London: Jews Live Longer


A new study shows that Jewish people live longer than their non-Jewish counterparts, the Jewish Chronicle reports.

Figures compiled by the Office for National Statistics suggest that there are nearly three times as many Jewish people who are 100 or older than there are in the general population. In the 2001 Census, twice the number of those in the Jewish community were 90 or more, compared to the rest of England and Wales.

David Graham, demographer at the Board of Deputies, said: “In the 2001 Census there were nearly 4,000 Jews aged 90 and above in England and Wales.
“Three out of every four were women. They represented 0.8 per cent of the Jewish population. Although that doesn’t sound like much, it was over twice the proportion of people in that age group in the general population, which was 0.3 per cent.
“I would estimate that, proportionately, there are nearly three times as many Jewish centenarians as there are in the general population of England and Wales.”

“Jewish longevity can be explained by the relatively high level of educational achievement among the population and the equally high numbers of Jews in white collar jobs,” said Mr Graham. “Good education and good jobs tend to correlate closely with longer life-spans.”


  1. Jews also eat healthier food.
    My aunt offered her goyishe cleaning lady some non kosher food that she got from a hospital package, but her ‘goyte’ refused it, saying that she prefers eating kosher cuz the standards of supervision over ingredients are stricter = healthier.