Best Delta 8 Dabs: Top Brands Reviewed [2021 Update]


Delta-8 THC is a relatively new thing on the market. It joined the happy and growing family of cannabinoid-based products. It is quite different from its counterpart, Delta-9 THC, so many people want to give it a try. 

You probably already know that Delta-8 THC is available in various forms, such as gummies, tinctures, and D8 carts. However, if you are interested in getting the best bang for your buck, Delta 8 dabs can probably provide you with the desired effect. 

The only problem is how do you find the best delta-8 dabs. It calls for hours of reading reviews, watching videos, and combing through various forums. It’s both tiring and time-consuming. 

That’s precisely why we decided to do the research for you. So here are the reviews on top brands that stand behind the best delta-8 dabs.


If you are looking for Delta 8 THC for sale, 8DELTA8 might have what you need in its offer. 8DELTA8 is a reliable source of high-quality Delta 8. All 8DELTA8 products are free of additives and any other cutting agents. The company ensures it by taking an active role in all important processes. 8DELTA8 handles the manufacturing, distribution, and retailing of Delta 8-THC products.

Their products are made from 100% Hemp oil extract grown under all federal laws and regulations. And, to ensure the quality of its products, 8DELTA8 tested every product in the internal labs. It also works with a third-party lab regularly brought on board to test the purity and quality of Delta 8-THC products.

The company even went one step further to ensure the safety of its customers. It has a unique system based on QR codes. It enables the company and consumers to have instant access to lab results of any given product at any time. 


PLAIN JANE is another top brand that stands behind quality Delta 8 THC products. The company has the highest quality standards. You can check all of the lab certificates they acquired over the years and the latest ones. It includes standard lab certificates along with pesticide and heavy metals tests.

PLAIN JANE is based in Oregon and operates under the license issued by the Oregon Department of Agriculture. It sources hemp from small and reliable farms. All of the farms in the PLAIN JANE network produce hemp strains under the highest quality growing standards. It also means their products are pesticide-free and don’t contain any other harmful chemicals. 

PLAIN JANE also offers a variety of Delta 8 products. It is a go-to shop for many people of different tastes. The brand became quite popular after successfully producing the first low smell CBD cigarette with zero nicotine and without tobacco. 

Delta 8 Factory

Delta 8 Factory is all about providing a positive experience to its customers through top-notch Delta 8 products. To adhere to the highest standards and ensure its customers’ safety, the company decided to use CCOF certified and only organic hemp oil. Delta 8 Factory dabs are carefully produced to deliver a controlled effect.

The company carefully balances the concentration of Delta 8 in its products. On top of that, it custom-tailors unique terpene profiles, which give its products a unique signature. In addition, the production process doesn’t involve any cutting agents. As a result, customers have access to pure Delta 8 products and can experience all the powerful benefits Delta 8 has to offer

A 3rd party lab tests all Delta 8 products. When it comes to Delta 8 dabs, Delta 8 Factory offers dabs derived from various strains. These dabs deliver unique effects and feature very distinctive flavors ranging from pepper, sweet, and spicey to grape and strawberry.

Industrial Hemp Farms

Industrial Hemp Farms is based in Colorado. It is a famous hemp and CBD distributor with a variety of cannabis-derived products. Delta 8 dabs are the newest addition to their product offer. The company is one of the largest suppliers of CBD products, hemp flowers, and extracts in the USA. 

Thanks to its vast network of growers and connections in the industry, Industrial Hemp Farms managed to come out as one of the reputable Delta 8 brands. The Delta 8 dabs in their offer are rigorously tested for purity and safety. They contain less than 0.3% THC. If you are about to try the dabs experience for the first time, you might find a 100% money-back guarantee a great perk to have access to.

In its efforts to deliver a unique experience to its customers, Industrial Hemp Farms offers Delta 8 dabs in different flavors. The flavors have everything to do with the strain used in dabs production. You will be able to choose from guava, blue dream, pineapple, runts, and strawberry lemonade flavors. 


3Chi is a veteran in the world of cannabinoid-based products. The person who launched the brand has over 15 years of experience in biochemical research in the field. His knowledge and expertise enabled 3Chi to experiment with hundreds of formulations and finally discover the most potent and safe ones for consumers. 

3Chi is the pioneer in the Delta 8 market. The company designed the Delta 8 strain and got a green light from the US government. 3Chi is focused on developing formulas to promote both medical and recreational use of Delta 8. Thanks to an intelligent combination of strains, the company offers various Delta 8 products, each with a unique flavor and effect.

When it comes to product quality, 3Chi lives up to the best industry practices. It regularly tests its products for heavy metals, solvents, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals. Consumers can also hit their official website to see the exact Delta 8 and THC concentrations in all 3Chi products. 

Delta Effex

Delta Effex is another premium Delta 8 THC brand. It’s primarily focused on sourcing local hemp as it gives the company more control of the quality of plants. In addition, it enabled Delta Effex to produce high-quality products that are additive and pesticide-free, and completely natural. This is a great brand to visit if you are interested in more than just Delta 8 dabs as it offers a vast selection of products.

The product purity and quality are not the only things that helped Delta Effex quickly get ahead of the competition. The company offers all of its products, including dabs, at affordable prices. It also has wholesale offers, which are pretty budget-friendly. 

What’s most important is that Delta Effex didn’t make any trade-offs regarding product quality even though it offers so many of them. A 3rd party lab tests every product for safety and purity. They have a dedicated web page for the lab test results, which you can check anytime.


What started as an idea to experiment with various Delta 8 formulas turned into one of the top brands on the market. MoonWlkr is a Delta 8-first brand with no history whatsoever in formulating CBD and THC products. The fresh start enabled the company to master the Delta 8 craft and offer premium products to its customers, including those that pack high-end dabbing experiences.

MoonWlkr is all about innovation and premium quality. The company blends are by far the most unique when it comes to potency and flavor. This is because MoonWlkr invests all of its resources into Delta 8 formula research. The company’s formulas are based on natural ingredients and delicious flavors.

On the affordability note, MoonkWlkr products are slightly more expensive than dabs offered by other brands on our list. The brand compensates it with an engaging customer loyalty program designed to leverage savings options to attract more customers. A 3rd party lab tests all MoonWlkr products, and all lab reports are available on the company’s official website.


What’s interesting about ALTRx is that the team of people behind the brand came together to assist customers in achieving their goals hassle-free. It is one of the favorite Delta 8 brands among people interested in living healthy and experiencing life to the fullest. ALTRx does it by working only with established experts in the field.

Although new to the market, ALTRx managed to close the gap between them and the competition. The company did it through the clever use of modern technologies and marketing strategies. At the start, it only offered Delta 8 vape cartridges. Today ALTRx runs a full-blown operation with Delta 8 flowers, dabs, tinctures, and gummies in its offer. The Delta 8 dabs in its offer are derived from several different strains – blue dream, bubba kush, mango kush, and pineapple express.

All ALTRx products and formals are lab-tested and certified before being released to the market. The company does everything in its customers’ best interest to deliver nothing but pure and safe Delta 8 products. ALTRx joins the competition and shares all the lab test results publicly on the official website to keep things transparent.

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD is a reputable brand in the THC industry. It has a team of expert doctors and scientists working on formulating new Delta 8-THC products. The accent is on purity, safety, and quality. Diamond CBD’s strongest suit is the combination of quality and affordability. This is the main reason why their Delta 8 products remain popular despite the highly competitive market. 

The company’s primary focus was on CBD-based products. It is pretty new in the Delta 8 THC market. It continues to source hemp plans locally to have better insight into growing standards. Going into Delta 8 THC market, the company remained true to sustainability practices. It produces the extracts with some of the most complex cannabinoid profiles.

Diamond CBD keeps close ties and controls every stage of the manufacture ranging from hemp growing to extraction. However, unlike other brands on our list, Diamond CBD uses only internal labs to test the quality and purity of its Delta 8 products. The lab test results are available on their official website.

Hempire Direct

Although a new player on the market, Hempire Direct managed to cut through the noise thanks to impeccable production practices and quality control. The company field of operation is quite broad. It provides CBD-based and Delta 8-THC products. 

Hempire Direct offers a wide Delta 8 dabs selection. Their products are pure and safe to use. They are free of harmful chemicals, including pesticides and heavy metals. It’s mainly because Hempire Direct does sourcing in a controlled and structured fashion, ensuring only the best hemp and cannabis plants get greenlighted.

The quality assurance resembles the one 8DELTA8 uses. Every product features a unique QR code consumers can scan to see the test results immediately. Every batch of products is rigorously tested, and the test results are published online, accessible to everyone.


THCXtract is an Illinois-based company. It’s also a new player in the THC industry. Consumers quickly picked it up and made it one of the most popular brands. It offers a variety of THC- and CBD-based products, including dabs. The company takes pride in delivering the best Delta 8 products. This is why it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Delta 8 dabs by THCXtract contain real cannabis terpenes. They pack quite a kick and feature a distinguishable aroma. The company holds Industrial Hemp License, ISO 9001, cGMP, and FDA Registered facility certifications. It sources hemp from 7 licensed farms.

Every product you buy at THCXtract shop comes with a Certificate of Analysis clearly outlining concentrations of every ingredient. It offers various perks to its customers, including a free order reshipping if the order ends up returned by USPS. 

With all this information, you will never again have problems finding the best Delta 8 dabs on the market. Each one of these 11 brands deserves to be considered a top Delta 8-THC brand. They all have strictly regulated sourcing operations, quality assurance, and lab tests. However, they offer different Delta 8 dabs in terms of potency and flavor. This is something we will leave you to decide.