DE BLASIO’S NYC: Police Officer Being Beaten by Suspect Gets No Help From Onlookers [SHOCKING VIDEO]


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Disturbing video has emerged of a police officer being body-slammed by a suspect during a struggle and passerby completely ignoring the scene unfolding before their eyes.

“We have a police officer in distress, and nobody helps him. Is this the city we want? Has this become normal? It has to stop,” said Patrick Lynch, President of the Police Benevolent Association of the City of New York.

“We need your help,” Lynch continued. “We need your help on the street and we need your help to force our reckless elected officials to do their job.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. a) Well no different than George Floyd who also got no help from onlookers when being assassinated by Chauvin ימח שמו וזכרונו
    b) Everyone is smart enough to know, that if any injury would occur to this perp by helping the police, that would probably be sued by this perp for having violated his civil rights, and may get drawn into a long drawn out court case for having attacked this perp.

  2. Dermot Shea is to DeBlasio what Merrick Garland is to Biden. A total incompetent worthless puppet. Under the command of DeBlasio, the guilt ridden privileged white Shea, sided with the black criminals when they were burning down our city last summer. Shea should resign in shame. Unfortunately things may not get much better under Adams. He has promised to hire a female as his chief of police, no matter what. No qualifications necessary. Identity/gender politics at its worst. God help us.

  3. Although it is easy to condemn the bystanders, I understand them. I think years ago many people would defend the officer, actually the officer wouldn’t even need to fight, he’d just shoot the perp in self-defense. However the government has made it a CRIME to defend yourself and innocent people and so people, who are already somewhat scared to help out victims are now even more scared to get themselves in legal hot water ESPECIALLY if the criminal will be let out of jail after a few hours…

  4. This incident took place in Target. Note the Target employees are standing around. Target security is there to prevent expensive equipment from being stolen not to help protect you or cooperate with law enforcement. Stop shopping there in person-its just dangerous- or bring a weapon with you-nobody is going to help you.

  5. Lynch is a fool. I wouldn’t get involved and i wouldn’t recommend for any one to get involved in this situation unless you were trained to deal with such a situation. The most i would do is call 911 and tell them the situation.