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UTTER INSANITY: DeBlasio Says New Yorkers Should Not Have To Pay Rent For 12 Months! [YWN EDITORIAL]

It started with a tweet by NY Governor Cuomo: #BREAKING: New York State will extend the moratorium on evictions for those facing COVID-related hardship for an additional 60 days – until August 20.

Cuomo then said he is banning late fees on rent, and he’s allowing tenants to use their security deposit as a rent payment.

Ok. Fair. It’s hard times.

But then NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio put his ultra progressive hat on, and tweeted the following:

YES! Yes! Yes! Yes! From putting security deposits towards rent to expanding eviction bans, we’ve been pushing Albany to take bold action for tenants. Thank you @NYGovCuomo for heeding the call.

But wait! You think THAT was progressive? Look at what the super dee duper socialist Mayor from NYC then tweeted:

Now’s the time to go even further. Tenants are hurting. We need to let every New Yorker who needs it to be able to defer rent payments for up to 12 months.

Here are two simple questions YWN has for the honorable Mayor Deblasio:

1- If New Yorkers are given rent deferment for 12 months, how will they possibly come up with $20,000 to pay their back rent at one time?

2- And what about those ” “horrible disgusting” landlords who are just “in it” to hurt hard working people and steal all their money (just ask AOC and Jumaane Williams how “bad” landlords are). How will those evil landlords pay their mortgages? Insurance? How will they pay their taxes? How will they pay for heat? How will they pay for any repairs or maintenance in the buildings? How will they pay their employees? How will they pay for electric? How will they pay for anything?

It’s a shame that the Mayor of NYC pits one class of New Yorkers against another. Where is there any compassion or sympathy for hard working real estate companies that continuously fund all of the Progressive initiatives the mayor loves. What about the suppliers, contractors, and maintenance professionals who keep New York properties clean and running? It is a fact that the real estate industry in NYC with it’s thousands of employees and billions of taxes paid each year have previously been hard hit by punitive rent laws aimed at the Real Estate industry. With the new challenges that COVID-19 have brought how long before Landlords give up and raise the white flag. NYC has been here before and the 70’s weren’t pretty. Burned out building overtaken by drugs & crime were a common sight. We need a Mayor who sees past his progressive nose & recognizes that should real estate in NYC crumble, the rest of the city follows right behind.

You just can’t fix stupid.

–YWN Editorial Board

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

33 Responses

  1. Correct. You can’t fix stupid. But this mayor isn’t stupid. He’s evil, incompetent, and subscribes to values more appropriate for a criminal. This idea isn’t about helping anyone. It is about destroying people. He’s not getting renters off the hook. He’s sticking it dangerously to landlords.

    It’s one thing when governments give away their money to help people that are somehow disadvantaged. We might debate and bicker about the details, who should qualify, how much to give them and how. But government officials have no moral right to give away someone else’s money. Is this political version of Al Capone going to assume the mortgages and other expenses for those 12 months? Of course not. So his abrogating the rental contract is clearly unconstitutional, and purely immoral.

    May the Almighty protect us from evils like this mayor and his corrupt ideas.

  2. The Editorial is grossly wrong!
    I noted no mention of Water and Sewer charges which have grown astronomically. Unlike repairs, maintenance and heating, Water charges are a City business which makes an obscene profit. It is a business which shares the NYC’s right to put a lien on your property. water is also charged based on use use, I am sure there are still property in low income neighborhoods that evade meter installation and run their water liker it is free. Those that breed pigeons like to use a lot of water.


  3. Seems like he doesn’t own any houses with tenants! We are a management company and tenants have paid rent without an issue some tried their luck but most of them paid. He is a stupid man without any understanding to business and life

  4. Its just sickening to everyone to listen to this mayor and his non sense disgusting policies. I hope he never reaches any other public office in his life ever. we all hope that we learn for the future for whom we vote. we should all pray and hope that he changes his mind, Because as of now he is causing a lot of pain and hardship to normal decent people in the city

  5. I;’m sure renters wouldn’t mind not having to pay rent for 12 months, but many of the people who own small apartment buildings that have 3-8 apartments (just to give an example) still have to pay water, taxes, some pay for heat and hot water as well as electricity. I don’t B”H–I have my own home. If he wants to help New Yorkers, why doesn’t he get rid of the sales tax for a year instead? You know why he wont? Because that will cause havoc on the city’s “treasure” chest. He doesn’t care about the middle income families who rely on these rents for their livelihood. It’s not coming out of his pocket. What an idiot. The more he talks, the more garbage comes out of his mouth. And, although I wasn’t a big fan of Governor Cuomo, I will say his behavior has impressed me. Kind of reminds me of Rudy Giulliani after 9/11.

  6. I think next comes the Food industry. All groceries will have to give away their grocery on account for 12 months?

  7. Bye bye, New York. It was nice knowing you.

    If anyone reading this thinks that Deblasio is right, then you don’t understand ANYTHING about economics. People with resources will not want to park them in New York because it’s a LOSING PROPOSITION.

    Maybe you can bring back someone like The People’s Mayor (Rudy) who can turn the place around.

  8. The idea is generous but ignores the needs of landlords. To do this correctly it should be limited to people who are unemployed and the city should pay their rent, maybe at the section 8 rate.

  9. we will go back to the 70s when the landlords burned down the apartments because there was no profit, they made more from the insurance.

  10. After 12 months, the low-lives wil be unable to pay their rent because of all the Air Jordan shoes and flammable hoverboards they bought!

  11. When I saw his tweet, I legitimately thought it was a Twitter parody account. “It can’t be!” But alas, Big Bird didn’t disappoint – it was real.

    Now pause a second: Does he possibly mean the 1 or 2 months (HOPEFULLY) remaining of the emergency order and crisis should be able to be deferred by renters for “up to 12 months”? And enable them to pay it down over the next year, and not complete 12 month deferment of rent payments for 12 months?

    Possibly the brain dead idiot that he is, just choked on his own words?

  12. While I don’t know if I would support such a law, I wouldn’t say it doesn’t make sense. To compare renters to landlords is not a comparison.

  13. While YWN may be quite right in their critic of the mayor, this article’s declamatory tone/language is TOTALLY unbecoming for an “Orthodox Jewish online news publication” (Source: WP)

  14. re: unommins

    Your comment might be a bit misleading. California is actually paying the motels for the rooms.

  15. Should not surprise us,this guy has been a filthy America hating communist traitorous sewer rat all his life,as a matter of fact the formerly Democratic party (now it’s the DemonRat) has morphed into a vicious anti-America anti- Israel bolshevik gang of gangsters,and saddest part is,that it will still garner 70-75% of jewish votes.
    If God forbid these traitorous monsters win in November it will be all over for our once great country.
    Jews it’s time to pack our bags and go home to our God given land of Eretz Yisroel

  16. I have not heard many complaints here about the significant number of Yeshiva community members receiving housing grants, many of whom will continue to receive those grants forever because of the lifestyle choice they have made. Having a large family is wonderful luxery but doing so and planning to have the city, state and federal government pay for those families in-perpetuity is disrespectful and a chilul-Hashem.

  17. This mayor will go down in History as being one of thee MOST befitting mayor for the stupid people in NYC!

    Let’s not forget who voted for this imbecile, TWICE!

    New Yorker city is a cesspool filled with Liberals, who are by definition DUMB and clueless (some are even EVIL)

  18. To n977ll: You are accusing landlords of insurance fraud. I neither agree nor disagree, but I am not making such an accusation.

    Absent from the discussion is any reference to the requirements of Torah. These are extraordinary times. Lots of tenants are unable – not simply unwilling – to pay rent. What can be done about that? Many landlords, similarly to their tenants, cannot pay their expenses. We all need to recognize this and look for solutions.

    Here’s an interesting question: If a landlord’s lender defers mortgage payments from the lender, should the landlord make comparable arrangements with tenants?

  19. Charmer: Seems like he doesn’t own any houses with tenants!

    Actually he owns two houses on 11th St, with tenants. I assume his tenants are paying their rent on time and without problems, but if they aren’t he can afford to go easy on them; he doesn’t depend on the rents, he has his salary from the city and a free mansion to live in, so the rents are just extra income. For most landlords the rent is their living, and they depend on it; if the rents are not paid their families don’t eat.

  20. Stevenn, why is it not a comparison? What distinguishes landlords from tenants? Only the same thing that distinguishes grocers from shoppers, or employees from employers: one is selling and one is buying. The seller has something the buyer needs, and the buyer has money the seller needs. Morally they’re completely equal.

  21. You can’t change a liberal’s mind because there doesn’t seem to be anything up there. This will come back to bite him in his backside when real estate taxes and water bills stop being paid. And if he thinks that Trump is going to bail him out, he must be smoking something. Come to think of it, in that earlier picture of the “progressive”, he looks a bit stoned.

  22. unommin, the state is paying for those hotel rooms, so in many cases (in all cases so far) the hotel owner is happy that he’s getting some income, even if he will have to fumigate the room afterwards. Some hotels would rather eat the loss than have these people living there, and in LA the city is threatening to commandeer the rooms and force the hotels to accept these “guests”. They’ll still be paid, of course, and they may even be paid for the cleaning costs afterwards, but it’s still wrong.

  23. This actually would make sense as long as the city pays all or most of the rent, combined with waiving property taxes. They could make the amount of rent waived into taxable income, so those who have good income will end up paying taxes on it (and those who lost their income won’t).

    One should not is that putting homeless people in hotel rooms not only solves a public health issue (homeless people are “good” at spreading diseases) but subsidizes the hotels which would otherwise be empty.

    There is the problem of the government going broke, which would require running the Federal “printing press” for bailouts, or massive cuts in city services (e.g. cutting salaries and pensions, etc.). But that’s a different problem.

  24. Mrs D, his father’s name was Wilhelm (not Vilhelm). His mother’s name was De Blasio. When he became an adult he chose to use his mother’s name, as is his right. Therefore that is his real name.

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