Cuomo – Who Murdered Thousands In Nursing Homes – Threatens To Sue Trump Admin Over Vaccine Distribution


NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo – who is responsible for the deaths of THOUSANDS in nursing homes – on Sunday blasted the Trump administration over its plan for distributing a COVID vaccine, saying the plan violates the constitutional rights of minorities and that the state will sue if it’s not changed.

Cuomo repeated his threat to sue the Trump administration as he invoked Martin Luther King, Jr. during Sunday remarks about the COVID outbreak at historic Riverside Church in Manhattan.

“The Rev. Dr. King, who spoke in this magnificent church, said of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health is the most shocking and the most inhumane because it often results in physical death,” Cuomo said. “COVID proved Dr. King right.”

The governor went on to repeat his criticism of the Trump administration’s plans for distributing the coronavirus vaccine once it becomes available, saying that relying on hospitals and the private sector will perpetuate inequalities during the outbreak, which has affected communities of color at disproportionately high rates.

President Trump said Friday that the federal government is developing a plan to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to all Americans as soon as April. But he singled out New York — and Cuomo in particular — for calling for an independent panel to review any vaccine before it is distributed in the state.

“As soon as April, the vaccine will be available to the entire general population, with the exceptions of places like New York state where, for political reasons, the governor decided to say, and I don’t think it’s good politically, I think it’s very bad from a health point, but he wants to take his time on the vaccine, he doesn’t trust where the vaccine’s coming from,” Mr. Trump said Friday. “We won’t be delivering it to New York until we have authorization to do so, and that pains me to say that.”

Cuomo and New York Attorney General Letitia James shot back on Friday, with James issuing a statement saying “this is nothing more than vindictive behavior by a lame-duck president trying to extract vengeance on those who oppose his politics.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. it’s just Cuomo being Cuomo. he wants the vaccine but doesn’t want to give Trump the credit. seems we’re in for a lot of heartache should the dumcrats get in.

  2. Let’s give credit to where credit is due. Coumo by following the Medical advice, turned around the most hit state to the best. Theres basically two paths to go. Either enforce medical advice which includes masks, social distancing and lockdowns when necessary and as a result saving jewish and non jewish lives. Or ignoring Doctors medical advice and as a result many deaths. I therefore encourage Yeshiva world to take it’s voice with the seriousness it deserves. So please just advocate everything that relates to medical advice and nothing to the contrary. It’s not a question of politics, it’s many lives at stake!

  3. Cuomo: I’m not going to allow Trump’s vaccine in my state.
    Trump: Fine. Everyone else will get it and you won’t.
    Cuomo: Wah wah wah. Now I’m going to sue you.

    Make up your mind. Either you want it or you don’t. I you want it all you have to so is say “Yes”.

    Meanwhile the person Biden wants to put in charge of the vaccine thinks it’s not fair to make sure every American who wants it can get it before we start giving it away to foreigners.

  4. While the rank hypocrisy and arrogance of Governor Cuomo could hardly be more apparent, to say that this headline of YWN is reckless would be to understate the obvious. As reprehensible and even unconscionable as the actions-in-question of the Governor may have been, they fall within the realm of culpability based upon negligence, amounting-to at most manslaughter. To characterize them as murder is wild hyperbole that may even at least border on libel. Such scandalous sensationalism may generate clicks and publicity but at what cost to the many Jews who, willingly or unwillingly, are effectively represented by a site that presumes to call itself The Yeshiva World?

  5. Cuomo needs to be permanently locked up with Hillary, Obama, and sleepy Joe. Murderers promote more murder and detest & abhor living & saving lives.
    Meanwhile אי”ה President shall merit his 2nd term from Noon 1/20/2025 thru 1/20/2029 ,a nd may the Almighty bestow upon President Donald Trump best of health & אריכת-ימים to continue his magnificent legacy.

  6. Trump threatens to delay the vaccine distribution to New York, the home of millions of Jews, and your newspaper blasts Cuomo for his protest? How dare you call him a murderer when he worked tirelessly throughout every wave of this pandemic to do the work of both the state and federal governments because Trump couldn’t be pulled off the golf course. Trump who stopped working on this issue months ago when he thought just the talk of the pandemic would hurt the markets and his reelection chances. Murder? Knowingly, maliciously killing seniors? That is your claim? What would you label those groups of Orthodox Jew in Brooklyn, Monsey, Rockland County and Kiryas Joel who willingly ignored the mask mandates and the crowd mandates, secretly opening schools and shuls throughout this pandemic. Are they murderers? They chose to endanger lives,and yes, kill people. Cuomo did nothing that compares to the descruction caused by the Trump supporters in the orthodox world that have turned their backs on science, Torah values and the health and very lives New Yorkers. Your version of religion has traveled so far off the tracks that you are unrecognizable in your present form. You should worry less about the morality of governors and redouble your efforts to resuscitate your own.

  7. YWN left some words out of the headline. It should have said “Cuomo … threatens to sue Trump Admin, who murdered 500,000 Americans in and out of nursing homes …”.

  8. Anyone who wants to personally blame Cuomo for thousands of deaths, cannot pretend that trump isn’t responsible for tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths.

  9. > markjw

    One rightly blasts Cuomo for deliberately blocking the medication. Trump cannot legally distribute the medication in New York because the constitution gives states sole authority over health matters, and Cuomo has publicly rejected anything from Trump.

    Can you explain to us why new York refused to make any significant use of the military-built hospital beds and the Navy hospital ship that Trump made available to New York, and instead, sent sick people into old age/nursing homes to infect them and kill them off?

  10. > Stevenn

    Nothing was “turned around”. The virus simply went through its course and the weak simply died off from it. What Cuomo did do was to inflict untold hardships and extra deaths from such things as increased suicides and increased drug/alcohol abuse and increased deaths from untreated medical conditions when Cuomo shut down the availability of so-called (and falsely named) “unnecessary” medical procedures.

    And simple proof of my claims – compare the rates from location that used rational measures instead of draconian lockdown like New York’s “lockdown”. The former had a much better survival ate than the latter.

  11. In addition to the many deaths that Governor Cuomo caused by ordering the nursing homes to take in infected patients, posters stevenn and markjw conspicuously ignore many additional, highly germane points as well.

    Simplistic, tendentious assertions to the contrary notwithstanding, the reality is that there is no clear, overwhelming consensus on just which approach is the most prudent and responsible to take in response to the threat of the virus. Nor even on the severity and many other factors of said threat. Moreover, even if it were clear that lock-downs and other maximum restrictions are most effective, long-term, at minimizing the spread of the virus, the question would still remain: At what cost? What about the devastating effects on economies and livelihoods? These, opportunistic rhetoric notwithstanding, are inextricably tied to health and life itself. What about the adverse effects on mental health, including alarming increases in suicides? What about the alarming increases in domestic abuse? The many cases in which neglect of other medical care resulted in severe consequences, including many deaths? To ignore all of these adverse effects and consequences of anti-COVID policies and restrictions is no more reasonable than arguing that automobiles should simply be banned on account of all the lives that are claimed by them.
    One always has to consider the whole picture; not any individual risk in isolation.

    Additionally, how many of those who criticize and even condemn in the harshest moralistic terms President Trump’s response to and handling of the Coronavirus have any better a record themselves?
    New York City Officials Initially Downplayed Coronavirus Threat
    “In the days and weeks before New York City implemented a virtual shutdown in early March, city officials urged their constituents to go about their daily lives without fear — and even suggested that concerns about the burgeoning Coronavirus pandemic were rooted in anti-Chinese animus.”

  12. Take down the word MURDER. It is not correct to use this word. It is sensationalist but inaccurate and makes an accusation which is factually incorrect. Please be concerned about ‘eivah’ as well.

  13. Agree completely with markjw. Several states sent back covid cases to long-term care–not just Cuomo. But more to the point, this headline is NOT “reporting” it’s opinion, and should be labeled as such by any respectable media organization.

  14. To H-U-J-U
    Thank you for responding to my comment.
    If you google h-u-j-u meaning, the answer is “curse”.
    I was trying not to curse you, so I purposely stuck in a minus sign.
    Now I changed the curse into a blessing.