FRIGHTENING: Number of Boro Park Virus Cases EXPLODE Overnight; People Still Not taking This Seriously


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The situation in our communities in the tri-State area is very serious, and many people are still not grasping the severity of what is unfolding.

Here are the facts, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:

YWN has learned that more than 100 cases have been confirmed overnight in Boro Park, and there are close to 1,000 tests that are still awaiting results.

Crown Heights has HUNDREDS and possibly thousands of cases, with some people already placed on respirators.

The Five Towns has around 100 confirmed cases and over 1,000 awaiting results.

Williamsburg has lots of cases.

Many people in Flatbush are being tested this morning, and some Shuls have already been closed.

A senior Boro Park Hatzolah Paramedic sent out a public message pleading with people to take action before it’s too late. We encourage you to all listen to this message. He is predicting that Boro Park will become “Ground Zero” of the Pandemic in the entire United States. He says how the Mikvaos are full of elderly people this morning, people hugging and kissing at Chasunos etc.

In Lakewood, hundreds of guests were attending Chasunos on Monday, with some still scheduled for today (Tuesday) with people – including Rabbonim – hugging and kissing people as if this is a big joke. Throughout our history, Klal Yisroel relied on doctors to Pasken Shailos of when to do a Bris Mila, when to eat on Yom Kippur etc. Why all of a sudden some are refusing to accept the UNANIMOUS position of EVERY SINGLE DOCTOR is beyond understanding and simply shocking to say the least.

People are still are unaware that children can be carriers of Coronavirus for FIVE WEEKS WITHOUT ANY SYMPTOMS, while they infect all their parents, grandparents, and other elderly. Someone needs to educate people on what “social distancing” means. There is no single community in America more at risk of this than ours.

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A few days before Purim YWN published a letter from a doctor warning people to cancel Purim parties as it will be a the cause of massive spread of the virus. YWN was called “fear-mongers”. It turned out that nearly all the cases unfolding are directly because of Purim parties. The same doctor wrote a letter imploring people to reconsider going to Pesach programs with elderly people. As was expected, YWN was accused of destroying their businesses. One program went so far as to threaten to sue YWN.

Ezriel Rappaport – Hatzalah Member in Crown Heights

Why there still weddings taking place is nothing short of a Chillul Hashem and reckless to say the least.

Why the Jewish community is not taking this seriously is a tragedy beyond epic proportions.

We implore you, please follow our doctors and take this matter seriously.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. How do you reconcile your opinion with that of rabbi kanievsky? we need to criticize openly in times like this. be’makom hillul ha’Shem ain holkim kavod le’rav.

  2. Most of the cases were probably contracted during Purim parties. When will we learn, consequences are a lot more dire than the measles situation last year, and quite frightening. You are not thinking about the people around you, and this is a Chilul Hashem!

  3. Great article highlighting some truly serious concerns. I do have a question. You said that children can be carriers of the corona virus for 5 weeks. I was unable to verify the source of this information. Can you provide the source where this came from?
    Thanks and stay safe!

  4. DrYidd

    Harav Kanievsky clearly said that the boys should learn in small groups of upto 10. He meant that the learning system should not shut down.

  5. Please censor the DrGoy disparaging disgraceful comment about Rav Chaim.. who spoke ONLY about chadarim for holy inncocent תינוקות של בית רבן learning holy Torah which is possibly still the only way to be mevatel the gezeira.. NOT approving chasunos mikvaos purim parties or pesach mingling.. Dr Goy is an antisemite neonazi masquerading as a member of our community

  6. > DrYidd

    The topic of this article is the United States. Rabbi Kanievsky was relating to Israel. In any case, even Rabbi Kanievsky has agreed to limit in-person groups to 10 members. And there is no shortage of communication devices to study-at-home with any number of people communicating together over devices.

  7. Listen to the scientist and medical professional. Do not wait for your local Rabbi to give you guidance at this time of national/world emergency. They get their reports from the Medical professionals and eventually capitulate and disseminate the information to the public. Skip the middleman ie rabbis and do as you are told by these Professionals who have much more experience then the rabbis. Go ahead daven and learn but stay isolated. Please . We can lose thousands of Yidden if we don’t listen to these professionals. Please I deplore you do not wait for the rabbanim for guidance on this. Hashem should have pity on us all.

  8. Let’s remember the Rabbi’s in Europe who, in the 1930’s told their followers not to immigrate to the “treifa medina.” We should only look back to learn from past mistakes. Everyone should use their own common sense and listen to the health officials.

  9. Why are we being scared to death???
    If we were exposed we can do things to minimize the chances of getting full blown case of COVID-19.
    Where is the guidance on that?
    There are plenty thing we can do to reduce the risk. Vitamins, Hydration, Diet, Keeping/staying warm, Gargling salt water, Drinking hot tea with honey, Eating hot chicken soup etc.
    All we are being told is stay away from each other, when chances are we were all exposed already.

  10. DrYidd – Rav Chaim, Shlita, gave a completely correct answer – but he was asked the wrong question. He was not given details of the sakana involved, the contagiousness of the virus, and the way it affects the elderly and infirm – he was just told that the “memshala” wants to close Chadarim because of a virus, and should they close. He answered with a general quote from a Gemara – which was then twisted by people with an agenda to say that “Rav Chaim said not to close the Chadarim and Yeshivos”.

    Rav Chaim, Shlita, is due all respect, and you should give that to him. However, you have no obligation to listen to his purported Psak in this situation.

    an Israeli Yid

  11. Swings Wrote.

    “Let’s remember the Rabbi’s in Europe who, in the 1930’s told their followers not to immigrate to the “treifa medina.” We should only look back to learn from past mistakes. Everyone should use their own common sense and listen to the health officials.”

    This is totally untrue and has been completely refuted numinous times. Frum Jews wanted to emigrate, But the few certificates were in the hands of the Zionists. They didn’t want any Frum Jews overthere, so they didn’t give any to the Frum community.

    This is a classic case of anti-semitic propaganda. Any time there is a calamity then blame the Jews. In this case it’s Rabbis.

    Having said that. All Rabbis today encourage their followers to listen to the authorities. It just that we are an עם קשה עורף, a fact that nobody can change.

    The situation is much worse than is being reported. I have three married daughters, we were Purim and a subsequent wedding together. All of them have symptoms. But the testers (Chai Care) don’t want to Administer the test. Since they are young and healthy.