TWITTER DOWN: Social Media Network Suffers Worldwide Outage


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Twitter suffered a massive outage that affected most of its services on Thursday. Users began to report issues starting around 5:15 p.m. ET.

People could not refresh their timeline, tweet, search or access their lists; some were able to send direct messages.

TweetDeck was also not working.

The social media giant did not immediately release a statement regarding a cause of the problem, only stating, “We are currently investigating this issue.” and “We are continuing to monitor as our teams investigate.”


The outage comes on the heels of criticism from users who believe Twitter blocked the spread of a New York Post story in an attempt to help Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden. On Thursday, Republican senators threatened to subpoena Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and Facebook head Mark Zuckerberg for answers regarding the selective restriction of news.

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  1. Looks like the tech tyrants who run Twitter are going overdrive to scrub all the references to latest revelations about Biden Crime Family corruption.

  2. With Facebook and Twitter now deliberately blocking any sharing of a bombshell NY Post article that exposed the Biden crime family as corrupt, treasonous liars, the time has come to call for the DoJ to seize Facebook and Twitter, shut down their illegal operations, arrest their CEOs (Zuckerberg and Dorsey) and charge them with conspiracy to defraud the United States of America.

    These tech giants are deliberately engaged in election rigging, selectively blocking links to timely, well-researched investigative articles that reveal the crimes of the Biden family, all as part of a coordinated Big Tech conspiracy to install a Democrat in the White House no matter what the cost.

    This is the new mantra of Democrats: Lie, cheat, steal, commit fraud, censor, threaten, commit violence… do anything it takes to “win” because they are so filled with fabricated hatred toward President Trump, they cannot stand to live for another four years with him as America’s duly-elected president. And they certainly can’t stand to see the truth come out about Hunter and Joe Biden (nor Hillary, Obama, Comey or Brennan for that matter).
    The masks, plastic shields, and extended shutdowns literally STOP PEOPLE FROM TALKING IN PERSON,
    Therefore, all communication is going online.
    Online communication is controllable by a very small number of people,
    The FBI needs to go into Twitter and Facebook, make arrests, take hard drives, seize assets. and LOCK THE DOORS. “We will never be a communist nation”

  3. > the truth is

    That is the problem when one side (Attorney General Barr) plays by the rules and the other side (Democrats and their media) make up the rules as they go. There is a law on the books giving these miscreants immunity so Barr can’t do anything until the law is changed. The law giving immunity was based on the (unwritten) argument and concept that these platforms would NOT be censoring information and they needed immunity in order NOT to censor (and it is self-evident that Democrats would have these people hung by their noses had the situation been the other way around they censored anti-Trump content), Barr and Republicans are much too mannered and traditional to do such a thing so close to an election.

  4. “the truth is”, what could they be arrested FOR? They’re simply exercising their first amendment rights. They are private companies and are entitled to support Biden and do all they can to help get him elected. They are not required to be fair or balanced.

    georgeg, there was NEVER any expectation that interactive computer services would be politically neutral. Section 230 explicitly gives them the right to remove any user-supplied content that they find objectionable, for any reason whatsoever. Since they are Democrats they find information exposing their candidate’s crimes objectionable. So they’re entitled to remove it.

    Even without section 230 the law would probably be the same; section 230 was enacted because there was one bad decision in a state court, which would probably have been overturned on appeal, but congress decided it was too important to risk, because it would have shut down major sites.