DEBLASIO: We’d Take Legal Action If Trump Sent Federal Officers [VIDEO]


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President Donald Trump’s threat to send federal law enforcers to patrol the city is likely not serious but if he did follow through, New York City would take legal action, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday.

“I have to start by saying this president blusters and bluffs and says he’s going to do things and they never materialize on a regular basis,” de Blasio said.

State and local authorities in Oregon have charged in a lawsuit that masked federal officers have arrested people in Portland with no probable cause and whisked them away in unmarked cars. Trump defended the actions of the federal officers in Portland on Monday and said he would send officers to other cities including New York as well.

De Blasio said that if Trump did send federal officers to New York City, “it would only create more problems. It would backfire, it wouldn’t make us safer, and we would immediately take action in court to stop it.”

The Democratic mayor added, “From my point of view this would be yet another example of illegal and unconstitutional actions by the president. And we have often had to confront him in court and we usually win. ”



  1. I would suggest that the families of the murder victims during this surge of gun violence file suit against the mayor for his role in handicapping police so that they cannot enforce the law. It’s called wrongful death. And it is personal liability. A few of those will drain him on legal fees. Maybe he’ll start to care when it hits him personally. As mayor, those lives don’t matter, because his partisan politics is all that counts.

  2. Trump should send federal forces here to put down the insurrection, as well as to protect federal property. And if De Blasio tries to stop it he should be arrested for insurrection against the USA.

  3. Wow just wow.

    This is Nazi Germany all over again. A fascist dictator using secret police to snatch American citizens off the streets. And you are cheering them on. You should be terrified. Very terrified.

    Don’t forget our history.

    First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.
    Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

  4. “WgFPD2 ”
    i dont understand what in the word your saying, maybe try talking straight instead of in a poetic way. hes getting the rioters off the street. what could be better, maybe they will arrest the mayor too while they are at it. hes definitely not a good guy, every word he says is false, i dont understand how i guy like this can go past elementary school, my toddler has more sense than this moron

  5. A fascist dictator

    You may not have heard, but 0bama is gone and Clinton lost.

    using secret police to snatch American citizens off the streets.

    Liar. There are no secret police. And it’s called arresting, not “snatching”. Where do you expect people to be arrested, if not the street?

  6. D2 – here’s a little info about how our democratic republic works – There is something called the rule of law. . People who break the law by engaging in violence (physical harm) against others or damaging other people’s property get arrested and may be punished following due process. The police and other law enforcement bodies such as DHS, depending on the nature of the crime, are responsible for enabling this process. Overseeing all this is a duly elected president. Don’t feel bad if all this is intellectually challenging for you – most of our (democrat) politicians have a hard time grasping this, as well. After all, what could be so bad about looting and burning down property, shooting firecrackers and projectiles, and beating people as long as it’s other people and not you or them?

  7. hu bacha. Your unfamiliarity with Martin Niemoller’s lament about not speaking up for the Jews in Nazi Germany does no credit to your capability to reasonably discuss concerns about fascism, real or conjectured.

    And for the rest of you, the US has a constitution and a system of laws which PRECLUDE the federal government from performing the law enforcement duties the President is prepared to engage in, EXCEPT when asked to by the Governors, or EXCEPT to secure Federal properties and a small envelope around them, usually no further than the surrounding street. So, Millhouse, those CBP officers in Portland who beat Navy vet Chris Davids in the street, when he offered no threat and no resistance, and was not approaching the federal facility, committed an illegal act. The arrest of a grafittier, even a vandal, blocks away from a federal facility who was neither threatening federal property of officers may make all of us feel good about cleaning up the streets, but it was also ILLEGAL. Both of these are on video. There is no uncertainty. Is this really what you want for New York?

    If you want the rule of law to protect you, it is hard to understand your support for the abrogation of the law, no matter who is doing it.

    And, by the way, this is no defense of Sandinista Bill De Blasio, and his terrible leadership during these crises. I have no patience for him. He needs to be voted out. It is simply respect for the law and the constitution. If you want it to protect you, safeguard it, even from your favorite politician.

  8. honestly you think Trump gave official orders to federal law enforcement to just kidnap and beat up random people ! if that is truly happening then that is a constitutional issue of police violating individual rights. As far as deploying federal law enforcement to cities that would be perfectly lawful as long as they are either protecting federal properties OR making arrests of people for committing federal crimes. So De Blasio and Portland have no grounds to sue Trump for the deployments but if the officers have been arresting people without probable cause then they are committing a crime called “kidnapping” or unlawful imprisonment and that’s not a complaint against Trump rather its a crime committed by individual federal police which they should be arrested and charged for!

  9. Guide to the confused: Federal law enforcement agencies ALWAYS operate in states and cities. And their job is not to secure empty federal buildings. These federal buildings, courthouses, offices exist in these cities because federal law enforcement agencies (the FBI, DHS,, etc), are required to be in these cities to enforce federal law on the ground. The constitution states that it is the executive branch’s job to enforce federal law. Wherever federal law is broken, the president is responsible for dealing with it. Trump is fulfilling his constitutional responsibilities despite the politicians whose agenda is benefited by lawlessness, murder,and mayhem. Anyone who cares about black lives, children’s lives, any lives should be coordinating with the Fed agencies to eliminate the federal crimes being committed by criminals on the street – not grandstanding about Trump’s supposed power overreach.

  10. “that’s not a complaint against Trump rather its a crime committed by individual federal police which they should be arrested and charged for!”

    So your saying it wasn’t Hitlers fault, gotcha.