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Mike Huckabee The Life-Saver

huckabee.jpgFormer Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee put the squeeze on a politician at the North Carolina Republican Party convention, but in a good way.

The former Arkansas governor performed the Heimlich maneuver on Robert Pittenger, Republican candidate for lieutenant governor, at a lunch Saturday. Pittenger said he was laughing when he choked on some food.

“I stood up and the governor came over and did the Heimlich and got the relief,” Pittenger said. He said the food dislodged when Huckabee applied the trademark
Heimlich squeeze to the midsection.

Pittenger added, “In fact he called me in the car as I was driving home to make sure I was OK.”

(Source: Associated Press / YW-782)

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  1. Mike Huckabee can be of the most service to our ailing country if McCain realizes that he must choose Mike as his v.p. on the Republican ticket if he wants to win! Most v.p. polls show Huckabee outpolling all v.p. considerations. And why? Because he’s got the whole package to offer! That is, charisma, brilliant communication skills; a sense of humor; a great sense of talking to the people etc…and a solid base of millions of conservative voters who will break their backs and pocketbooks supporting such a charismatic and senseable ticket! GO HUCK!

  2. #5-shturem:
    You are correct, Huck and McCain are liberals (despite the MSM howls), but Romney ain;t much of a conservative either. He was pro-abortion as Gov. of Mass. as well as a host of other liberal positions.

    Romney conveniently changed his positions for the national elections.

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