After Returning From US, Gerrer Rebbe Tests Positive For COVID


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The Gerrer Rebbe tested positive for the coronavirus ten days after he received the third vaccine in the United States.

In the wake of his diagnosis, the Rebbe stayed home on Monday morning and Selichos were recited without him at the Gerrer Beis Medrash. Also, the Rebbe’s kabbalas kahal ahead of the Yamim Noraim that was scheduled for this week was canceled.

The Rebbe is reported to be feeling well.

The Rebbe returned from the States last week after spending several weeks in the States with his chassidim and celebrating the wedding of his granddaughter.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. 3 shots and he still got covid. Genius infectious disease experts, I invite you to get off your high horse, and explain very simply how your science stands in the face of clear cut proof, that the vaccines are garbage.

    Yes, I am questioning your AUTHORITY!

  2. So let’s get this straight.

    The Rebbe shlita was doing fine. 10 days after the 3rd shot he got Covid.

    Same thing seems to have happened to Reb Osher Arielly shlita.

    And those are just two high profile cases reported recently. But it seems to have happened to many politicians as well here in the United States. Then they go on the news telling everyone how much worse it would have been if they didn’t take the 3rd shot. (Like they know that as a fact. My case wasn’t any worse without any shots!)

    So maybe somebody should wake up an realize that maybe, just maybe the third shot is actually causing the Covid. Or at least they should realize the benefit is minimal when so may people are getting it after the shot. According to what they were saying until now, two shots are already enough to keep the following infection mild.

  3. He should have a refuah shelamah. Was everyone at the simchas last week (at various location) tested or required to be vaccinated since there didn’t seem to be many masks worn or social distancing practiced.

  4. Wow. How closed minded can you get?

    The rebbe is not sick at all. He took the PCR test when he landed in Israel and it showed positive. And he took the vaccine. The vaccine worked perfectly. There is no magic off button in this world. The vaccine helped him to the point that the odds of him contracting anything are greatly reduced. But even if he does, it will be a very mild case, which is exactly what’s going on here. He didn’t know he had anything, and it showed on a mandated test.

  5. This is the most important Jewish news there could be, thats why it’s the top story with a huge photo over it.
    Thanks for assuring us that all these Rabbis who are getting Covid are in full obedience with the vaccine requirements, so we don’t start having any doubts abouts the virtues of compliance.

  6. Yes gadol that’s the concern smh some people just cannot understand things no matter what. Trust the science! Believe in the science!

    “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears. It was their final, most essential command.”
    George Orwell, 1984

  7. “So maybe somebody should wake up an realize that maybe, just maybe the third shot is actually causing the Covid….”
    Yup….its a conspiracy among the drug companies, FDA, CDC, the Israeli health ministry etc. to infect as many high-level politicians, chashuvah rabbonim etc., who have already been vaccinated with two shots of an ineffective vaccine (all of whose clinical testing data showing 90+ percent efficacy was fraudulent) with a useless 3rd “booster” shot so they can assert the need for a 4th, 5th and possibly 6th shot to maintain the efficacy which never existed in the first place. Brilliant scheme that was only uncovered by the the forensic public health team in the CR.
    Mi kamocha yisroel!!!

  8. Just to put everything in context, the Rebbe does not seem to have any symptoms or at least any symptoms of concern. Furthermore, it takes more than 10 days to build up antibodies from the vaccine. So whatever happens prior to the vaccine taking effect, will not have any benefit from getting the vaccine.

    It is important to have some intellectual honesty even if it does not fit one’s agenda.

  9. The Commenters seem so foolish to suggest that the vaccine doesn’t work because the Rebbe tested positive. He came in contact with thousands of people during his trip and certainty was exposed to the virus, yet he is BH feeling well because his body has the antibodies to protect him. Refua shelaima and a git gebentched yur.

  10. The vaccines are fast becoming ineffective if he caught it so quickly after a THIRD shot
    It’s all about money in the end
    It’s all a circus
    So far the people most worried about COVID are the ones who are vaccinated for it
    And they won’t take off their masks
    Or stop telling the unvaccinated to get the shot
    Give me a break

  11. Av- is the Rebbe dead? No. Is he hospitalized with a live threatening case? No. The Rebbe is feeling well. The vaccines worked in preventing serious illness, which is the main benefit of the vaccine. It never claimed to be 100% effective in completely preventing contracting Covid at all (especially if you don’t mask or socially distance from others who don’t care about your health and go near you while infected). I’m sure the Rebbe is quite happy that he is vaccinated and feeling well at home, as opposed to the alternatives had he not been vaxxed.
    Hashem gave the world a miracle refuah to this machla – go ahead and spit at it if you’re that stupid. B”H the Rebbe is smart enough to accept this gift from Hashem, may he get a complete Refuah Selaimah so that he can continue to daven for the stupid amongst us who don’t understand.

  12. refuah shleima.
    but wasnt he that just made a wedding for 10,000 or so? no masks, no social distancing ! what do you expect?

  13. After all your venomous messages, perhaps, just perhaps, put that aside and daven for their Refuah Shelama. Seemingly you are just wrapped up in your viewpoint and unable, Today, a week till Rosh Hashana, to find a little compassion for these two great personalities. (This was posted when only the first 3 comments were posted.)

  14. It’s clear from this that the vaccinations prevent severe life threatening conditions. If the Rebbe had not had his 3 shots he wouldn’t be “feeling well” after being infected with Covid. Because of his age , if unvaccinated he would be at risk for serious Covid complications. For the anti vaxers to use the Rebbe’s mild case of Covid as a reason not to vaccinate shows the utmost ignorance and stupidity. The vaccines save lives.

  15. Annonymouschochom-just an idea

    You may want to submit your very scientific opinions/findings to Lancet or
    the New England Journal of Medicine –
    The more folks you reach and influence the better it’ll be for humanity.
    They’ll peer review it and most likely credit you with accolades that are well deserved .
    Shkoyach !

  16. Wow – we need more educated people

    1) 95% of positive cases in the are from the unvaccinated, even though there are more vaccinated in the US than not
    2) Covid vax giving people covid lol – the vax has 0 covid in it – it is impossible to catch covid from the vax


  17. Annonymouschochom and avreichamshlomo:
    “Genius infectious disease experts, I invite you to get off your high horse, and explain very simply how your science stands in the face of clear cut proof, that the vaccines are garbage.”

    The clear-cut proof is that this elderly Rebbe, who just got back from close-up interacting with thousands of people (many of whom were shedding virus into his face) is doing fine, rather than being in an ICU or dead.

  18. Annonymouschochom August 30, 2021 10:23 am at 10:23 am
    “So let’s get this straight.
    The Rebbe shlita was doing fine. 10 days after the 3rd shot he got Covid.”

    You are 100 % Correct!!
    The Rebbe shlita was doing fine.
    10 days after the 3rd shot he got Covid.
    And despite having Covid, this elderly man is STILL doing fine!
    (Likely, thanks to the vaccine.)

  19. @avreichamshlomo

    Had he not gotten the shots, he would have been dead most likely. The vaccines do not prevent Covid at 100% but they are extremely effective at avoiding hospitalization and death so it looks like the vaccine saved his life.

    Please educate yourself instead of vomiting conspiracy theories.

  20. “news”? What “news”? Commenters need to stay away from news at all cost and go straight to facts and the source. Vaccines deter disease, not infection. You can overpower your immunity.
    In other words, it’s not an iron shield. Hanging out in a group like in the photograph, for a long period of time, with poor ventilation, and no mask, will probably get you sick if someone or a group of people are expelling covid of any variant. That is an amazing amount of possible contagion.
    If anything is a good motivator, quite frankly, let’s do the opposite of the goy who are out there partying and pretending there is no more pandemic. That’s why you see politician’s testing positive.

  21. just some small corrections.

    1) my husband works in a place with some gerrer people and some of them are in isolation, and so is my friends husband, and staff and kids in talmud torah imrei emes were too till they recieved their negetive results. and much more that i dont know about.

    2) just so you know i know for a fact first handed inside information from the hoif that the rebbi never took the 3 vaccine and i heard that right when it came out that he did

    3) the wedding was not with 10,000 people, i guess you never saw any pictures or saw the belzer cheder on 38th or the vizhnits or skverer shul, maybe including, kids, woman, and the babysitting service it will reach 10,000 but that was only for the wedding and it was at 5 or maybe 6 different halls vizhnits, vilchovitz, heichel hatish, pupa, girls tent and babysitting service, and the chuppah was not long enough to spread covid to all, and if yes tell the entire monsey to isolate, they were all there

  22. Wow people think if mot for vaccine he would be dead on in the icu… the vast majority of people have mild symptoms, even at his age. How brainwashed can you get??
    Covid is extremely contagious, the rate of hospitalization is extremely low