidim of R’ Aron who kept their children in the old School system especially in the higher grades especially by the girls because they didn’t want the kids to go thru a “change”.(With some kids taking it hard) but these same parents are already sending the younger ones to the New (R’Aron) School System, to support my words is the fact that the new school system (R’Aron) is on a UP-ward swing and the Old school system (R’Zalmen) is on a downward departure because of this, at this juncture next year the new school system will be the Majority.
    If you add the numbers it is Very clear that the older brother has a 3 to 1 lead over the younger brother in the amount of students in NY State!!!!

  7. I would let you give the last word, but your statement is foolish, based on what you just wrote, that its hard for many to change their kids school, same goes to Monroe with Reb Zalmen’s people.. and same goes to BP where there is only one satmar Mosad, and again, a few active board members are of Reb Zalmen’s, and one acting admin. is for Reb Aron. Monsey is controlled by Reb Chaim Shia, who is – like his people are – all the way for Reb Zalmen, the Aron’s are working now to open a school there.
    anyway, it doesn’t matter much to me, but it’s a pity on you that you try to hide your face in the mud, fooling yourself with messed figures, and then when you open your eyes and realize that both brothers are big, your all goofed.

  8. Do you really think that HKBH really cares who you follow? When you get to Him, after 120 years, do you think He will ask you which Rebbe you followed, and tell you that you picked the wrong one? HKBH laughs at this!

  9. by the way, loyalyid –
    I worked on 1 of the school programs for r’ aron (I’m not a satmara) & I had access to all the numbers (of school & cheder kids)& according to that your cheshbon is wrong. sorry!

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