Jared Kushner Gave Bahrain’s King A Sefer Torah He Purchased With His Own Funds


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Following the announcement of the normalization deal between Israel and Bahrain on Friday, Walla News and Axios journalist Barak Ravid revealed that Trump adviser Jared Kushner gifted the Bahraini king with a Sefer Torah at a meeting in Manama about the peace agreement with Israel last week.

Kushner ordered the mehudar Sefer Torah from a sofer in the United States prior to his trip to Bahrain, paying for it with his personal funds. U.S. Middle East envoy Avi Berkowitz carried in the Sefer Torah to the meeting and he and Kushner presented it to Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa al-Khalifa, saying it was “written in his honor.”

Kushner added that the Sefer Torah was a gesture of appreciation to the king for hosting the unveiling of the economic part of Trump’s Deal of the Century plan in Manama at the Peace to Prosperity workshop in June 2019.

Bahrain has a tiny Jewish community, consisting of a few dozen members, most arriving generations ago from Iraq, and the Sefer Torah will ostensibly serve the Jewish community. The government maintains friendly relations with the community and a member of the Bahraini royal family visits the community’s Chanukah party every year.

In December 2019, Jerusalem Chief Sephardi Rav HaGaon HaRav Shlomo Amar participated in an interfaith religious conference hosted by King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa in Bahrain.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Is a Jew allowed to give a Sefer Torah to a non Jew?

    I am not bukie in halacha, but it seems to me I have heard that a Jew is not allowed to do this.
    Does anyone know?

  2. This article is strangely written. At first it seems critical of Kushner for giving a non-Jew a sefer Torah, and then implies it’s for the Bahrain Jews. I think the latter point should be emphasized, to avoid unnecessary criticism of a Jew’s actions.

  3. Donald Trump is widely viewed as a White Supremacist / KKK / Neo-Nazi. The reason this is unclear to many is because he is extremely supportive of Jewish causes. But these people are known for psychological warfare, as in the holocaust. Part of the deal Israel is about to sign with the UAE is the sale of advanced weaponry to the UAE. Many Arab countries are following. But isn’t it strange that so many Arab countries are suddenly falling in love with Israel? And why the need for advanced weapons? Iran’s nuclear program was recently destroyed. The UAE said the sale of the jets were a deal breaker. Israel has never agreed in the past to allow the sale of advanced weapons to its enemies, because you can’t trust that the peace will last. They’re only agreeing because they trust Trump! Talk about psychological warfare. Additionally, the White House is not allowing Israel to inspect the planes (!?), which means it’s possible that they’re adapting them to carry nuclear weapons (!). It seems that Trump is trying to do what Hitler couldn’t. In the Torah, Amalek is known for confusion, trickery and weakness. During the holocaust, the SS guards never faced an armed opponent. Hitler took his own life rather than face vulnerability. Trump is not as strong as he seems. It’s all an image. During the Vietnam war, he evaded the draft by falsifying medical documents. He is not brave. It’s all a false image.

  4. “binyominhartstein”, which is surely not your name, enough with your filthy lies.

    Trump is NOT “widely viewed” as those horrible things, he’s very narrowly viewed that way, only by paid Soros propagandists like you. Your idol 0bama is a personal friend and protege of terrorists

    Iran’s nuclear program was destroyed?! What on earth are you talking about? You can’t possibly believe that. Thanks to your idols 0bama and Biden it’s going strong, despite any minor sabotage that might have recently occurred. That is what the gulf states are afraid of, so why shouldn’t they make friends with Israel? What have they ever had against Israel? They joined the anti-Israel side purely due to political pressure, and now that pressure is off.

    “During the Vietnam war, he evaded the draft by falsifying medical documents”.

    More lies. How could you possibly know this? You’re making it up. You probably forged your discharge from a mental home.

  5. binyomin, calm down. Trump is not all those things they’re saying about him. the left knows there’s no other way they can beat him so they’re using this. a wise nation (am yisroel) should not fall for this. don’t buy anything the left offers

  6. jewishinsider states:

    > during a trip to the region, Kushner brought the Torah and gave it to the king during a meeting in Manama, dedicating it in the king’s honor for the local synagogue to use

  7. There are these two lunatics who hate Trump and keep posting under different screen names their utter nonsense. Everyone is aware that the vast majority of Orthodox Jews are voting Trump. Now as far as giving Bahrain a Torah it’s fair. After all they do not allow Toeiva parades in their country unlike Israel. So don’t think your frummer than them.

  8. He gave it to be kept in the shul & used by the community that needed it, which is a very positive thing, especially if it can improve darchei sholom. It’s just written in honor of the malchus. Weitzman gave a sefer to Truman, when he went against his advisers & gave de facto recognition to the State. It resides in the library in Independence, where I saw it.

  9. Binyominhartstein- do countries normally allow random other countries to inspect any weapons sale on demand? does Israel inspect every US weapons shipment to arab countries? I doubt it. also- some of our f-35s already can carry nukes, so this isn’t some giant secret. besides, what help is a nuclear capable jet to a country with no nuclear program? especially if said jet doesn’t have the range to reach the country they are allegedly targeting. Stop spewing nonsense and go panic about “orange man bad” somewhere else.

  10. Arabs aren’t suddenly loving Israel. The Sunni states have a reason to oppose Iran because the UN’s ban on selling weapons to Iran is expiring soon. The richer Arab Kings are realizing that it’d be better for them to support Israel over Iran.

    Theologically, Shia Islam is less monotheistic than the other denominations of Islam. Educated Muslims understand that Judaism is compatible with them, but politically, the Leftism, Islamism, and Antisemitism has had an impact on the Arab states. The states interested in normalizing ties are those closer to the Persian Gulf – the part of the Arabian peninsula that’s closest to Iran.

  11. [To replace previous]
    May HaKadosh Barukh Hu guide our President toward the America-First, pro-worker, pro-traditionalist patriotism exemplified by the three Steves: Bannon, Miller and one who shall remain unnamed. And away from the globalist, depravity-promoting, predatory pro-elite positions championed by the likes of Jared and Ivanka Kushner.

  12. kinsler
    I know one can find psukim in the Sefer about lashon hara and about loving a ger; but where in the Sefer would she learn how to dress? Which psukim?
    This reminds me of the term “chasid shote”

  13. KGN “I also hope that Kushner becomes more Observant after being in a country where the goyim are religious” hmm 🤔 is your writing of lashon hara Or motzei Shem rah about him any better than him not wearing a yarmulka?

  14. binyominhartstein,
    You are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVELY INSANE! There is ZERO evidence of any of that narishkeit with President Trump. There NEVER was!

    You’re either a looney toons lib or a brainless anti Trumper.

  15. “Perhaps he should present a Torah to his wife so she can learn how an observant Jewess is supposed to dress.”

    Or perhaps she could review the levush of a great many strictly shomer shabbos Jews who have appeared in the news. She could check out the various styles of handcuffs.

    Be extraordinary careful about public denigration of a giyoress. There is very little worse a Jew can do with his tongue or his keyboard.