Why A Clean Home Will Make You Healthier


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Living in a clean and neat home or simply sleeping in a tidy bedroom will normally have a series of positive effects on our overall mood and well-being. Your sleep might be more peaceful, your stress and anxiety levels might drop, and you might even notice some of your regular allergy symptoms might become less severe or disturbing.

The good news is that you do not even need to be the most fervent home cleaner out there. You can solely follow the cleanliness requirements written in the Torah and other important Jewish writings and tackle regular carpet cleaning tasks around the house with the help of the guys at carpetcleaningnyc.com and benefit from a certain level of satisfaction generated by the fact that you are living in a clean home environment.

If you would like to learn more about the interesting connection that researchers have discovered between living in a clean and organized home and mental health, read on.

The Stress Hormone and Disordered Homes

A 2009 study has found that women who have high levels of a stress hormone called cortisol live in dirty and disordered homes. On the other hand, women who lived in neat, tidy, organized, and clean stated they felt happy and “at ease”.

How is it possible for a thoroughly cleaned house to have positive effects on our clear thinking or how happy and healthy we feel? Let’s find out.

Clean Floors and Carpets Benefit The Mind and Body

According to a different study belonging to the Physical Activity Department of Indiana University, individuals whose homes are cleaned regularly and organized properly are more healthy and active. This level of enhanced physical activity could only be connected to the cleanliness found in their dwellings. This is not at all surprising, since dusting, vacuuming the carpets, washing the floors, rearranging the chairs, and picking up the kids’ toys and clothes off the floor requires a considerable amount of movement that can burn plenty of calories.

Plus, it is also possible to consciously embrace certain positions throughout the cleaning routine, similarly to any other workout routine, including stretching. At the end of several full weeks of intense and systematic cleaning chores, one can expect to beautifully reshape their body and become more toned and fit. The specific up and down and back and forth movements incurred by vacuuming all the area rugs inside the house and mopping all the floors every day will also help us release all the extra energy, along with damaging toxins. They will also improve the circulation of our blood and help us lose some weight.

A Tidy Home Makes You Eat Less

If you are trying to cut your calorie intake and eat cleaner and healthier, start with a deep home cleaning and organizing. It will not only help you sort out all the junk food and get rid of it to make room for your fresh and healthy produce, but it should also help you avoid overeating. How come? It’s all tied to the depression you usually experience when living in a disordered home, oftentimes without even realizing it, which usually causes you to eat lots of sugary and refined foods. Yes, there is a strong link between the stress caused by not living in a clean house and your healthy eating choices.

Clean Homes Improve The Quality Of Your Sleep

If your bedroom is not at all tidy and you cannot remember when as the last time when you had all the surfaces thoroughly disinfected with professional products, expect to experience a great deal of anxiety and stress. From there to losing sleep at night because of all the clutter around you there is just a small step. This is your brain’s way of trying to tell you that a certain task has remained incomplete, hence all the clutter. A brain that is not perfectly at ease will usually prevent you from sleeping or enjoying quality sleep every night.

Finally, the quality of the indoor air will be considerably improved once all surfaces will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Since indoor air appears to be up to 1– times more polluted and contaminated than outdoor air according to the US Environmental Protection Agency, this alone should speak volumes of the importance of proper home cleaning and maintenance.

In conclusion, to enjoy a clear head and a healthier life, take on daily cleaning and organizing tasks and reap the benefits.