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The Latest Psak Halacha: No More Candy In Shul For Children

cryRabbi Ephraim Zalmanovich, who serves as the mora d’asra of Mazkeret Batya, has announced a psak halacha against throwing toffees at a chosson or bar mitzvah or distributing any type of sugared candies to children in shul.

The rav has teamed up with the “From Today” (מהיום) non-profit organization, which promotes a healthy lifestyle. The rav feels shul gabbaim and candy men may no longer distribute candies to children in shul. The rav feels the children should not be ignored, but they must be given health alternatives and not the sugar-packed candies they customarily receive.

The psak halacha was released to coincide with International Diabetes Awareness Month, basing it on the pasuk ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם. The rav cites Meseches Brachos, which teaches us back then nuts and other healthy items were thrown, not candies.

The rav explains that some 2,500 Israelis die annually due to diabetes and there are 1,700 diabetes related limb amputations annually. Some 30,000 Israelis are diagnosed with the illness annually.

The rav feels this alarming statistics cannot and should not be ignored and the tzibur can do a great deal to keep the next generation healthier.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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