UNHINGED: NYPD Cop Goes on Racist Rant Against Driver


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A NYPD officer is in hot water after he videoed himself beating up and ranting at another motorist while he was off-duty.

According to NY Post sources, the cop, Riggs Kwong, got into a kerfuffle with motorist Abdul Motalab when the latter tried to make a U-turn on Church Ave. near Ocean Parkway in Kensington.

Kwong then used his own private vehicle to block Motalab from turning, prompting the disgruntled driver to get out of car and take pictures and hit Kwong’s vehicle.

That’s when Kwong lost it.

He exited his vehicle and knocked Motalab to the ground, pummeling him with his fists.

“Terrorist! “Al Qaeda! Mohammed! ISIS!” he yelled.

Kwong turned the footage over to the NYPD following the incident. He has been charged with assault and suspended from duty.

“He’ll have to deal with the criminal justice system as well as the NYPD,” a source told The Post.

Motalab, who suffered minor injuries to his nose and face, was charged with DWI after blowing a .157 on an breathalyzer test.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. New Yorks finest. Aha. And we’re supposed to respect the members of the NYPD? We’re supposed to be courteous to them while they are harassing us? Interesting that 2 minorities are going after each other. It’s too bad for Kwong that this didn’t happen in Manhattan, otherwise Alvin Bragg would let him off the hook.

  2. Not getting in: Please describe at least 2 times when the police harassed you or a member of your family.

    To ujm: In what way are Kwong and Motalab “two peas in a pod”?

    To karlbenengels: At what age did you consider yourself fluent in English?

  3. nonju:

    It’s only a problem if cops harassed his family members, but it’s not a problem if they harassed a total stranger?
    And the other guy never said he was fluent in English, so stop asking nonsense questions.

  4. The guy is a cop, nearly gets killed by a motorist (drunk) making an illegal U-turn. The motorist gets out of the car, violently bashes and damages the cops private car… I am not sure why this is not self defense. He should have kept his mouth shut, that’s all.
    My advice is to not drive drunk and not make illegal U-turns blocking anybody.

  5. This Arab is at fault. He was drunk and making an illegal u turn and then smashes into the police officers car. The Chinese cop is right. The problem is had he been a black cop he would not be arrested.