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Officials Say New York Variant Of COVID-19 Spreading In City

A COVID-19 variant that was first detected in New York City now accounts for about 2 in 5 coronavirus cases in the city, suggesting that it spreads more easily than the older strain of the virus, city health officials said Wednesday.

But the officials said they’ve seen no evidence that the New York City variant is deadlier or more vaccine resistant than earlier forms of the virus.

Health Commissioner Dr. Dave Chokshi said data from the city’s pandemic response lab shows that the New York variant accounted for 39% of virus samples analyzed during the most recent week, up from 31% the week before.

Chokshi said the variant first detected in the United Kingdom accounted for 12% of New York City cases, up from 8% the week before.

“Viruses are wily. They adapt and change, which affects what circulates in our communities,” he said.

Speaking on the day that COVID-19 vaccine eligibility in New York state was expanded to include everyone over 60 plus certain categories of public employees, the health officials urged New Yorkers to meet the challenge of a constantly mutating coronavirus by adhering to virus protocols like mask wearing and by getting vaccinated.

Dr. Jay Varma, senior health adviser to Mayor Bill de Blasio, Varma said the science is clear “that if we take all of those individual precautions that are necessary, and we get vaccinated, we can win.”

De Blasio said the city has administered almost 2.5 million doses since the vaccination effort began in December.

Also on Wednesday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that New York City restaurants will be permitted to fill half their seats starting March 19.

Restaurants in the city are now allowed to operate at 35% capacity. Cuomo announced previously that restaurants in the rest of the state would go from 50% capacity to 75% on March 19.

The easing of restaurant restrictions is being coordinated regionally as states seek to revive their economies after a year of hardship caused by the pandemic. New Jersey will expand statewide restaurant capacity from 35% to 50% on March 19, and restaurant capacity limits will be eliminated entirely in Connecticut on that date.

“In New York state, our decisions are based on science and data, and we are encouraged by the continued decline in infection and hospitalization rates,” Cuomo said in a news release.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, the rolling average number of daily new cases across New York has remained mostly constant over the past two weeks at more than 7,000 per day.


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  1. Reminder:
    There exists something that works effectively against any and ALL variants;
    And that’s because regardless of variant/strain, the mechanics of how the virus replicates in the body is identical for all the strains.

    Dr. Zelenko’s protocol has an astonishing success rate in preventing severe illness, or worse C”V.

    I did intensive research. Online and in person consulting with doctors.
    (Even a layman can become well-informed after spending the amount of hours, days, weeks and months that i invested.)

    I found 2 CONSISTENT patterns: (And anybody can find and see what i saw.)

    1) Whoever followed the simple instructions of the protocol, all had fantastic results B”H.
    2) All those trials and studies that failed, all neglected to follow the simple instructions. (Usually by stupidly omitting the necessary Zinc. Or by beginning the therapy too late. And sometimes by overdosing the patient.)

    Therefore, thank Heaven,, i have been, for quite a while, LESS afraid of catching any strain of this virus than of catching the common cold.

  2. BS”D
    “……..Varma said the science is clear….”
    These are the same people who tell us that individuals with Y chromosomes are women if they think they are.

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