RUDY FIGHTING BACK: “We Have Enough To Change Pennsylvania” [WATCH THIS VIDEO]


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President Donald Trump’s legal team repeated its vow Sunday to bring a wave of new lawsuits contesting Joe Biden’s win of the presidency, starting with a suit to be filed Monday alleging that Philadelphia and Pittsburgh were awash in vote fraud.

Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, elaborated on the pending suits in an interview on Fox News.

He contended the suits could reverse the outcome, at least in Pennsylvania.

“We have enough to change Pennsylvania,” he said. “The Pennsylvania election was a disaster.”

Giuliani said there were voting issues in as many as 10 states. “This was a national plan by Democrats,” he told interviewer Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday Morning Futures show.

After Giuliani made multiple claims of voter fraud, Bartiromo wondered why federal law enforcement had not launched an investigation.

“Where is the DOJ?” she asked. “Where is Bill Barr on this? If this was systemic and you’ve got all of this evidence, where is the DOJ?”

Giuliani appeared to be taken aback by the question.

“Uh, uh,” he said, struggling for a response. “The answer to that is I don’t know and I can’t worry about it.”

“Will the president concede anytime soon?” Bartiromo wondered.

“At this point it would be wrong for him to concede,” Giuliani replied. “There is strong evidence that this was an election — at least three or four states and possibly ten — it was stolen.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Giuliani is a joke. He has ruined his reputation running around Ukraine with Russian agents trying to smear Hunter Biden. Giuliani appears on RT which is designated as a Russian propaganda outfit. Giuliani admitted that he may have worked with Russian agents to smear Biden. His own daughter publicly disagrees with his policies.

    The reason why the DOJ is not involved is because there is no evidence of widespread fraud. Trump’s minions have produced none. Trump’s and his cohorts screamed fraud before results ever came in. They tried to win by shutting down the post office but were exposed so they now have no choice but to scream fraud.

    Please remember that Trump yelled fraud in 2016 and claimed that Hillary’s 3 million vote majority was due to illegal aliens voting. He set up a commission chaired by Chris Kobach and his commission found no evidence of widespread fraud.

    Trump’s attempts to undermine democracy will IY”H fail and the country will move on from this sad and pathetic chapter of American history.

  2. “At this point it would be wrong for him to concede,” Giuliani replied. ABSOLUTELY!! So correct:- President Donald Trump owes it to his base & supporters & voters, and how dare biden even have the audacity of threatening President Donald Trump, a sitting & duly elected president, with eviction.
    Shame on biden & his wicked cohorts>>>wicked burglars.

  3. Um. I’m sorry but the people that couldn’t find the right Four Seasons want me to believe they’ve uncovered 40,000 fraudulent ballots?

  4. Does Rudy even care, much less realize, that this “VoteGate” conspiracy theory is a joke. When the President’s “lawyer” is ridiculed by several of the Fox anchors and commentators (…”Rudy, isn’t the usual sequence in lawsuits for prosecutors to gather verifiable evidence of a crime and then file charges rather than vice versa??”) . Its understandable that Trump must maintain his brand image of a “fighter” and not concede too quickly, but he is letting Rudy tarnish the brand by his total lack of a coherent legal strategy and the optics of holding news conferences in an industrial zone parking lot with an adult book store in the background.

  5. I’m still waiting for Trump to show us what “his people” found in Hawaii about Pres. Obama’s birth certificate. And his tax returns. And Melania’s immigration papers. And his health care plan. And his infrastructure plan. And evidence of voter fraud in the 2016 election (which he won). And for the invading horde from Latin America. And for Mexico to pay for the wall. And for 5% GDP growth. And for the Coronavirus to just disappear… like a miracle. And for Hillary to be arrested. And for Obama to be arrested. And for Biden to be arrested.
    You’d think after 5 years of this guy promising to produce things and never following through his followers would learn.

  6. you people are clueless if you think that biden is going to be an even mildly good option for the jews you have not learned enough history. nearly everything that the dems have dove has been incredibly dirty and not in the benefit of anyone in the country let alone jews. the dems are okay with new york burning, with going against the constitution (2nd amendment) with lying and you people just buy it. where is your gemarah cup dont you understand this is not politics anymore it is a corrupt group of power hungry criminals trying to tear down our country and get elected in ANY WAY THEY CAN and your response is well trump is a meany i would not want him to be my morah. grow up and see what is really going on out there

  7. On a lighter note:
    Governor Hogan of Maryland said that he voted neither for Trump nor for Biden. Instead he wrote in Ronald Reagan. So I guess if it is OK to vote for a dead candidate in Maryland, then it is OK for dead people to vote in Pennsylvania.