BUSINESS AS USUAL: Satmar Williamsburg Taking Children On Trip To “Fun Station”

Satmar Rebbe of Williamsburg

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While the entire United States comes to a screeching halt due to the Coronavirus pandemic, and the entire NYC Public School System is closed, one community seems to be oblivious, or simply in total denial of what is going on.

Multiple parents in the school emailed this flier to YWN

The attached flier was sent home with Cheder children from the 4th and 5th grades at “Talmud Torah V’yirah D’Rabeinu Yoel M’Satmar” on Sunday, announcing a school trip to Fun Station (amusement park) this coming Tuesday.

The trip was to thank the children for collecting money on Purim for the Mosdos.

The note to parents says the buses will be leaving at 10:00AM, and the children will return at 2:15PM, and even insturts the parents how much nosh should be taken along.

It did not say if the Cheder was proving masks or HazMat suits for the children.

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  1. YWN, should have reached out to the school for comments rather than relying on a pamphlet that was sent to them..

    And no, I am in no way affiliated with this yeshiva.

  2. Well, in the letter YWN published from R’ Chaim Kanievsky it stated very clearly that we should be more careful with SHEMIRAS HALASHON. Apparently YWN is oblivious to this letter that they published themselves.

  3. As we’ve grown accustomed to “The Yeshiva World”s attitude. We clearly see how the sole purpose of this article was for the lashon hora and to inspire more vitriol in the comments. The editors of this website should be doing some self reflection at this time.

  4. Actually a shtickel brilliant.
    They’ll be the only ones there.
    Kids are outdoors. Fresh air – no recycled germs.
    No goyim.
    Limited crowds.

  5. I turn to this site for Jewish news, not for political commentaries and for sure not for public shaming. Are you joining the likes of CNN and FOX now? Or do you find it hard to understand that not everyone is panicking as much the media would like them to? If the Satmars decided to go on a trip they must have consulted with their Rabbanim. Guess they forgot to email you and ask for permission. Leave them alone.

  6. So smart!

    This whole virus thing is a hoax to dump trump.. they won’t succeed!

    We Jews believe in Hashem and not in doctors that are trying to create a hype for their own agendas… time to wake up and live like frum Yidden and not get influenced by fear and scare.

  7. This is a good reason why basic science, including germ theory, should be taught in all schools including private religious institutions.

  8. LOL YWN your wayyy more open minded “oifkklert” then those satamrer radical clueless people . YA RIGHT your all the same you put it there to feel better about yourself that your more modernish and educated your just as narrow and unsophisticated you dont look more cooler because your posting articles attempting to distance yourself from them. your hilarious to even think that you can.


    Indeed, “business as usual” is for YWN to attack Satmar.

    Never trust a news source who’s income depends on views, clickbait and controversy to feed comments and views and $$$$

  10. Unless this “epidemic” leads to massive deaths, the people who trashed the economy in terror of “the pandemic” will seem very foolish, and those who question the wisdom of those policies will seem quite wise. So far the official figures suggest most people will have symptoms no worse than a typical flu, and almost all who get sick enough will recover, and the deaths will be largely limited to people in poor health together (as is usual with flu).

  11. Whether this event was cancelled or not is beyond the point. We must as a community demand every Yeshiva provide basic science education to our children. The anti-science attitude in this country that prevails even today as the President (Trump, who until recently was in denial as well) called for people to stay home and not be in groups of more than 10 people to stop this now, is a danger to everyone’s well being.

  12. YWN, time for you to do some TESHUVA! You’ve spread so much Loshon hara, so much hatred in Klal Yisroel. REPENT BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

  13. It is disturbing to read the implied denigration of a large segment of Klal Yisrael (Satmar) by a site that calls itself “Yeshiva World News”. All the more so during this time when Rav Chaim Kanievski Shlit”A said to strengthen shmiras haLashon.

    It is not necessary to post this comment.

  14. Depending on where you look, it is estimated there are 5-10 unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 for every confirmed case. To date there have been around 3000 confirmed cases in the US with 61 deaths, giving you a fatality rate of 2%. It’s stuff like that the Democrats and MSM are reporting to scare people in hopes to cause panic and hurt the economy and thus damage president Trump. So change your denominator from 3000 to 150,000 or 300,000 and you get a more accurate fatality rate of 0.4% or 0.02% respectively. Bottom line is this thing is not that bad and is being politicized to hurt the president, and in the process is greatly hurting ALL AMERICANS, but of course the Democrats and democrat biased MSM don’t care about that. This is unprecedented and pretty despicable. People will understand this when this thing blows over, and it will end up helping Trump, just like everything else the Democrats and MSM have done to try to take out our sitting president.

  15. I feel like using sanitizer on my eyes after reading this hit piece. I thought the self-hating blogging industry died a decade ago, but YWN seems to have taken its place. Typos aside and factual inaccuracies aside (they cancelled the trip), how does this get through an editor, even had it been true? Granted sometimes there is a toeles in publicizing something – but what precisely is the toeles sufficient to warrant the publication of this particular “article” ? Achein nodah hadavar.

  16. Kudos to YWN for publishing the comments that put the kibosh on th eheadlines.
    5 thumbs down to YWN for not updating the headlines to reflect the full truth or latest developments. This is too often characteristic of YWN headlines 🙁

  17. This is VERY inappropriate, particularly during this troubling time. We need every zechus we can get. This article is meant to sow division and disdain. That is totally unacceptable. When will we learn?!

  18. YWN, if they cancelled the trip then what’s your point in publishing this? If it’s not true why don’t you delete this article? Are you trying to spread sinas chinum?

  19. YWN are simply embarassing themselves by showing that they do not provide accurate and honest reporting.


    And the most rediculous thing of all is that they have not even taken down this post or amended it to reflect the true situation and facts.

  20. For all that think that this is a hoax look at your brethren in new Rochelle who passed the virus from one to the other at a wedding and a funeral. Even their rav got the virus. The rav’s wife passed it on to her students. Even last week was too late to cancel. It should have been cancelled right away. Have they no value for lives. Whatever happened to dinah demalchusa Dinah? Are you all living under a rock? Kol hakavod the the intelligent ones who are staying home and listening to authorities. You give the rest of our people bad names!!!!!!!!