Swastika Pizza? Little Caesars Workers Fired For Selling Pepperoni-Swastika Pizza

Photo Credit: Twitter of Misty Laska

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Two Little Caesars employees were fired after a couple in Ohio discovered that the pizza they bought at a Little Caesars store had pepperonis placed on it in the shape of a swastika.

Jason Laska bought the pizza at a Little Caesars store in Brook Park, Ohio over the weekend, only discovering the swastika when he and his wife opened the box later at home.

Misty Laska posted a photo of the pizza on social media, writing: “So my husband stopped at Little Caesars for a quick bite, husband brings this home! I’m truly disappointed. This is truly saddening and disturbing and not funny at all!”

Little Ceasar responded to the incident in a statement, writing that the employees responsible for the swastika were fired immediately and that it has “zero tolerance for racism and discrimination in any form.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Actually this swastika is the right way. Many other (if not most) were drawn backwards.

    Did they end up eating the pizza though? Or throw it out?

  2. For a first offense, a fine, some Holocaust education (especially if the workers were young) and an opportunity to apologize might have been more productive. Cancel culture is no good.