HISTORIC EVENT: 110 Flatbush Hatzolah Members Make a Siyum on Meseches Rosh Hashana {VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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A momentous gathering took place at Sephardic Lebanese Congregation (Kol Eliyahu) in Flatbush on Motzei Shabbos, when 110 Flatbush Hatzolah members made a siyum on Meseches Rosh Hashana, the largest ever such siyum made by Hatzolah volunteers. These members are all Lomdei Daf HaYomi.

Nearly 200 Flatbush Hatzolah volunteers were in attendance at the historic event.

A number of esteemed speakers addressed the crowd, including R’ Eli Mansour, and R’ Lipa Geldwirth. R’ Elya Brudny, and R’ Meir Yedid spoke via video. All the speaker stressed the primacy and chashivus of Torah, and what an incredible moment it was to see people who are oisek b’tzarchei tzibur every day of their lives devoting so much of their time to limud hatorah.

“We lein Megillas Rus on Shavuos because Rus is the Megillas chesed, and the Torah is kulo chesed… so on the day that the Torah was given we lein megillas chesed, because chesed and Torah are inseparable,” Rav Lipa Geldwirth told the overflow crowd.

Following the event, another 20 Hatzolah members said that they were jumping on the Daf train, and were starting Mesechta Taanis.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)