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Video: Liberal ‘Knockout Game’ Victim Uses TV Interview To Humanize Her Attackers

[VIDEO IN EXTENDED ARTICLE] The recent hike in hate-crime attacks in Crown Heights seems to have become a trend all across the country, as young teenegars – motivated by the famous “Knockout” game – try to knock down random victims with one sucker punch.

Phoebe Connolly, a teenager who was punched in the face and laughed at by a group of teenagers in the neighborhood of Columbia Heights in Washington, D.C., appeared with Greta Van Susteren on Fox News Wednesday night to describe her ordeal.

“Friday night, I was biking home. It was just before 10:00. And I was making my way up 11th Street in Columbia Heights,” Connolly described the incident in detail. “And while I was biking up the hill, there was a group teenagers who were on bikes about 16 meters or so ahead of me. And they made it to the top of the hill, and at that point they stopped, and I continued biking my way up the hill. And when they stopped, about five of them pulled off to the side. I was biking in the bike lane and they were to the right-hand side of the bike lane. And there were two kids who were more in the center of the road. And as I made way my way up to the group of them, one of the boys who was in the group from the right-hand side, biked across my path, directly in front of me, and then turned his bike so that we would be passing each other as he was going down the hill. I said excuse me as I biked through the group, and when we passed each other, he reached out with his left hand and punched me in the face. I wasn’t knocked off my bike. I continued biking as the group of teenagers continued laughing and I made my way home after that.”

But at the end of her segment, as she finished describing the incident, Connolly used the remaining seconds on national TV to ramble about the importance of youth programs – a typical liberal talking point.

“I ultimately, I’ve moved past it and I really have no hard feelings about what has happened,” Connolly said. “And I just see it as another reason why we need to better support our youth with activities and youth programs, which is actually what I do for work, and it’s great to see teenagers do incredible things when they’re supported and empowered,” Connolly said.

“Is this what we’re becoming as a country? Violent hooligans run rampant in our streets like out of some kind of dystopian fantasy and we all have to “move past” it and appreciate that they just need some more pointless after-school activities mostly funded by wasted taxpayer dollars that could have gone to police budgets?” Patrick Howley, a Daily Caller reporter commented on Connolly’s statement.

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)

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