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MALCONTENT: Trump Privately Attacking DeSantis Ahead of 2024

Donald Trump isn’t content with being a former president and the leading Republican contender for the 2024 nomination – he has to destroy anyone who doesn’t bend their knee to him, too.

In the latest iteration of this neuroses, Trump has been trashing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is an ingrate with a “dull personality” who owes him subservience for endorsing his gubernatorial run, Axios reports.

Trump and DeSantis are currently the two most popular Republicans in the country, and if Trump were to decline running again for president, DeSantis is the favorite for the GOP nomination by a wide margin.

A source close to Trump told Axios that Trump has attacked DeSantis on numerous occasions, with the former president irked that, unlike many other Republicans, DeSantis has not said that he wouldn’t challenge Trump for the 2024 nomination.

Trump has been saying something to the effect of, “What’s the big deal? Why won’t he just say he’s not going to run against me?”

The New York Times has also reported that Trump’s been telling this to aides and allies, saying that he isn’t receiving the deference from DeSantis that he expects from every person in the Republican Party.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. Didn’t the Republicans have a policy dating back to at least the time of Ronald Reagan not to attack other Republicans?

  2. The key to winning, for either party, in 2024 will be to hold your radicalized base (Trump’s MAGA deplorables, the Democrats so-called progressives who are really socialists with communist leanings) while also avoiding alienating your party’s traditional moderate base (who might not vote if you insult them too much) and appealing to the independent swing voters. Trump probably can be a kingmaker, but DeSantis (as as example) is much better situated to actually win the election. If Trump runs the Democrats have a much better chance of winning that if Trump retires to be a “senior statesman” who displays his clout by delivering his “base” to the Republicans.

  3. As a registered Republican voter in NYC, I will NOT be voting for Trump in any primary. Never have, never will. At the moment, DeSantis tops my list, followed by Mike Pence and Ted Cruz. It’s still a long way off and many things can & will happen before the primaries get under way. As I’ve said before, the Manhattan liberal Trump has become the Hillary Clinton of the Republican party. He was a great President and now he has overstayed his welcome. He’s become like a bad guest. He’s got to get out of the house and leave us alone.

  4. You Smarty panties guys that didn’t vote for Trump becuz You didn’t like His attitude, Boy You really showed Him didn’t You, DUH!

  5. Don’t worry, eventually they will all come crawling back just like they did when Trump won the primary in 2016…

  6. Trump has one policy his ego. He would become a liberal democrat if it suited his needs. Power and ego. It is time that the red hated folks take the blinders off of their eyes and recognize the extreme danger posed by this man and his lackeys.

  7. More Republicans have come around to the realization that MAGA is really “Make America Gross Again”with his seemingly non-stop vulgar racist, and narcissistic public rants which are apparently even worse in his private dealings. So far, DeSantis has avoided direct confrontations and tried to take the “high road” which is sort of difficult with someone like Trump who prefers mud-wrestling to civil discourse.

  8. MSM Rules 101 : When all else fails, and the Biden agenda is in the dumps … sow division amongst the Republicans and Trump. This is classic garbage.

  9. Trump is vulgar and narcissistic, but he’s never been racist or antisemitic. And he’s never been a beneficiary of Reagan’s 11th commandment, so he’s not bound by it. As for the comparison to Hillary Clinton, there’s one big difference: Clinton was never a great anything.

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