Watch: Israeli Navy Thwarts Hamas Attempt To Smuggle Weapons From Sinai

IDF spokesperson

It was cleared for publication on Wednesday that the Israeli Navy and the Shin Bet thwarted a Hamas attempt to smuggle weapons into the Gaza Strip from Sinai a few weeks ago.

The Shin Bet identified a smuggling ring engaged in smuggling weapons and passed the information along to the IDF’s naval intelligence division.

Subsequently, Israeli Navy forces “identified the suspected vessel and directed naval forces to it. The vessel was detained after a chase and the terrorists aboard were transferred to the Shin Bet for questioning,” the IDF spokesperson said.

One of the terrorists was Mahmoud Bachar, a senior terrorist who smuggled weapons for several terror groups in the Gaza Strip. According to the IDF, “his capture is a significant operational achievement.”

Bachar was indicted in the Be’er Sheva District Court on June 4.

The two smugglers confessed to the Shin Bet that the weapons they were smuggling wre intended for Hamas naval commandos.

“In addition, during the interrogation, [they provided] information on Hamas naval smuggling efforts, and information on smugglers, rearmaments and Hamas’s contacts,” the IDF said.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)