WATCH: Kiryas Joel Doctor Seeing Tremendous Positive Results With Trump-Approved Drug


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The leading physician in Kiryas Yoel, Dr. Zelenko, released a video where he says that he is seeing a tremendous positive results from the drug that President Trump announced last week “Hydroxychloroquine” to be used to treat COVID-19 victims.


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  1. YWN has, heretofore, done a reasonable job of warning the frum to treat the coronavirus seriously and follow the directives of the CDC. Publishing this article may raise false hope that a cure is at hand.

  2. MenachemHirsch, Google is not a doctor and Google has no experience of treating any patients infected with China-virus, unlike Dr. Zelenko

  3. There is no real evidence that hydroxychloroquine is effective against COVID-19. It can have dangerous side effects. And it interacts with a huge list of other medications. The French study cited by some as proof had numerous flaws, any one of which could invalidate its findings.

    A clinical trial was just begun in Minnesota to test the safety and efficacy of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19. Until that study reports its findings, we don’t know if the anecdotal reports mean anything. It is wrong to give false hope to desperate people. The truth is that at the moment we have no treatment and no cure.

  4. charliehall, as far as you are concerned, the only reason “There is no real evidence that hydroxychloroquine is effective against” China Wuhan Virus and the drug “can have dangerous side effects.” is because it was promoted by Pres. Trump. I am sure if you had this Chinese Virus ()not wishing it on you) you would be first in lime demanding this drug. For you DNC talking points and Fake News lies are more important that a cure for China Virus.

  5. This medicine is supposed to be given with Zithromax , which is how it’s recommended to treat the China virus. If we only had 9 cases the other day, how is he possibly saying he’s seeing great results? I’m confused,