8 Struggles Only People with Drug & Alcohol Addiction Will Understand


Addiction is a chronic but treatable disease where a person becomes incapable of consuming a particular drug, chemical substance, alcohol, or activity. Even when they know it is harmful to their health. Generally, it starts voluntarily, but you can also get addicted to a particular medicine like painkillers. Addiction does not mean using it in an excessive amount. For example, if a person drank a lot one day, that does not mean he/she is addicted to alcohol until they feel a strong urge to take it regularly. Addiction develops with time. It’s best to treat it before it’s too severe. You can seek help from a Medically-Assisted Drug & Alcohol Detox Service. Now we are going to discuss some struggles that drug & alcohol-addicted people face regularly. It may help you know if you or your loved ones are suffering from it.

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The true struggles

Recognizing the problem is very important to solve it correctly. You need to know what to look for. Drugs or alcohols have both euphoric and harmful effects. It causes many behavioral or physical changes to the addicted person. Contact a Medically-Assisted Drug & Alcohol Detox Service if you know someone suffering from addiction.  If you or someone close to you may have an issue like this, keep an open eye for these signs.

  1. Uncontrollable Urges: A strong feeling that you need the drug or alcohol to go through the rest of your day. A craving or an urge so powerful that you can’t just shake it off. It has become a necessity in your life. In case of alcohol addiction or alcoholism, you may find yourself drinking at an inappropriate time or place. Like in the morning, you want to drink alcohol or take drugs, or at office, church, or occasions you can’t help it.

  2. Wanting more: The amount and frequency of using drugs or drinking alcohol increases with time. You need more amount of product to get the same feeling you want. You build up a tolerance around it. You will need a bit more than yesterday. Even if you bound yourself that you’ll only use “this much,” you end up taking more. Even though you want to stop, you can’t control it anymore. You have tried to stop many times but failed.

  3. Obsession: You are completely obsessed with thoughts of drugs or alcohol. They are always on your mind. Drinking or taking drugs has become the main priority in your life. No matter what you do, you can’t concentrate. You feel like you are dependent on that to be active in your everyday life. You think about it all the time. When you’ll take it, how will it feel, the amount you will take. It gets worse with time. You tend to do risky activities when drunk or under the influence of drugs. Still, you take it anyway.

  4. Neglecting Work or Studies: All the things that used to make you happy don’t matter anymore. You no longer pursue your interests. You have no interest in studies or your work life. You are missing classes, neglecting work. You take no interest in participating in any extra-curricular activities anymore. Your clothing, grooming, overall appearance doesn’t concern you. You have a neglected attitude toward everything. Even when it’s causing severe problems like losing your job or failing classes, you don’t seem to stop.

  5. Disregarding Relationships: Your sleep routine is completely disrupted. Either you sleep all day or can’t sleep at all. You feel anxious all the time. You don’t like to spend time with your friends or family. You avoid crowded places. You have trouble with most of your personal and professional relationships. But you disregard them anyway. You hide your stash of drugs or alcohol from others. Nothing seems important to you. You misbehave with people frequently. You feel a lot of emotions altogether, like depression, anxiety, lethargy.

  6. Financial Problems: Ignoring your work or reckless behavior may cost you your job. And you are spending a lot of money on alcohol or drugs. Suddenly you are borrowing money from others with any actual necessity. You always maintain a stock of alcohol or drugs. You have started to do things you wouldn’t do before. Like stealing money or looking for drugs or alcohol in other places. You are lying to others for money. You are taking out money from your life savings or something worse.

  7. Physical Changes: Addiction doesn’t only affect behavior; it also creates physical or health issues. Sudden weight loss or gain, bloody red eyes, insomnia, drowsiness, violent behavior, nausea and vomiting, and occasional delusion are some of the physical issues drug or alcohol addiction can create. If not treated in time, these addictions may lead to congenital disabilities, risk of cancer, ulcers, kidney failures, sexual problems, diabetes, etc. An overdose can even cost a life.

  8. Withdrawal Issues: You have tried many times not to take it, but you feel strange whenever it loses its effect. You start shaking, jumping, and trembling. You feel depressed and sad. You start sweating or start having headaches. You feel sick to the guts, lose appetite. These are some of the withdrawal issues people face when they stop using. In severe cases, you can have fevers or seizures.

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It’s pretty clear that addiction is quite a severe problem, and it demands your immediate attention. A Medically-Assisted Drug & Alcohol Detox Service will be able to help you get rid of the problem. And always keep in mind that “Prevention is better than cure.” Try avoiding drugs and alcohol daily. If you feel some kind of addiction, seek help immediately. Talk to the people who love you. You need their support in these difficult times. Go to rehab and detox yourself. But there is no cure for addiction. Even after you come back from rehab, you have to be very careful. Do not surrender to your urges. Prevent a relapse. You can always join a dedicated support group. They will help you through your journey of recovery. Try counseling and eat healthily. Remember, your family and loved ones depend on you. So stay safe & stay healthy.