Intoxicated Pedestrian Struck and Killed in Lakewood [VIDEOS & PHOTOS]


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A reportedly severely intoxicated individual was struck and killed in Lakewood just before 10:00PM on Monday night

The accident occurred at Madison Avenue and 4th Street, across from Dr. Shanik’s office.

Hatzolah performed CPR on the female who had gone into traumatic arrest and transported her to Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus in Lakewood with CPR in progress, but resuscitation efforts proved futile.

Misaskim services are not needed in this tragic incident.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Are those first three photographs of the unfortunate victim laying in the street? If so, I don’t think they are appropriate. Apart from exposing your readers to such a horrid sight, think of her family who should not see her in such a position.

    If they are not pictures of the victim, what are they?

    Moderators Response: Random items the victim was carrying.

  2. “Don’t drink and walk” is a corallary of “Don’t drink and drive.”

    To ysam: YWN assumes its readers do not gawk when not appropriate. Are you the exception?

  3. perhaps this is a message for all those who walk around town without reflectors you arent at all visible to drivers especially when it gets dark early PLEASE protect yourself and your life by wearing a reflector (your life i presume is worth more then 2 bucks!!!)